03 December 2009

Local residents to be asked about routes for P5 bus

Residents of Vassall Ward in Lambeth will shortly be consulted about the routing of bus route P5.

Route P5 runs from Elephant and Castle to Vauxhall via Brixton and Stockwell and travels almost exclusively along the backroads where people live, rather than the 'main' roads such as A23 Brixton Road, Camberwell New Road etc.
P5 bus on Knatchbull Road
The route of the P5 has been under consideration by Transport for London for a while. In particular changes have been seen in Vassall Ward - the original route for the P5 was along Camberwell New Road, Vassall Road, Langton Road, Lothian Road, Akerman Road and Loughborough Road. This was then changed to Camberwell New Road, Flodden Road, Calais Street, Lothian Road and Akerman Road.

As a result of major works in Myatts Field Park the bus was again diverted to Knatchbull Road as a temporary measure.

Now Transport for London and Lambeth Borough Council have proposed a public consultation for traffic management proposals along Lothian Road between Langton Road and Patmos Road, i.e., double yellow lines on one side only. The consultation is planned to take place after Christmas, with the final decision being taken by lambeth and TfL shortly afterwards for implementation in summer 2010.

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: "I am delighted by the decision of the Council and Transport for London to consult with local people on the route of the P5 bus. The P5 bus provides a valuable service to local residents and its important that they have a say on what happens to this bus in the future."
P5 bus on diversion sign, Vassall Ward
Watch this space for further developments