16 October 2009

Lambeth invests in local play facilities

In the past year, Labour-run Lambeth Council invested over £2.5million in local play facilities. the investment comes in the form of £2.2 million of Pathfinder capital and £500k of revenue funding. The emphasis of the programme is on innovation and natural play, using sustainable materials such as trees and allotments rather than traditional fixed play equipment such as wings and slides. The programme is set to transform 29 of Lambeth's play areas over the next few years.

In Vassall Ward Lambeth has invested £30,000 in the Slade Gardens Adventure Playground to create an allotment, outdoor kitchen and climbing wall; all facilities that are well used by local people and which allow the development of new skills.

£20,000 was also invested in Cowley Estate ‘teenage space’ to provide play facilities for local young people.

Tracy RitsoPhoto of Cowley Teenage Spce sign, Vassall Wardn, Labour Vassall Action Team member and a resident on Cowley Estate said: “Labour-run Lambeth Council has led the way with this high level investment in local play facilities in Vassall Ward. Hundred of local kids including my own have benefited from this funding which will continue to bring beneifts to all local people, young or old, for years to come.”

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