12 October 2009

Myatts North estate regeneration on track

Photo of Myatts North sign, Vassall Ward, SW9
The regeneration of the Myatts North estate in Lambeth's Vassall ward is firmly on track to bring desperately needed new homes, community facilities and green spaces to the estate.

Lambeth Borough Council are using public finance initiative (central government) funding to transform the Myatts North Estate to make it a much more pleasant place in which to live.

The PFI funding will integrate the estate more into the local neighbourhood, provide new homes and refurbish existing homePhoto of derelict house of Myatts North Estates which have been vandalised and neglected (like the one pictured, left).

The new and refurbished homes will be available in different tenures to best meet individual families' housing needs and wishes. the funding will also provide new purpose built community facilities, private and public amenity space and training and employment opportunities for local residents. Lambeth Labour has been firmly behind this project since taking control of the Council in 2006.

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams said:“This project will bring brand new homes to a community which is desperate to see changes made to their area. The green spaces will be protected and a purpose built community centre will be placed at the heart of the new estate. Labour is delivering on its promise to regenerate Vassall ward.”