21 December 2009

Rubbish and recycling collections over Christmas 2009

Details are being sent around this week about the changes to the rubbish and recycling collections over the Christmas period.
Lambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!
And the good news is that there is no change if you have your normal rubbish and recycling collection on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you normally have your rubbish collected on a Friday this will now be collected on Saturdays for the next two weeks (Christmas Day, 25 December and New Years Day, 1 January.) The normal collections will resume on Monday 4 January 2010.

And they will even collect Christmas trees!

You can put your Christmas tree out with your normal rubbish and recycling in the week commencing Monday 11 January 2010 and it will be collected and recycled by Lambeth.

If you live on an estate or other housing that doesnt have a kerbside collection then Lambeth will be running Christmas tree recycling facilities at four sites in the borough every day in the week 11 -15 January 2010.

The Christmas tree recycling site nearest to us in Vassall Ward is in Kennington Park, SE11 (just at the top of Brixton Road) Other places you can take you tree are Clapham Common SW4, Streatham Common SW16 and Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre, Vale Street SE27

Recycling in Lambeth is easy!

As well as collecting textiles and waste electrical items for recycling (see previous post) Lambeth offer a regular weekly collection of items at the side of the road. The recycling collection takes place on the same day as your rubbish collection; you can recycle paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, cans and tins and plastic bottles.

Lambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!Items to be recycled should be put in orange plastic bags or the green plastic boxes available from the council. Extra bags can be obtained at council offices, libraries, by phoning the council on 020 7926 9000 or by requesting them online.

On estates there is usually a central recycling bin where you can put your items - these should be easy to find in a convenient location. These bins are emptied regularly by the Lambeth estate collection crews.

For more information on what you can and cant recycle see the Lambeth recycling pages

Photo of Lambeth rubbish and recycling bins in Vassall Ward

Lambeth introduce new recycling services - now you can recycle your waste clothes and electrical items

Lambeth Borough Council have introduced a new service for unwanted textiles (items of clothing, blankets, curtains etc) and waste electrical items (such as kettles, computer monitors, vacuum cleaners) - these will be collected by the council and recycled by the council's contractor. Previously a lot of these items were disposed of in the normal rubbish or in many cases left at the side of the road causing a hazard.

Now if you hLambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!ave any clothing you dont want or electrical items simply phone the council on 020 7926 9000 to arrange a collection date.

Once collected the items will be sorted and the clothing passed on for use in the developing world, electrical items will be turned into new products.

This service is not for larger electrical goods such as fridges, washing machines or televisions - to recyle these please book a bulky items waste collection either by phoning 020 7926 9000 or online at the Lambeth website

Further information on recycling and waste collections in Lambeth is available on the Lambeth website

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the new service saying "this new service will bring benefits for everyone in Vassall Ward as many of us do not own cars and so its hard to take this waste to Lambeth's reuse and recycling centre."

He added "This new service should also reduce the number of electrical items dumped at the side of the road which is both hazardous and unsightly. Its an example of the really useful services that Lambeth Council provides, services that I do my best to make sure meet the needs of Vassall residents."

03 December 2009

Local residents to be asked about routes for P5 bus

Residents of Vassall Ward in Lambeth will shortly be consulted about the routing of bus route P5.

Route P5 runs from Elephant and Castle to Vauxhall via Brixton and Stockwell and travels almost exclusively along the backroads where people live, rather than the 'main' roads such as A23 Brixton Road, Camberwell New Road etc.
P5 bus on Knatchbull Road
The route of the P5 has been under consideration by Transport for London for a while. In particular changes have been seen in Vassall Ward - the original route for the P5 was along Camberwell New Road, Vassall Road, Langton Road, Lothian Road, Akerman Road and Loughborough Road. This was then changed to Camberwell New Road, Flodden Road, Calais Street, Lothian Road and Akerman Road.

As a result of major works in Myatts Field Park the bus was again diverted to Knatchbull Road as a temporary measure.

Now Transport for London and Lambeth Borough Council have proposed a public consultation for traffic management proposals along Lothian Road between Langton Road and Patmos Road, i.e., double yellow lines on one side only. The consultation is planned to take place after Christmas, with the final decision being taken by lambeth and TfL shortly afterwards for implementation in summer 2010.

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: "I am delighted by the decision of the Council and Transport for London to consult with local people on the route of the P5 bus. The P5 bus provides a valuable service to local residents and its important that they have a say on what happens to this bus in the future."
P5 bus on diversion sign, Vassall Ward
Watch this space for further developments

02 December 2009

Lambeth Living Winter newsletter published

The Winter 2009/2010 Lambeth Living newsletter is available on the Lambeth Living website

01 December 2009

Father Christmas in Vassall Ward on Friday 4 December 2009

Father Christmas will be touring Lambeth on Friday, 4 December 2009, switching on Christmas lights and starting the festive celebrations in the borough. Santa will be starting off his Lambeth tour in Streatham before heading down the hill to Brixton Town Centre and then on along Brixton Road to St Matthews Church Oval. He will be bringing his band of hip hop pixies, musicians and carol singers with him and there will be face-painting fun, cookie-decorating, roasted chestnuts and snow-making fun for all the family.

