09 January 2010

Shawcross condemns Mayor of London's January 2010 fare increases

Valerie Shawcross, Lambeth and Southwark's Labour member of the Greater London Assembly, has condemned the Mayor of London's fare increases which came into effect this week. (previously detailed on Vassall View).

In a letterPhoto of Oystercard to the South London Press published on Friday 8 January 2010 Ms Shawcross highlights the impact of bus fare increases on South Londoners and asks why the Mayor has chosen to cancel the Western extension to the congestion charge zone and remove the increased fees for the worst polluting vehicles both at the expense of the majority of London's population who rely on public transpoirt to travel around the city.

The full text of the letter

Dear sir
The fare-paying Londoner will be only too aware this week of the huge fare increases which Mayor Boris Johnson has now inflicted on the travelling public, especially those who prefer to use the bus network to get around.

Our buses have become, in recent years, a reliable and affordable way to get around, but people who want or need to travel in this way are now feeling the pinch of a huge 20 per cent fare increase. A pay as you go Oyster journey now costs £1.20 while the cost of a weekly bus pass has also gone up 20 per cent, to £16.60.

The Mayor claims this is necesssary to raise funds for London, yet he dropped plans for a western extension to the congestion charge zone, and plans to charge the most polluting vehicles to enter central London. Both measures would have generated inclome, with environmental benefits, but the Mayor has chosen to penalise Londoners who rely on public transport to get around. Mayor Johnson needs to explain why he is doing this.
Valerie Shawcross
London Assembly member for Lambeth & Southwark

GLA Labour Group highlight fare increases
Valerie Shawcross recently joined with her Labour GLA colleagues to highlight the fare increases at a demonstration at Victoria station
Valerie Shawcross and other members of the Labour GLA Team protesting at Victoria Station
What Boris's fare rises mean for you
  • A single bus journey by Oyster UP 20% to £1.20 (up from 90p before Boris became Mayor)
  • A weekly Oyster bus pass UP 20% to £16.60
  • Six-zone peak single Tube fare by Oyster UP 10.5% to £4.20
  • Five-zone off-peak single Tube fare (outside zone 1) UP 18.2% to £1.30
  • Most Oyster pay-as-you-go journeys UP by 20p per trip
  • Overall Tube fares will rise almost 4% and bus fares by almost 13%

These are fare rises made out of choice. Boris Johnson's transport decisions are costing Londoners dear and he is asking public transport users to pay the price.

Boris's costly mistakes

  • Halving the size of the congestion zone
    COST: £70 million a year in lost income
  • Cancelling the higher congestion charge for gas guzzlers
    COST: £50 million a year in lost income
  • Replacing bendy buses with lower capacity single and double deckers
    COST: £28 million extra a year
See London Assembly Labour Group website