20 September 2009

Streets that make up Vassall Ward

Vassall Ward is located in the North of the London Borough of Lambeth - it contains bits of Brixton, Camberwell, Kennington, Oval and Stockwell in the SE5 and SW9 postcodes.

Map of Vassall Ward Lambeth

If you live in one of these streets then you live in Vassall Ward!

Akerman Road SW9
Bowhill Close SW9
Brixton Road SW9 (between Camberwell New Road and Loughborough Road)
Burton Road SW9
Calais Street SE5
Caldwell Street SW9
Camberwell New Road SE5 (between Brixton Road and Flodden Road)
Cancell Road SW9
Clapham Road SW9 (between South Island Place and Stockwell Park Road)
Claribel Road SW9
Cormont Road SE5
Cowley Road SW9
Cranmer Road SW9
Cranworth Gardens SW9
Denmark Road SE5 (between Knatchbull Road and Carew Street)
Durand Gardens SW9
Elliott Road SW9
Evandale Road SW9
Eythorpe Road SW9
Flodden Road SE5
Fountain Place SW9
Foxley Road SW9
Gosling Way SW9
Groveway SW9
Hackford Road SW9
Hillyard Street SW9
Holland Grove SW9
Isabel Street SW9
Knatchbull Road SE5
Langton Road SW9
Liberty Street SW9
Lilford Road SE5
Lorn Road SW9
Lothian Road SW9
Loughborough Road SW9 (between Brixton Road and Akerman Road)
Mandela Street SW9
Melbourne Mews SW9
Morat Street SW9
Mostyn Road SW9
Mowll Street SW9
Myatt Road SW9
Normandy Road SW9
Patmos Road SW9
Paulet Road SE5
Penford Street SE5
Robsart Street SW9
Russell Gove SW9
South Island Place SW9
Southey Road SW9
St Lawrence Way SW9
Stockwell Park Road SW9
Templar Street SE5
Tindal Street SW9
Upstall Street SE5
Vassall Road SW9
Welby Street SE5

(Some of these roads such as Flodden Road, Camberwell New Road and Knatchbull Road are split between Lambeth and Southwark)