So come along to St Matthews 6:30-7:30pm Friday to start your Christmas celebrations off in style!

Edited to add
Santa in Lambeth
Father Christmas' visit to Lambeth was a great success and has been caputured on film by Councillor Mark Bennett - the video includes an interview with the great man himself:

30 November 2009

Christmas Carols in Myatts Fields Park this Sunday!

This Sunday, 6 December 2009, there will be carol singing at the bandstand in Myatts Field Park from 5pm. For the children there will also be Christingle making and mulled wine, hot chocolate and mince pies will be available from the kiosk.

All are welcome: come along to celebrate Advent and the start of the festive season

This event is being put on by the Myatts Field Park Project Group.

Carol singing in Myatts Field Park flyer, Vassall Ward SE5

20 November 2009

Boris in Brixton: transcript and audio now available

Boris Johnson speaking at the Brixton AcademyA transcript of the People's Question Time session held in at the Brixton Academy on 9 November is available on the Greater London Authority website.

The lively event saw the Mayor of London Boris Johnson questioned on London-wide and South London specific topics such as transport, housing, employment, Policing and youth facilities. Other members of the London Assembly also took part in the event which was chaired by Lambeth and Southwark Labour London Assembly member Valerie Shawcross.

Further information on the event
Download a transcript of the evening's discussions
Download an audio podcast

12 November 2009

Transport: its fare increases AND cuts in services from Boris

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that fares on buses and the tube from January 2010 will increase by above inflation - in the case of buses by an eye watering 20%, up from £1 to £1.20.

He is also cutting £150 million of subsidy from bus services which will mean that they will run less often and will be more overcrowded.

At the same time the Mayor plans to abolish the Western extension of the Congestion Charge zone and get rid of the extra charge that was introduced for 4x4 vehicles which cause the most pollution.Photo of Brixton Road/Vassall Road bus stop sign, Vassall Ward, SW9

This all comes on top of Boris' decision to cut the Cross River Tram which would have brought benefits to the people of Vassall Ward.

Former Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone has pointed out that Johnson did not have to make the cuts in services which will hit those is poorly paid jobs the most. In particular Livingstone criticised the decision to get rid of the Western Congestion Charge zone.

Ken commented "His plan to abolish the western extension of the congestion charge to Kensington will cost £50m-70m a year. His decision to scrap the £25 charge on the worst polluting gas guzzlers, like Chelsea tractors, has cost another £50m a year."

Lambeth and Southwark Greater London Aseembly Member Valerie Shawcross also condemned the move noting "The proposed cuts to the bus service are deeply worrying and, along with his fare rises, contradict all the Mayor has said about getting people out of their cars and on to public transport."

She added "Buses in London are set to get more expensive, less frequent and overcrowded with salami sliced service cuts. The quality of the service could also decline if TfL drops its incentive contracts with bus operators. All this adds up to an attack on the bus service and its passengers who are clearly way down on the Mayor's list of priorities."

The main changes in fares from January are
  • Oyster pay as you go bus fare up from £1.00 to £1.20
  • A seven day bus pass up from £13.80 to £16.60
  • On the Tube, the Zone 1 Oyster pay as you go fare u[ from £1.60 to £1.80
  • Most other Oyster pay as you go fares on Tube also increase by 20p, with larger increases in some longer distance peak fares
Boris did announce some good news for Vassall commuters - from early 2010 national rail stations such as Loughborough Junction, Denmark Hill and Vauxhall will be accepting pay as you go Oystercards.

11 November 2009

Rent reductions coming through this month

As previously mentioned on this site tenants of Lambeth housing will be receiving details of their rent reduction in November - overall tenants will receive a reduction of 3% in their rent - best of all it will be backdated to April meaning that tenants paying average rent levels will see about £50 credited to their rent account - a welcome winter bonus for the people of Vassall ward.

The reduction came around after Lambeth Labour Councillors worked with Vauxhall MP kate Hoey to put pressure on the government which delivered extra funding for the borough.

Vassall Labour Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the move saying "I like all Lambeth tenants welcome this extra boost to our incomes at Christmas time. The Labour Council and Labour government were able to work together to deliver this rent reduction and maintain the massive investment in Lambeth's housing. "

Lambeth Borough Council have put answers to common questions on the reduction on their website

10 November 2009

Myatts Fields South Tenants and Residents Association meeting

Myatts Field South Tenants and Residents Association will be holding a public meeting on Thursday 19 November 2009 at 7.30pm at the The Cloisters, Cowley Street, SW9
Myatts Field South estate sign, Vassall Ward, SW9
Issues up for discussion will include the following:

- renewal of the windows in the inner parts of the estate
- the drainage system on Evesham Walk estate
- repairs
- cleaning on the estate
- anti-social behaviour

Everyone on the Myatts Field South estate is welcome to attend to raise their concerns

06 November 2009

Vauxhall Civic Society relaunches website

The Vauxhall Civic Society has relaunched its website and is looking for new members.

