21 December 2009

Rubbish and recycling collections over Christmas 2009

Details are being sent around this week about the changes to the rubbish and recycling collections over the Christmas period.
Lambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!
And the good news is that there is no change if you have your normal rubbish and recycling collection on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you normally have your rubbish collected on a Friday this will now be collected on Saturdays for the next two weeks (Christmas Day, 25 December and New Years Day, 1 January.) The normal collections will resume on Monday 4 January 2010.

And they will even collect Christmas trees!

You can put your Christmas tree out with your normal rubbish and recycling in the week commencing Monday 11 January 2010 and it will be collected and recycled by Lambeth.

If you live on an estate or other housing that doesnt have a kerbside collection then Lambeth will be running Christmas tree recycling facilities at four sites in the borough every day in the week 11 -15 January 2010.

The Christmas tree recycling site nearest to us in Vassall Ward is in Kennington Park, SE11 (just at the top of Brixton Road) Other places you can take you tree are Clapham Common SW4, Streatham Common SW16 and Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre, Vale Street SE27

Recycling in Lambeth is easy!

As well as collecting textiles and waste electrical items for recycling (see previous post) Lambeth offer a regular weekly collection of items at the side of the road. The recycling collection takes place on the same day as your rubbish collection; you can recycle paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, cans and tins and plastic bottles.

Lambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!Items to be recycled should be put in orange plastic bags or the green plastic boxes available from the council. Extra bags can be obtained at council offices, libraries, by phoning the council on 020 7926 9000 or by requesting them online.

On estates there is usually a central recycling bin where you can put your items - these should be easy to find in a convenient location. These bins are emptied regularly by the Lambeth estate collection crews.

For more information on what you can and cant recycle see the Lambeth recycling pages

Photo of Lambeth rubbish and recycling bins in Vassall Ward

Lambeth introduce new recycling services - now you can recycle your waste clothes and electrical items

Lambeth Borough Council have introduced a new service for unwanted textiles (items of clothing, blankets, curtains etc) and waste electrical items (such as kettles, computer monitors, vacuum cleaners) - these will be collected by the council and recycled by the council's contractor. Previously a lot of these items were disposed of in the normal rubbish or in many cases left at the side of the road causing a hazard.

Now if you hLambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!ave any clothing you dont want or electrical items simply phone the council on 020 7926 9000 to arrange a collection date.

Once collected the items will be sorted and the clothing passed on for use in the developing world, electrical items will be turned into new products.

This service is not for larger electrical goods such as fridges, washing machines or televisions - to recyle these please book a bulky items waste collection either by phoning 020 7926 9000 or online at the Lambeth website

Further information on recycling and waste collections in Lambeth is available on the Lambeth website

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the new service saying "this new service will bring benefits for everyone in Vassall Ward as many of us do not own cars and so its hard to take this waste to Lambeth's reuse and recycling centre."

He added "This new service should also reduce the number of electrical items dumped at the side of the road which is both hazardous and unsightly. Its an example of the really useful services that Lambeth Council provides, services that I do my best to make sure meet the needs of Vassall residents."

03 December 2009

Local residents to be asked about routes for P5 bus

Residents of Vassall Ward in Lambeth will shortly be consulted about the routing of bus route P5.

Route P5 runs from Elephant and Castle to Vauxhall via Brixton and Stockwell and travels almost exclusively along the backroads where people live, rather than the 'main' roads such as A23 Brixton Road, Camberwell New Road etc.
P5 bus on Knatchbull Road
The route of the P5 has been under consideration by Transport for London for a while. In particular changes have been seen in Vassall Ward - the original route for the P5 was along Camberwell New Road, Vassall Road, Langton Road, Lothian Road, Akerman Road and Loughborough Road. This was then changed to Camberwell New Road, Flodden Road, Calais Street, Lothian Road and Akerman Road.

As a result of major works in Myatts Field Park the bus was again diverted to Knatchbull Road as a temporary measure.

Now Transport for London and Lambeth Borough Council have proposed a public consultation for traffic management proposals along Lothian Road between Langton Road and Patmos Road, i.e., double yellow lines on one side only. The consultation is planned to take place after Christmas, with the final decision being taken by lambeth and TfL shortly afterwards for implementation in summer 2010.

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: "I am delighted by the decision of the Council and Transport for London to consult with local people on the route of the P5 bus. The P5 bus provides a valuable service to local residents and its important that they have a say on what happens to this bus in the future."
P5 bus on diversion sign, Vassall Ward
Watch this space for further developments

02 December 2009

Lambeth Living Winter newsletter published

The Winter 2009/2010 Lambeth Living newsletter is available on the Lambeth Living website

01 December 2009

Father Christmas in Vassall Ward on Friday 4 December 2009

Father Christmas will be touring Lambeth on Friday, 4 December 2009, switching on Christmas lights and starting the festive celebrations in the borough. Santa will be starting off his Lambeth tour in Streatham before heading down the hill to Brixton Town Centre and then on along Brixton Road to St Matthews Church Oval. He will be bringing his band of hip hop pixies, musicians and carol singers with him and there will be face-painting fun, cookie-decorating, roasted chestnuts and snow-making fun for all the family.

So come along to St Matthews 6:30-7:30pm Friday to start your Christmas celebrations off in style!

Edited to add
Santa in Lambeth
Father Christmas' visit to Lambeth was a great success and has been caputured on film by Councillor Mark Bennett - the video includes an interview with the great man himself: