31 March 2010

Labour launches Lambeth manifesto at packed event in Brixton

Labour last night launched its manifesto for the Lambeth Council elections to be held on 6 May 2010.

At an event in Brixton former Labour Mayor of London (and of course former Labour Lambeth Councillor) Ken Livingstone, Lambeth and Southwark London Assembly Member Valerie Shawcross and many local councillors joined over 100 Labour Party supporters to launch the manifesto. Entitled We're on your side the manifesto lays out Labour's plans for the period 2010 - 2014 if re-elected.

The manifesto was also endorsed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown (pictured) on a visit to Lingham Court in Stockwell yesterday.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown with Steve Reed in Stockwell, Lambeth

Leader of the Council, Steve Reed said "Labour’s worked hard to put Lambeth Council back on the side of residents and today Lambeth is officially the fastest improving council in the country with no council tax increase for two years and crime significantly reduced. I want people to keep our new manifesto and hold us to what we pledge today. We asked residents to do this when they supported us four years ago and our record shows that we have kept our promises – that’s why they can trust us to do it again."

Collage of images from the Lambeth Labour manifesto launch

The manifesto includes commitments on value for money where Labour has pledged to keep Council tax as low as possible; on crime where the plan is to have a anti-social behaviour hit squad; on investment on subs-standard roads and pavements; on youth services where the promise is to have things for young people to do within a mile of every home and a major expansion of sport and leisure facilities with four new pools and free swimming for everyone.

Vassall Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the manifesto saying "the manifesto lays out the plans that Labour has for the borough if re-elected. Having looked at the manifesto I think that these plans will bring real benefits for the people of Vassall Ward and Lambeth - in particular the pledges to increase the number of schools, improve sports facilities for young people and improve the housing stock really stood out as offering benefits for Vassall Ward."

Further information is available on the Lambeth Labour website
Download a full copy of the manifesto

30 March 2010

Are you registered to vote?

The Lambeth Borough Council elections are now just over five weeks away and the council are sending out the polling cards. If you do not receive a poll card like that pictured below it may be worth checking with the Council that you are registered to vote - phone them on 020 7926 2144 or check the electoral roll in your local library.

If you are not registered to vote download the form on the Lambeth website, print it out complete it and return it to the Council by 20 April 2010. if you are going to be away on that day apply now for a postal vote - again download the form, complete it and return it to Lambeth by 20 April.

In order to votpolling carde in the local elections you need to be a British, Irish or Commonwealth nation citizen or a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union and normally resident in Lambeth.

Election day 6 May 2010

The poll card will give you details of where to go to vote including a map: there are three polling stations in Vassall Ward so you will not have to travel too far. If you need a lift to the polling station contact a member of the Vassall Action Team to arrange it nearer to the election. On election day the polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.


All children welcome for Easter egg hunt in Myatts Fields Park this weekend

This weekend there will be Easter fun in Myatts Fields Park in Vassall Ward.

Easter egs in the grass
All children are invited to hunt for chocolate Easter eggs in the wildlife area of Myatts Fields Park this weekend

The events will take place from 2pm onwards on Saturday 3 April 2010 with under fives starting their Easter egg hunt at 2pm, with older children allowed to forage from 2.30pm. All are welcome

29 March 2010

Lambeth tackles potholes

Lambeth Council contractors have been working around the clock to fill potholes caused by the recent spell of cold weather. The Council's workers when alerted to a new pothole will make a temporary repair to patch up the pothole and ensure that the road is safe again. A permanent repair is then completed within a few weeks to bring the road surface back up to standard. This year more than 900 potholes have been repaired across the borough.

Lambeth carry out a 16 week rolling inspection of the borough's roads but always welcome reports of potholes or other road surface problems that may develop in the interim or that they may have missed. So if you see a pothole in Vassall Ward or any of the other borough roads report it to Lambeth, tel 020 7926 9000, or email TandHCallCentre@lambeth.gov.uk. If the problem is on a Transport for London 'red' route (generally the bigger roads which the buses use) then phone 0845 305 1234 or report it on the TfL website

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams (below) highlights a pothole he found on a recent walkaround in Cormont Road, SE5 which he has reported to the Council for swift action.

Kingsley commKingsley with pothole in Vassall Ward, Lambethented "Potholes are a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and are sadly a fact of life especially in cold weather. As a local resident I keep my eyes open on my walks around Vassall Ward looking out for potholes and other road problems that could be dangerous. I always make a point of reporting them to Lambeth and encourage everyone in the local area to do the same as the sooner they know about them the quicker they can deal with the problem."

27 March 2010

Lambeth publish notice of election on 6 May 2010

Lambeth have published the official notice of election for the Lambeth Borough Council elections to be held on 6 May 2010.