The Society, established in 1969, is a civic consultative group which covers the Vauxhall Parliamentary constituency.

It has broad aims which as stated on their website are

  • To offer planning, transport and other authorities an indispensable consultation route;
  • To alert fellow-citizens, and associations of citizens, who live or work in the area to developments that will affect their lives, and for which they will be expected to pay;

  • To offer citizens a chance to have their say, as well as to play a part in protecting or improving the way they and their neighbours live;

  • To stimulate public interest in and care for the character, history and future of the area, and to maintain and improve the quality of life for all who live or work here;

  • To encourage higher standards of architecture and civic design;

  • To monitor and comment upon planning proposals in order to protect the natural and built environment, and its living community.

Membership is availabe for £3 a year or £13 for five years.

Further information on the Vauxhall Civic Society is available at http://www.vauxhallcivicsociety.org.uk/

03 November 2009

Come dancing in Vassall Ward...

If you have been inspired by the antics of the contestants on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing you may be interested in ballroom dancing classes that are being run in Vassall Ward.
photo of Longfield Hall, Knatchbull Road in Vassall Ward, SE5
The classses take place at the Longfield Hall (left) on Knatchbull Road, SE5 on Monday evenings 7:30 - 8:30pm. Further information is available by contacting Yvonne Saunders on 020 8641 1005.

Ballroom dancing is just one of the many activities being run at Longfield Hall.

Other activities include
Keep Fit Classes - Monday 9:30-10:30am - contact conservation@minet.fsnet.co.uk
Belly dancing - Monday 7pm - contact Aurora Belly Dancing 07910 361895/ aurorabellydance@googlemail.com
Yoga - Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm - contact 020 7277 1901
Pilates - Wednesday and Thursday 7pm - contact dawn@fwd-pilates.com

Also running at Longfield Hall is the McAlpine Dance Studio (tap, contemporary, modern, and Spanish dancing, ballet, drama) - see http://www.mcalpinedance.com/ for further information

Longfield Hall also hosts the Nest Pre School (Monday-Friday 9:15am-12:15pm) - see http://www.thenestpreschool.org.uk/

01 November 2009

Fireworks this Thursday in Lambeth parks

Lambeth Borough Council will be putting on three family firework displays on Guy Fawkes Night this Thursday (5 November 2009).
Lambeth Council fireworks poster
The displays will take place in Brockwell Park, Streatham Common and Clapham Common - all starting at 7:30pm.

The closest display for Vassall ward residents is probably Brockwell Park - the event will be located on the Herne Hill side of the park easily accessible on foot, by bus (numbers 2, 3, 37, 57, 68, 196, 322, 432, 468), Herne Hill railway state or Brixton tube station.

The fireworks are provided by Festival Fireworks a UK company with an international reputation. Festival have displayed in over 10 different counties winning several prestigious competitions along the way - so the Lambeth displays will be world class.

30 October 2009

Lambeth invests in Brixton Children's Centre

Brixton Children's Centre in Vassall ward has received record investment over the past few years as a result of central and local government funding.

Photo of sign outside Brixton Childrens Centre in Vassall Ward, Mostyn Road SW9Children’s centres bring together a range of services for children under five and their families. Services include childcare, learning and development for children from birth to five, family support services, health and advice about employment. The aim

To date Lambeth Council has spent a total of £1,225,583 in capital on Brixton Children Centre. This has provided a full refurbishment and remodelling of the building, and equipment for the centre.

In 2008/09, £240,000 revenue was spent on Brixton Children Centre, and the provision for the current financial year (2009/2010) is £320,128. This funding has all been drawn from central government funding – the Early years, Sure Start and childcare grant.

Kingsley Abrams, Vassall Labour councillor said: "Brixton Children’s Centre is a valuable resource for local families. This is a key stabilising support for parents with young children. This kid of investment would not have happened without the commitment of the Labour government.”

To find out more about the operation of the Children's Centre on Mostyn Road, SW9 see the Children's Centres page on the Lambeth website

29 October 2009

Kingsley presents petition calling for P5 to be permanently rerouted

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams has presented a petition to Lambeth Council requesting that the P5 bus be permenanetly rerouted along Knatchbull Road in Camberwell, SE5. It is currently being rerouted along this road as a result of the extra traffic on Calais Street caused by the works at Myatts Fields Park. In addition the petition calls for a new bus stop to be created near to Upstall Street - this will benefit users of the Minet Library and Myatts Fields Park. The petition, signed by 55 local residents, was welcomed by Kingsley who said "It is important that local transport such as the P5 bus meets the needs of local people - I am pleased to be able to present this petition to be considered by Lambeth Council and Transport for London.

