04 January 2010

Round up of pre Christmas news: Mayor of Lambeth visits to Vassall Ward

In the run up to Christmas there were two visits by the Mayor of Lambeth to organisations in Vassall Ward

Visit by Mayor of Lambeth to Longfield Hall
On 13 December the Mayor joined Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams, Kate Hoey MP and others for the Friends of Longfield Hall Christmas Carol service.

(photo courtesy of Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove)

Longfield Hall, located on Knatchbull Road opposite the Minet Library, is a great community resource offering a venue for dancing, the Nest pre-school and many other regular events (see previous post for more details). This community facility has been managed by local people since 1992 and brings many benefits to the local area.

Mayor of Lambeth celebrates Patmos Area Community Conservation Association 10th anniversary
The Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove joined with council officers, Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey and members of the PACCA Tenants Management Organisation to celebrate their 10th anniversary and open the newly refurnished community hall. PACCA is a great success story showing how local people can work together to make their area better.

Photo shows the Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove with Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey (left) and Adeline Aina of the PACCA TMO (photo courtesy of the Mayor of Lambeth)

PACCA started in 1999 when the residents of Patmos Road and the surrounding streets got together to improve the area. The organisation today acts as a TMO responsible for the management of 285 formerly Lambeth owned properties and runs numerous projects for amongst other groups children and older people as well as a food project and capacity building, consultation and training initiatives. The PACCA area includes: Bathgate House, Cadman Close, Cancell Road, Dalkeith House, Elliott Road, Frederick Crescent, Halsmere Road, Langton Road, Lothian Road, Myatt Road, Patmos Road, Regency Mews, Salisbury Place, Silverburn House, Tindal Street and Turner Close all in Vassall Ward. For further information see the PACCA website. For more information on TMOs see the NFTMO website.

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