The notice can be accessed by downloading the pdf document on the Notice of elections page

Three councillors will be returned for each of Lambeth's 21 wards: Bishop’s, Brixton Hill, Coldharbour, Clapham Common, Clapham Town, Ferndale, Gipsy Hill, Herne Hill, Knight’s Hill,
Larkhall, Oval, Prince’s, St. Leonard’s, Stockwell, Streatham Hill, Streatham South, Streatham Wells, Thornton, Thurlow Park, Tulse Hill and Vassall.

26 March 2010

Vassall Action Team tackle rubbish on Myatts Field South

Following yesterday's walkabout with Cabinet members on the Myatts Field South estate Vassall Action Team members have got to work tackling the problems they found on the estate.

Vassall Action Team members tackle problems found on Myatts Fields   South estate, SW9

A particular problem raised by local people was the misuse by some residents of the recycling bin - it appears some people have been using it for general rubbish rather than recycling which has resulted in the bin not being emptied by either the recycling team or the rubbish team on the estate.

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams has pledged to sort out the problem saying "I will chase this issue up with the relevant people in the council so that we can get the problem sorted and hopefully prevent this situation developing again."

Vassall Action Team member Adrian Garden added "if any residents of Vassall Ward are having problems with council services they should contact us and we will get the matter resolved."

To contact members of the Vassall Labour Action Team:
Councillor Kingsley Abrams
020 7274 1257 kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk

Adrian Garden
07980 645 033 adriangarden@tiscali.co.uk

Tracy Ritson
07834 691 820 tracy4vassall@yahoo.co.uk

Lambeth Cabinet see successes of housing improvements on Myatts Field South Estate

On Thursday members of the Lambeth Cabinet joined Vassall Action Team members Kingsley Abrams (right of photo) and Adrian Garden (left) to visit the Myatts Field South Estate in Vassall Ward.

Led by Lambeth Council Leader Councillor Steve Reed (pictured below with Vassall Action Team members and Councillor John Kazantzis) they inspected improvements being made to the estate and spoke to local people to gain feedback on the work and find out about the local issues facing people on the estate. They were also able to promote council servies such as the recently opened Green Man Skills Zone which provides help and advice to enable people to get back to work.

VassallAction Team members Adrian Garden and Councillor Kingsley Abrams with Councillor Steve Reed and Councillor John Kazantzis on Myatts Fields South estate

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams commented "I invited members of the Cabinet to come to Myatts Field South to see for themselves the improvements that the Council is making to the housing and environment on the estate."

He continued "It also gave Adrian and me a chance to highlight the work that still needs to be done and for the Cabinet to find out what local people really think - rather than firing off angry emails we find that this approach is far more effective in actually getting things."

25 March 2010

Vassall Action Team members out and about this weekend

Vassall Labour Action Team members will be out and about across Vassall this weekend talking to local people and seeing firsthand how the council services are being delivered on the ground.

Vassall Action Team member Adrian Garden commented "we will be out meeting people across Vassall Ward this weekend finding out what people think about the service they are getting from Lambeth Council also picking up any complaints they have. We will also be keeping an eye out for problems and where appropriate reporting them to the relevant Lambeth department to get them fixed."

He went on "on a recent walkabout we found that the pavement and kerb on one of the roads had been damaged so we have been chasing this up with the Council's Highways department for action."

24 March 2010

Lambeth to pioneer joint working with Southwark to save money and safeguard services

Lambeth's Labour leadership have pledged, if re-elected, to work closely with neighbouring borough Southwark to look at ways in which the two boroughs could deliver services together to save residents money if Labour wins control of both boroughs in the London elections on 6 May 2010.

Councillor Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council, and Councillor Peter John, Leader of Southwark’s Labour Councillors, will offer residents better value for money by sharing management costs and merging some services across both councils.

Residents in Vassall Ward which has a border with Southwark will also benefit from more consistent services whichever side of the border they live on. Lambeth is currently run by Labour while Southwark is run by a struggling Lib Dem-Tory coalition, but both boroughs have similar sized populations facing very similar problems.

If they win the elections on 6 May, Councillor Reed and Councillor John will bring senior managers from both councils together in a summit to identify areas where closer working will benefit residents and save money. The savings could run into millions of pounds at a time when the government is expected to cut funding to local councils. The new initiative would help protect services from cuts as a result.

Councillor Steve Reed said: “Lambeth and Southwark councils both provide many services that are identical, but do we really need to pay twice for separate sets of senior management and back-office support? By merging some services we can save money to reinvest in the frontline, protecting services and helping keep council tax down.”

Councillor Peter John said: “Labour is all about quality services. In Southwark, we’ve seen the Lib Dems and Tories drive service standards down. By working more closely with neighbouring councils like Lambeth we can guarantee better services that cost less, and that means a better deal for local people.”

