25 January 2010

Climate Change: You can make a difference (and save money)

Lambeth have launched a campaign to encourage local residents to cut down on their energy use to contribute to the borough's sustainability target. The aim of the Labour council is to cut carbon emissions by 20% by 2012.

TheImage of Lambeth Make a Difference poster Make a Difference section of the Lambeth website offers advice for everyone to cut their energy use pointing out the benefits to your wallet as well as the environmental benefits.

The website offers information, advice and encouragement for all Lambeth residents on how to cut energy use and save money.

The main advice is

Switch it off – By switching off appliances instead of leaving them on standby, you can save energy and money. In an average UK household, this could save you £30 a year.

Use it up – By planning your food shopping carefully and throwing away less, you can reduce waste and save money. In an average UK household, this could save you over £400 a year.

Put it on – By putting on another layer instead of turning up the heating, you can save energy and money. Turning your thermostat just one degree lower could save you up to 10% on your heating bills.

Walk it – By walking short distances instead of driving, you can reduce the amount of fuel you use and save money. If you walk just 5 miles a week instead of getting in a car, you could save over £160 a year.

Further information on the campaign including further information on each of the areas of action is available at www.lambeth.gov.uk/BIGDifference