11 November 2009

Rent reductions coming through this month

As previously mentioned on this site tenants of Lambeth housing will be receiving details of their rent reduction in November - overall tenants will receive a reduction of 3% in their rent - best of all it will be backdated to April meaning that tenants paying average rent levels will see about £50 credited to their rent account - a welcome winter bonus for the people of Vassall ward.

The reduction came around after Lambeth Labour Councillors worked with Vauxhall MP kate Hoey to put pressure on the government which delivered extra funding for the borough.

Vassall Labour Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the move saying "I like all Lambeth tenants welcome this extra boost to our incomes at Christmas time. The Labour Council and Labour government were able to work together to deliver this rent reduction and maintain the massive investment in Lambeth's housing. "

Lambeth Borough Council have put answers to common questions on the reduction on their website