Vassall Ward Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "this initiative is especially relevant to Vassall Ward where we are on the edge of Lambeth and roads such as Flodden Road, Denmark Road and Camberwell New Road are split between Lambeth and Southwark. I, like I'm sure most residents of the Ward, cross the border regularly in my day to day business so it seems silly to duplicate services. This initiative will bring the best of Lambeth together with the best of Southwark to save costs and safeguard the delivery of quality services."

Areas which have already been identified for savings include
  • Sharing senior management posts across both councils, including service directors, street care management and highways management - potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  • Joint contracts for services like parking, where costs would be cut and residents in cross-border areas would benefit from a more consistent service
  • Joint regeneration and economic development teams – benefiting areas like the South Bank and Camberwell which are in both boroughs.
  • Shared school support services, with Lambeth’s better-rated team expanding to cover Southwark, and similar arrangements for other services where one council is currently performing better than the other.

23 March 2010

A cleaner greener Vassall Ward

Over the past few days local charity Trees for Cities, working in partnership with Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London, has been active planting trees across Vassall Ward to improve the local environment.

It is planned that this year over 200 trees in total will be planted in the Vassall, Coldharbour, Ferndale and Brixton Hill areas of Lambeth to bring greenery and provide colour and texture throughout the year. They will also serve as important food sources and habitats for local wildlife.

Vassall Labour Action Team member Adrian Garden (picture here with Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams) welcomed the initiative saying "this is really great news for Vassall Ward as trees make the plVassall Action Team members inspecting a   newly planted tree in Vassall Ward, Lambethace better for humans and for wildlife. And they will keep on bringing these benefits for years to come. "

Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "The Vassall trees are part of a two year initiative worth over £200,000 that Lambeth was able to negotiate with the Mayor of London. There will be more trees planted next year so if you can think of a road or area in Vassall that would benefit from trees get in contact with us and we will get it included in the tree planting scheme."

Further information on the Trees for Cities programme

22 March 2010

Coldharbour Lane reopening tonight

Following on from news of the road closure on Coldharbour Lane we have been informed by the Lambeth Transport and Highways Department that Coldharbour Lane will be fully reopened shortly after midnight tonight and bus services will be running normally from tomorrow morning.

21 March 2010

Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team meetings this coming week

As previously noted here the Vassall Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be holding two events in the next few days

23/03/2010 - SNT Panel meeting: Church Manor Estate offices, Vassall Road, SW9, 18:30 - 21:00

24/03/2010 - Street briefing: Mostyn Gardens, Mostyn Road, SW9, 14:00 - 16:00

These events are a chance for you to have your say say about local Policing priorities.

For more information see the Vassall SNT webpage, phone 020 8721 3661 or email Vassall.snt@met.police.uk

20 March 2010

Kate Hoey celebrates 21 years as Vauxhall MP at tree planting event in Vassall Ward

Kate Hoey today celebrated her 21 years as Member of Parliament for Vauxhall constituency at an event in Vassall Ward. Kate helped to plant the 21st of 21 apple trees in what will turn into a fruit in Lothian Road, SW9.

As well as celebrating here 21 years in Parliament Kate was also celebrating the establishment of the Patmos Area Community Conservation Association (PACCA) as a tenant management organisation responsible for managing 285 properties in Vassall Ward.

Kate Hoey praised PACCA as being a very good example of people joining together to work with Lambeth Council and other statutory bodies to make their area better both physically by improving the environment and by helping local people through initiatives such as training and the older people's, community food and children's projects. She also praised the cross-party nature of PACCA stressing that between elections people of all political parties could work together for a common goal.

Vassall Ward Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams also attended the event and praised the work of PACCA, he noted "PACCA is a really inspiring example of what can be achived when Lambeth Council works with local people to achieve common goals. I would like to thank PACCA Director Adeline Aina for her dedication to PACCA and ro making the area better." He went on "The fruit trees will bring benefits for years to come: I hope to be able to come back in a few years' time to taste some of the apples produced on the the apple trees planted today."

Further information is available on the PACCA website
including a set of photos from the event

19 March 2010

Green Man serves up help with getting back to work

On Thursday the former Green Man pub on Coldharbour Lane was officially opened as a Skills Zone by the Mayor of Lambeth. The pub closed several years ago and after conversion had been lying empty until funding from Lambeth Council and Lambeth First enabled it to open as Lambeth's first 'employment hub'.

The Green Man Skills Zone is available to offer free help to all local residents.

Mayor of Lambeth with Green Employment Zone staff
The Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove is pictured at the opening with Skills Zone staff.

