30 October 2009

Lambeth invests in Brixton Children's Centre

Brixton Children's Centre in Vassall ward has received record investment over the past few years as a result of central and local government funding.

Photo of sign outside Brixton Childrens Centre in Vassall Ward, Mostyn Road SW9Children’s centres bring together a range of services for children under five and their families. Services include childcare, learning and development for children from birth to five, family support services, health and advice about employment. The aim

To date Lambeth Council has spent a total of £1,225,583 in capital on Brixton Children Centre. This has provided a full refurbishment and remodelling of the building, and equipment for the centre.

In 2008/09, £240,000 revenue was spent on Brixton Children Centre, and the provision for the current financial year (2009/2010) is £320,128. This funding has all been drawn from central government funding – the Early years, Sure Start and childcare grant.

Kingsley Abrams, Vassall Labour councillor said: "Brixton Children’s Centre is a valuable resource for local families. This is a key stabilising support for parents with young children. This kid of investment would not have happened without the commitment of the Labour government.”

To find out more about the operation of the Children's Centre on Mostyn Road, SW9 see the Children's Centres page on the Lambeth website