24 January 2010

Next stage of Myatt's Fields park redevelopment starts 25 January

In the week starting 25 January 2010 the next stage of the regeneration of Myatt's Fields Park begins when works starts on a new children's building and adult toilets in the park.

MayoMyatt's Fields Park sign, Vassall Ward, SE5r of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove will formally 'break the ground' with workmen at a ceremony on 1 February 2010 with the wooden buildings expected to be ready for use later on this year.

The children's building will be built next to the playground, and will include children’s toilets for the playground. It will house a main room for children's use and a parent's training room as well as a small kitchen and office for staff use, storage and toilets.

The new building is designed to be light and airy, and will be clad in wood with a covered area running across the front. Windows across the front of the building will push back to leave the main room open to the park during summer.

The building will house the park's One O'Clock Club as well as a range of other activities and services running from the morning to early evening, and has been funded by Lambeth Council and the Henry Smith Charity. In addition adults toilets will be built in the depot area of the park to provide an amenity for park visitors.

The redevelopment of the park is being overseen by the Myatt's Fields Park Project Group, chaired by Lindsay Avebury, which has worked closely with the council to transform the park over the past few years. Around £2.6 million has been invested, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Lambeth Council and a range of other organisations. A brand new children's play area and water park, a new nature conservation area, new cafe and renovated historic features including the bandstand and roundhouse are just some of the improvements that have resulted from the investment.

Cllr Rachel Heywood, Cabinet member for Culture on Lambeth Council, said: "I have nothing but praise for Lindsay and everyone at Myatt's Fields Park Project Group. The commitment they have shown to Myatt's Field Park is an inspiration and proves how much can be achieved when the council and local people work together. The transformation of Myatt's Fields Park over the past few years has been spectacular and it is now a truly special green space that is much loved by many people."

Vassall Labour Action Team members at Myatt's Fields Park, SE5
Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "As a resident of one of the roads near to the park I have seen the regeneration of the park progress day by day. When these buildings are completed they will serve as a great facility for local people, children and park users and a fantastic addition to Vassall Ward. I second Rachel's praise for the Myatt's Field Park Project Group all of whom have worked hard to ensure that the new facilities are of the best possible standard and meet local need."