28 October 2009

Holland Road Tenants and Residents' Association gets off the ground

At the beginning of October a number of residents on the Holland Town Estate came together to launch Holland Town Tenants and Residents' Association.

The meeting was attended by Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams and Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey. The meeting sought to find a way that residents of the Holland Town estate in Vassall ward and the landlord Lambeth Living could work together to make the area better.

Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: “Following the collapse of the Tenant Management Organisation I lobbied Lambeth Living to work with the local residents to set up a TRA for this estate. TRAs doe valuable work in bring residents' concerns to the attention of the landlord and getting problems dealt with at an early stage which brings benefits to everyone. I and Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey will be working hard to support the TRA and bring benefits for local people."

21 October 2009

Free activities for young people in Myatts Fields Park: every Saturday and over half term

The Myatts Fields Project Group have announced a full programme of activities in Myatts Fields Park every Saturday until Christmas and every day during half term (24-31 October 2009)

See the flyer below for further details

Every Saturday until Christmas

Sat 24th October 2009 Build a mini beast hotel for the wildlife area from 2pm

Mon 26th October 2009 Play activities from 1pm

Tues 27th October 2009 Invisible Food: Hunt draw and eat wild food growing in the park 1-4pm

Wed 28th October 2009 Play activities from 1pm

Thurs 29th October 2009 Make jewellery from seeds and play Apple Day games from 2pm

Fri 30th October 2009 Iroko Theatre Company: Clay work/mask making and Tie and Dye 2-3pm

Sat 31st October 2009 Halloween mask making workshop 1-4pm

All play sessions run 1pm-4pm, are suitable for 6-13 year olds and are free: meet at the summerhouse in the park

Funded by lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund, Lambeth Play Pathfinder, BBC Children in Need, Groundwork's PlacemakeYoung friends of Myatts Fields park flyer, SE5r fund.

20 October 2009

Lambeth joins other Labour Councils in pledge to freeze Council Tax in 2010

Lambeth Borough Council leader Steve Reed has joined with seven other London Borough Council leaders to give an assurance that Council Tax in Labour controlled London Boroughs will not increase next year.

In Lambeth this will be the second consecutive year with no council tax increase. The Mayor of London has also pledged not to increase the contribution everyone makes towards London-wide bodies such as Transport for London, the Police and other emergency services, known as the precept.

Council Leader Councillor Steve Reed said: “Labour’s worked hard to cut out tens of millions of pounds of waste Lambeth’s Lib Dems and Tories left behind. That’s how we found the money to freeze council tax for two years and still invest in new services like more youth activities and pensioners’ lunch clubs.”

Photo of Labour Council leaders posing by a sign on the North bank of the river Thames

The photo shows (left to right) Cllr Liam Smith (Barking & Dagenham), Mayor Jules Pipe (Hackney), Cllr Lutfur Rahman (Tower Hamlets), Cllr Chris Roberts (Greenwich), Cllr Clare Kober (Haringey), Cllr Steve Reed (Lambeth), Rt Hon John Denham MP (Secretary of State for Communities), Mayor Steve Bullock (Lewisham). All have pledged not to increase Council tax in 2010.

19 October 2009

Labour Council delivers 3% rent cut for Lambeth tenants

Lambeth's Labour Council has managed to negotiate a 3% rent reduction for Lambeth tenants. The reduction was achieved by the Council working with central government to secure extra funding for housing in the borough. The rent reduction will be backdated to April 2009 and will appear as a credit in council rent accounts towards the end of November - just in time for Christmas.

The credit will help over 25,000 families across the borough including many in Vassall Ward.

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the news saying "this is a real example of how we are able to bring real benefits to families in Vassall. At the same time we have embarked on an ambitious regeneration and upgrade programme for housing in the Ward which will improve Vasall Ward and Lambeth for all residents."

18 October 2009

'Inspiring' St John the Divine Primary School given top marks in inspection

Lambeth's St John the Divine Primary School located on Camberwell New Road has been praised as one of the top 20 schools in England.

The government school inspectors OFSTED have praised the school calling it “a gem of a school” and listed it as one of the “20 outstanding primary schools excelling against the odds". The praise marks a dramatic turnaround for the school over the past 15 years and the staff, pupils and parents at the Lambeth Borough Council run school have all been praised for their part in transforming the educational opportunities of local children.

Speaking of the top 20 schools Her Majesty Chief Inspector Christine Gilbert said 'Through their passion and professionalism these schools provide great service to children and young people. They show other schools how they can reduce the achievement gap between pupils from different backgrounds. Children are treated as individuals and have the support and expectation to achieve. Staff are passionate about finding ways of doing things better, with a relentless focus on progress in children’s learning. High quality leadership ensures no effort is spared to give pupils a strong foundation."

