21 December 2009

Lambeth introduce new recycling services - now you can recycle your waste clothes and electrical items

Lambeth Borough Council have introduced a new service for unwanted textiles (items of clothing, blankets, curtains etc) and waste electrical items (such as kettles, computer monitors, vacuum cleaners) - these will be collected by the council and recycled by the council's contractor. Previously a lot of these items were disposed of in the normal rubbish or in many cases left at the side of the road causing a hazard.

Now if you hLambeth Recycling image: recycling in Lambeth is easy!ave any clothing you dont want or electrical items simply phone the council on 020 7926 9000 to arrange a collection date.

Once collected the items will be sorted and the clothing passed on for use in the developing world, electrical items will be turned into new products.

This service is not for larger electrical goods such as fridges, washing machines or televisions - to recyle these please book a bulky items waste collection either by phoning 020 7926 9000 or online at the Lambeth website

Further information on recycling and waste collections in Lambeth is available on the Lambeth website

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the new service saying "this new service will bring benefits for everyone in Vassall Ward as many of us do not own cars and so its hard to take this waste to Lambeth's reuse and recycling centre."

He added "This new service should also reduce the number of electrical items dumped at the side of the road which is both hazardous and unsightly. Its an example of the really useful services that Lambeth Council provides, services that I do my best to make sure meet the needs of Vassall residents."