23 September 2009

2006 Election results in Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward like all the 21 electoral wards that make up Lambeth elects three Councillors every four years.
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Full information on the 2006 Lambeth Borough Council elections is available on the Lambeth website

Vassall Ward 2006 election results
At the 2006 Lambeth Borough Council elections held on Thursday 4 May 2006 three Labour Party Councillors were elected to represent Vassall Ward: Kingsley Abrams, Liz Atkinson and Alex McKenna.

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotes
Kingsley Joseph AbramsLabour Party Candidate1426
Adeline AinaLiberal Democrat1146
Liz AtkinsonLabour Party Candidate1421
Ernest Kwame Baidoo-MitchellLiberal Democrat1044
Stuart David BarrConservative Party Candidate369
Steve BradleyLiberal Democrat1092
Abdul Mumin ChowdhuryRespect257
Judith Margaret CollierConservative Party Candidate341
Stephen Richard HackRespect287
Alex McKennaLabour Party Candidate1305
Aboubakar SakoRespect234
Deborah Helen ThomasConservative Party Candidate360

Vassall Ward byelection results
Councillor Liz Atkinson sadly died in January 2008 and at the subsequent byelection held on 20 March 2008 a Liberal Democrat Councillor: Steve Bradley was elected to represent Vassall Ward.

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotes
Stuart David BarrConservative Party Candidate206
Steve BradleyLiberal Democrat1209
Dr Andy FlannaganLabour Party Candidate859
George GrahamGreen Party109
Janus PolenceusEnglish Democrats Party8
Leo Matthew SyronIndependent7

The next elections in Vassall Ward and across London will be on 6 May 2010