She added "It is our aim at Ofsted to identify and share better practice to support improvement. Many of the stories in this report are inspiring. They show how schools, regardless of their context can help young people make something of their lives. I hope that other schools will find it useful and inspiring too."

Congratulations to everyone at St John's!

See the OFSTED press release and report on the school
Evening Standard article on the school

16 October 2009

Lambeth invests in local play facilities

In the past year, Labour-run Lambeth Council invested over £2.5million in local play facilities. the investment comes in the form of £2.2 million of Pathfinder capital and £500k of revenue funding. The emphasis of the programme is on innovation and natural play, using sustainable materials such as trees and allotments rather than traditional fixed play equipment such as wings and slides. The programme is set to transform 29 of Lambeth's play areas over the next few years.

In Vassall Ward Lambeth has invested £30,000 in the Slade Gardens Adventure Playground to create an allotment, outdoor kitchen and climbing wall; all facilities that are well used by local people and which allow the development of new skills.

£20,000 was also invested in Cowley Estate ‘teenage space’ to provide play facilities for local young people.

Tracy RitsoPhoto of Cowley Teenage Spce sign, Vassall Wardn, Labour Vassall Action Team member and a resident on Cowley Estate said: “Labour-run Lambeth Council has led the way with this high level investment in local play facilities in Vassall Ward. Hundred of local kids including my own have benefited from this funding which will continue to bring beneifts to all local people, young or old, for years to come.”

See the Play pathfinder section of the lambeth website for more infomation
For photos and videos produced by Lambeth young people see the the Young Lambeth website
See also the Slade Gardens website

15 October 2009

Big Draw comes to Myatts Fields Park

Big Draw flyer
This Saturday, 17 October 2009, the Big Draw is coming to Myatts Field Park. This national event, promoted by the Campaign for Drawing, aims to get people drawing and thinking about their local area.

This year the theme of the Big Draw event is trees and there will be a full programe of activities being run in Myatts Fields from 2pm at the Bandstand (see the flyer, left)

14 October 2009

Myatts Fields Park keeps on getting better

Photo of Vassall Action Team members Kingsley Abrams and Tracy Ritson inspecting Myatts Fields Park children's playground, SE5Following the successful launch of the new children's adventure playground in Myatts Field Park in summer 2009 developments are continuing on site. In autumn 2009 a new children's building and new toilet facilities will be provided in the park to complete the transformation started in May 2008.

The work at Myatts Fields is being carried out through an innovative partnership between Lambeth Borough Council and local residents which has enabled the park committee to access over £3million funding from Lambeth Borough Council and the National Lottery.

On a recent visit to the park Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams commented "the transformation of Myatts Fields park has been amazing and should bring benefits to local residents and local children especially for years to come."

He added "I passed by several times in the summer and saw that the children's play area was absolutely packed with young people enjoying themselves. Well done to the Myatts Fields Park Project Group for overseeing this transformation. I like to think this is Lambeth Council at its best - supporting local residents to transform their areas."

For more information on the transformation of the park see the Myatts Field Park Project Group website

Photo of Kingsley Abrams and Tracy Ritson posing in front of Myatts Fields Park sign, Vassall Ward

12 October 2009

Myatts North estate regeneration on track

Photo of Myatts North sign, Vassall Ward, SW9
The regeneration of the Myatts North estate in Lambeth's Vassall ward is firmly on track to bring desperately needed new homes, community facilities and green spaces to the estate.

Lambeth Borough Council are using public finance initiative (central government) funding to transform the Myatts North Estate to make it a much more pleasant place in which to live.

The PFI funding will integrate the estate more into the local neighbourhood, provide new homes and refurbish existing homePhoto of derelict house of Myatts North Estates which have been vandalised and neglected (like the one pictured, left).

The new and refurbished homes will be available in different tenures to best meet individual families' housing needs and wishes. the funding will also provide new purpose built community facilities, private and public amenity space and training and employment opportunities for local residents. Lambeth Labour has been firmly behind this project since taking control of the Council in 2006.

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams said:“This project will bring brand new homes to a community which is desperate to see changes made to their area. The green spaces will be protected and a purpose built community centre will be placed at the heart of the new estate. Labour is delivering on its promise to regenerate Vassall ward.”

07 October 2009

Mayor of London pledges no Council Tax increase in 2010

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has pledged that he will not increase the part of Council Tax that contributes to London-wide services next year.

Currently each Council Tax payer in Lambeth and across London pays £310 a year (band D house) towards services such as Transport for London, the Fire service and the Metropolitan Police. Conservative Mayor Boris has now pledged not to increase his section of the Council Tax bill - following the lead of Lambeth which has also pledged not to increase Council Tax next year. The move is expected to result in above inflation increases to fares on the tube and London buses.

Mayor of London news release: Mayor to freeze council tax for another year

05 October 2009

Come and Meet the Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Safer Neighbourhoods logoThe Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team is responsible for local policing in Vassall Ward. They are holding public meetings over the following months to which everyone is welcome - come and have your say on local Policing issues.

