15 February 2010

Coldharbour Lane closed at Hinton Road for six weeks: 35, 45, 345 and P4 buses disrupted

Owing to essential gas mains replacement works Coldharbour Lane will be closed to all motor traffic at the junction with Hinton Road near to Loughborough Junction station for the period 13 February 2010 - 28 March 2010. Cars are being diverted up Hinton Road but owing to low bridges Transport for London has had to reroute bus routes 35, 45, 345 and P4 adding in some cases considerable extra time on the journey times.

During the day it is likely to be quicker to walk along Coldharbour Lane rather than stay on the bus for the diversion.

The details of the diversions are as follows
35 - buses diverted via Denmark Hill, Dulwich Road and Effra Road. Nearest bus stops on Camberwell Green or Acre Lane

45 - buses diverted via Denmark Hill, Dulwich Road, Effra Road and Brixton Water Lane. Nearest bus stops Camberwell Green or Brixton Hill

345 - buses diverted via Brixton Road, Effra Road, Dulwich Road and Denmark Hill. Nearest bus stops Denmark Hill or Stockwell Road

P4 - buses diverted from Herne Hill Road via Wanless Road and Hinton Road

The disruption will take place between Sunday 13 February 2010 and Sunday 28 March 2010

Further information is available on the Transport for London website
Further information on the work being carried out is on the Scotia Gas Networks website