02 February 2010

Lambeth rent increases limited to 3%

Lambeth Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, Lib Peck, has announced that the rent increase for Lambeth Council tenants for 2010/2011 will be 3.14%. Ms Peck will make the recommendation for approval at the Council's Cabinet meeting on Monday 8 February 2010. The increase will mean that the average rent bill in Lambeth will go up by £2.60 a week - little more than the cost of a tube journey.
Housing in Vassall Ward

The rent increase will enable Lambeth Living to increase the repairs and maintenance budget by £3.3million in the next year ensuring that the improvements that have been seen in the past few years can be kept up.

Speaking about the rent increase Lib Peck stressed that the council had listened to protests about the costs of rent increases last year saying "We have listened to what our tenants have said - that is why we are working to secure the smallest possible increase of £2. 60 per week. This is in line with Government guidelines." She went on to stress the extra investment that the council is making adding "I am pleased that we have managed to secure an extra investment of £3.3 million into repairs; and to freeze any increases in hot water and heating charges."

Local Labour Vassall Action Team member Adrian Garden commented "Whilst no-one likes to pay extra I'm pleased that this year rents wont be going up too much. The extra money raised will enable Lambeth Living to continue to invest in improving the housing in Vassall Ward making up for years of neglect. Even with the increase Lambeth still has some of the lowest rent levels in inner London."

Vassall Action Team at the Caldwell Gardens Estate, Lambeth SW9

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "I am very pleased that through efficiency savings we have been able to limit the rent increase for Lambeth tenants and maintain services. This comes on top of the pledge made by the Labour Council not to increase Council Tax and shows that Labour-run Lambeth is able to deliver better services whilst saving you money."