The meetings will be held on
Tuesday 27/10/2009 18:30 - 21:00
Thursday 17/12/2009 18:30 - 21:00

Both meetings will be held at the Church Manor Estate Office on Vassall Road, SW9

See the Metropolitan Police website for further information

The latest Safer Neighbourhoods newsletter is available on the website

Contact the Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Team members
Sgt Jeff Palmer
PC Steve Murfin
PC Allan Douglas-Smith
PCSO David MacMillan
PCSO Christopher McGill
PCSO Juliana Robinson
PCSO Steve Hunt

Vassall Team
Frank O'Neil House
Clapham Road
London SW9 0JZ

020 8721 3661
07843 065918

In an emergency dial 999

04 October 2009

Boris in Brixton: your chance to question the Mayor of London

Boris Johnson in Brixton logoMayor of London Boris Johnson will be holding a people's question time event at Brixton Academy on Monday 9 November 2009 7-9pm. Meet the Mayor of London and Assembly Members at People’s Question Time and find out what they are doing for London and for you.

Entry is by ticket which can be obtained (free) by using one of the following means:

020 7983 4762 (answerphone service)
Fill in online form
PQT followed by your name, house number/name and full
postcode, then the number of tickets you require to 62967.*
*Texts cost 10p plus your standard SMS rate.

You can request up to six tickets per application

See the Mayor of London's website for further information

29 September 2009

Minet Library to remain open: Minet Library definitely NOT closing

Photo of Kingsley Abrams and Tracy Ritson outside Minet Library: Library definitely not closing, Vassall Ward, SE5Labour–run Lambeth Council have stated that there are no plans to close the Minet Library in Knatchbull Road.

Instead of closing the facility the Council is looking at ways to improve and expand the services offered by this much loved and much used local library.

Over the next few months we will be looking into how we can modernise the current building to make it better for users or even whether its possible to build a new library on the existing site. Before the council decides what to do we will be asking local people what they want from the service.

Labour Councillors will make sure that our area gets its fair share of council investment.

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams said “reports of the Minet’s closure are political mischief making by our opponents. My colleagues and I are committed to expanding library services across the borough, the Labour Council will not close the Minet Library.”

Further information on the Minet Library on Knatchbull Road, SE5 is available on the Lambeth website

26 September 2009

October 2009: Black History Month in Lambeth

Black History Month promotional photo
A full programme of events has been announced for Black History Month in Lambeth - further information is available from your local library or on the Lambeth Borough Council website

25 September 2009

Lambeth Living useful numbers

Lambeth Living important addresses and phone numbers

See the Lambeth Living website

Housing offices

All calls to local housing offices go through the Lambeth Service Centre on 020 7926 6000

North Lambeth Area Housing Office
91 Kennington Lane
London SE11 4HQ

Stockwell and Vassall Housing Office
Springfield Community and Medical Centre, 110 Union Road
London SW8 2SH

Clapham Area Housing Office
Worsopp Drive, London SW4 9QU

Norwood Area Housing Office
Cranfield Close, London SE27 9JT

Brixton Customer Centre
18 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RD

Gracefield Gardens Customer Centre
2 – 8 Gracefield Gardens
London SW16 2ST

Leaseholder enquiries
020 7926 6700

Comments and complaints

Noise nuisance
020 7926 5999 (night) or
020 7926 6111 (day time Monday to Friday)

Anti-social behaviour officer
020 8649 2161

Lambeth Victim Support
020 7820 0007

Lambeth Revenue and Benefits
0845 300 0328

Rent payment touchtone service
0845 3000 328

Refuse bin collection problems
020 7926 9000

Emergency repairs
020 7926 6666

Lambeth police
0300 123 1212

National debt line
0808 808 4000

Citizens’ Advice Bureau
020 8715 0707

If you want to make an appointment to see your respective housing officer, regarding rent or tenancy issues, please telephone 020 7926 6000.

To keep up-to-date with regular Lambeth Living e-bulletins please email

24 September 2009

2008 Mayor of London and GLA elections results in Vassall Ward

In the 2008 Mayor of London elections held on 2 May 2008 residents of Vassall Ward voted overwhelmingly for Ken Livingstone to be Mayor of London with Conservative Boris Johnson coming in second and Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick third on first choice votes.
Polling Station sign
Voting for the Greater London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark Constituency saw Labour's Valerie Shawcross with a large majority, the Liberal Democrats' Caroline Pidgeon second and the Conservatives' Shirley Houghton third. The voting for the London-wide GLA members in Vassall also reflected these opinions.

For further information on the 2008 Mayor of London and GLA elections see the London Elects website

Results for Vassall Ward (part of the Lambeth and Southwark Constituency)
First Choice votes in Vassall Ward
Richard Barnbrook, British National Party, 23 votes
Gerard Joseph Batten, UK Independence Party, 16 votes
Sian Berry, Green Party, 126 votes
Alan Craig, Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party, 62 votes
Lindsey Ann German, Left List, 22 votes
Boris Johnson, Conservative Party, 731 votes
Ken Livingstone, The Labour Party Candidate, 1567 votes
Winston Truman McKenzie, Independent, 11 votes
Matt O'Connor, English Democrats, 9 votes
Brian Leonard Paddick, Liberal Democrats, 436 votes

Second choice votes in Vassall Ward
Richard Barnbrook, British National Party, 42 votes
Gerard Joseph Batten, UK Independence Party, 58 votes
Sian Berry, Green Party, 472 votes
Alan Craig, Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party, 129 votes
Lindsey Ann German, Left List, 60 votes
Boris Johnson, Conservative Party, 239 votes
Ken Livingstone, The Labour Party Candidate, 537 votes
Winston Truman McKenzie, Independent, 56 votes
Matt O'Connor, English Democrats, 54 votes
Brian Leonard Paddick, Liberal Democrats, 880 votes

Voting for Constituency Member of Greater London Authority
Shane Collins, Green Party, 322 votes
Jasmijn De Boo, Animals Count, 32 votes
Shirley Houghton, Conservative Party, 452 votes
Daniel Lambert, Socialist Party of Great Britain, 43 votes
Geoffrey Macharia, Christian Choice,98 votes
Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat, 857 votes
Janus Polenceus, English Democrats, 24 votes
Valerie Shawcross, Labour Party, 1095 votes
Jens Winton, UK Independence Party, 30 votes
Katt Young, Left list, 5 votes

The next London-wide elections in Vassall Ward will be the Lambeth Borough Council elections on 6 May 2010

23 September 2009

2006 Election results in Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward like all the 21 electoral wards that make up Lambeth elects three Councillors every four years.
Polling Station sign

Full information on the 2006 Lambeth Borough Council elections is available on the Lambeth website

Vassall Ward 2006 election results
At the 2006 Lambeth Borough Council elections held on Thursday 4 May 2006 three Labour Party Councillors were elected to represent Vassall Ward: Kingsley Abrams, Liz Atkinson and Alex McKenna.

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotes
Kingsley Joseph AbramsLabour Party Candidate1426
Adeline AinaLiberal Democrat1146
Liz AtkinsonLabour Party Candidate1421
Ernest Kwame Baidoo-MitchellLiberal Democrat1044
Stuart David BarrConservative Party Candidate369
Steve BradleyLiberal Democrat1092
Abdul Mumin ChowdhuryRespect257
Judith Margaret CollierConservative Party Candidate341
Stephen Richard HackRespect287
Alex McKennaLabour Party Candidate1305
Aboubakar SakoRespect234
Deborah Helen ThomasConservative Party Candidate360

Vassall Ward byelection results
Councillor Liz Atkinson sadly died in January 2008 and at the subsequent byelection held on 20 March 2008 a Liberal Democrat Councillor: Steve Bradley was elected to represent Vassall Ward.

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotes
Stuart David BarrConservative Party Candidate206
Steve BradleyLiberal Democrat1209
Dr Andy FlannaganLabour Party Candidate859
George GrahamGreen Party109
Janus PolenceusEnglish Democrats Party8
Leo Matthew SyronIndependent7

The next elections in Vassall Ward and across London will be on 6 May 2010

22 September 2009

2005 Vauxhall Constituency election results

Vauxhall Constituency results for election held on 5 May 2005

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
Charles AnglinLiberal Democrat9,767 votes (26.1%)
Edward HeckelsConservative Party5,405 votes (14.5%)
Kate HoeyLabour Party Candidate19,744 votes (52.9%)
Daniel LambertSocialist Party of Great Britain240 votes (0.6%)
Robert McWhirterUKIP271 votes (0.7%)
Janus PolenceusEnglish Democrats221 votes (0.6%)
Tim SummersGreen Party 1,705 votes (4.6%)

Majority = 9,977 (26.7)

Turnout = 37,363 (46.9%)

Further information on the Guardian election 2005 page or the BBC election page

21 September 2009

Vassall Labour Councillors surgery details

Your two Labour Vassall Ward councillors hold regular surgeries where any Vassall resident can go and seek advice on issues relating to Lambeth Council or the local area.

You can of course contact them or other members of the Vassall Action team at any time - contact details below.

Members of the Vassall Action Team are out and about around the ward every weekend and try and attend as many TRA, TMO and other local meetings as possible.

Councillor Kingsley Abrams hold surgeries:
1st Thursday of the month: 6.30-7.30pm, Cowley Estate Office (147 Brixton Road, SW9 6LZ)
3rd Saturday: 2-3 pm, Myatt’s Field North TMO Boardroom (40-41 Foxley Sq, SW9 7RY)
4th Saturday: 2-3 pm, Mostyn Road Methodist Church SW9 6PH (entrance in St Lawrence Way, Myatt’s Field South)

To contact Kingsley - phone 020 7274 1257 or email kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Alex McKenna holds surgeries:
1st Thursday of the month: 6.30-7.30pm, Cowley Estate Office (147 Brixton Road, SW9 6LZ)
3rd Saturday: 2-3 pm, Myatt’s Field North TMO Boardroom (40-41 Foxley Sq, SW9 7RY)
4th Saturday: 2-3 pm, Mostyn Road Methodist Church SW9 6PH (entrance in St Lawrence Way, Myatt’s Field South)

To contact Alex - phone 020 8677 6598 or email amckenna@lambeth.gov.uk

Our Member of Parliament Kate Hoey also holds regular surgeries in various locations across the constituency - to find out more and book an appointment please phone 020 7219 5989 or email hoeyk@parliament.uk

20 September 2009

Streets that make up Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward is located in the North of the London Borough of Lambeth - it contains bits of Brixton, Camberwell, Kennington, Oval and Stockwell in the SE5 and SW9 postcodes.

Map of Vassall Ward Lambeth

If you live in one of these streets then you live in Vassall Ward!

Akerman Road SW9
Bowhill Close SW9
Brixton Road SW9 (between Camberwell New Road and Loughborough Road)
Burton Road SW9
Calais Street SE5
Caldwell Street SW9
Camberwell New Road SE5 (between Brixton Road and Flodden Road)
Cancell Road SW9
Clapham Road SW9 (between South Island Place and Stockwell Park Road)
Claribel Road SW9
Cormont Road SE5
Cowley Road SW9
Cranmer Road SW9
Cranworth Gardens SW9
Denmark Road SE5 (between Knatchbull Road and Carew Street)
Durand Gardens SW9
Elliott Road SW9
Evandale Road SW9
Eythorpe Road SW9
Flodden Road SE5
Fountain Place SW9
Foxley Road SW9
Gosling Way SW9
Groveway SW9
Hackford Road SW9
Hillyard Street SW9
Holland Grove SW9
Isabel Street SW9
Knatchbull Road SE5
Langton Road SW9
Liberty Street SW9
Lilford Road SE5
Lorn Road SW9
Lothian Road SW9
Loughborough Road SW9 (between Brixton Road and Akerman Road)
Mandela Street SW9
Melbourne Mews SW9
Morat Street SW9
Mostyn Road SW9
Mowll Street SW9
Myatt Road SW9
Normandy Road SW9
Patmos Road SW9
Paulet Road SE5
Penford Street SE5
Robsart Street SW9
Russell Gove SW9
South Island Place SW9
Southey Road SW9
St Lawrence Way SW9
Stockwell Park Road SW9
Templar Street SE5
Tindal Street SW9
Upstall Street SE5
Vassall Road SW9
Welby Street SE5

(Some of these roads such as Flodden Road, Camberwell New Road and Knatchbull Road are split between Lambeth and Southwark)

19 September 2009

Where is Vassall Ward?

Vassall Ward location and everything else about Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward is located in the North of the London Borough of Lambeth containing parts of Brixton, Camberwell, Oval, Stockwell and Kennington in the SW9 and SE5 postcodes.

Map of Vassall Ward (click on map to enlarge/ access it on the Lambeth website)
Map of Vassall Ward Lambeth

The Lambeth Borough Council website describes the boundaries of Vassall Ward as: "The A202 Camberwell New Road, as far as Flodden Road/ Denmark Road, and the railway line into Loughborough Junction, bound Vassall to the north.

The ward reaches as far south as Lilford Road/Loughborough Road, and across Brixton Road to Robsart Street.

The eastern boundary of Vassall is the A3 Clapham Road between Stockwell Park Road and South Island Place.

Vassall includes the section of A23 Brixton Road between South Island Place and Loughborough Road.

The largest open spaces are Myatts Fields, Mostyn Gardens and Slade Gardens.

The ward includes the Minet Library, home of the Lambeth archives.

There are several large housing estates in the ward, including Myatts Fields North, Myatts Fields South, Cowley, Holland Town and Caldwell Gardens. "

(Description taken from Lambeth Borough Council profile of the ward)

18 September 2009

How do I find out which ward I live in?

For electoral and administrative purposes Lambeth is split into 21 Wards. Each ward is represented by three Coucillors.

To find out which Lambeth Council Ward you live in go to the Lambeth Council website and enter your postcode.

17 September 2009

Welcome to Vassall View

Vassall View (vassallview.com) is a website about Vassall Ward in the London Borough of Lambeth. Vassall View will contain information and news of interest to local Vassall Ward residents as well as information on local Vassall and Lambeth Labour Party initiatives. So come to Vassall View for anything Vassall Ward related!

Vassall Ward is located in the North of the Borough of Lambeth. Vassall Ward is made up of parts of Stockwell, Brixton, Kennington, Oval and Camberwell - London SW9 and SE5.