Local people can visit the Zone for help, advice and support in getting back to work. In particular help is available with:
  • building confidence
  • completing application forms
  • interview support
  • CV writing
  • finding a job
  • finding training opportunities
  • help balancing work and family life.
The Skills Zone, develoepd in partnership with other organisations including JobCentre Plus and Citizens Advice Bureau, is able to offer a quality individualised service to job seekers. All help is free, private and confidential.

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams attended the opening in his role as Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery.

Kingsley is pictured here along with Jane Lokwiya, Employment Hub Manager (second from left), Councillor John Kazantzis, Cabinet Member for Employment and Enterprise, and Councillor Rachel Heywood, Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities.

Kingsley commented "This is a fantastic addition to the local area and will help lots of people in the Vassall, Coldharbour and Loughborough Junction area to improve their skills and get back to work. I am proud to have be involved in getting this Skills Zone off the ground. Lambeth is investing in services that enable local people to help themselves."

The Green Man Skills Zone is at 225 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 - phone -020 7926 5607 or email lambethworking@lambeth.gov.uk.

18 March 2010

Vassall Action Team out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Members of the Labour Vassall ActionTeam (pictured below with Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey) will be out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend talking to local people to find out their concerns

.Vassall Action Team members out and about in Vassall Ward
Vassall Action member Tracy Ritson commented "Adrian, Kingsley and I are covering every road in the ward to gain as full a picture of the situation on the ground as possible. I find it really rewarding to talk to people and find out how Lambeth Council has really made a difference to the people of Vassall Ward over the past four years."

She went on "Inevitably too we pick up on the mistakes the Council has made or instances where things could have been done better. Where there are problems we report back to the Council for action. Once the problem has been dealt with we then be seek to work to learn the lessons so that the problems can be prevented in the future. Anyone can shout about a problem but it is far more effective long term to prevent it happening again."

17 March 2010

Caldwell Gardens Better Neighbourhoods works come to successful conclusion

A borough-wide programme aimed at improving the local environment in six estates across Lambeth is coming to a successful conclusion.

Over the past 10 months the Better Neighbourhoods teams have been focused on improving the estates in partnership with local residents, tackling resident-identified problems as well as implementing general environmental improvements such as planting trees.

In Vassall Ward the Better Neighbourhoods teams has been tackling problems on the Caldwell Gardens Estate and surrounding streets (just off Brixton Road).

In particular in Caldwell Gardens the Council has improved walkways and footpaths across the estate as well as improving the roads and parking facilities. The area has also undergone a general tidy up to make it look smarter which will discourage vandalism and other anti-social behaviour such as grafitti.

All the measures have aimed to make the estate safer and a much more pleasant place to live. As well as Caldwell Gardens the Team have been carrying out repairs and improvements to local roads such as Hackford Road, Caldwell Street and Morat Street. Work on these streets should be completed before April 2010.

Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration Lib Peck noted that primarily the improvements were about people, she said "Better Neighbourhoods has made a real difference to the people living on these six estates. We didnt want to just to improve the estates, we wanted to improve the lives of the people who live there. residents can now take pride in where they live and we hope it will help create a real sense of community."

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams commented "On my walks around Caldwell Gardens and the surrounding streets with other Vassall Action Team members I have been impressed with the improvements and we've received lots of positive feedback from local people, I think it was a job well done."

Kingsley continued "Over the past four years the estates and environment generally in Vassall have been improved greatly after years of neglect. There is still lots to do and I will continue to push for more investment in Vassall Ward at every opportunity."

More information on the Better Neighbourhoods programme is available on the Lambeth website

16 March 2010

Greenhouse growing launches in Myatts Fields this weekend

Everyone is welcome to come along on Sunday to plant cucumbers, peppers and aubergines in the greenhouse at Myatt's Fields Park in Vassall Ward. Myatts Fields Park sign

With support from Groundwork Southwark volunteers will be planting vegetable seeds, the results of which will be used in the park's cafe in the summer.

The planting sessions will be running from 10am-1pm. All are welcome - come along to the greenhouse near the Cormont Road/ Brief Street entrance to the park.

More information on the planting is available on the Project Dirt blog. The project is organised by Myatt’s Fields Park Project Group in partnership with Lambeth and Activate London (funded by the Big Lottery Fund).

Roots and Shoots Spring Science Open Day
If you are interested in growing you may also be interested in the Roots and Shoots Spring Science Open Day on Sunday 11am-4pm. Roots and Shoots is a short walk away in Fitzalan Street, SE11. See flyer below for further details

Roots and Shoots flyer

More information on the Roots and Shoots website

15 March 2010

Lambeth Council Tax frozen - no increase this year

As Council Tax bills fall through letterboxes across the borough residents have expressed relief that Labour controlled Lambeth Borough Council has frozen the Council Tax at 2008/2009 levels for the second year running.

Labour freezes Council tax in Lambeth

Lambeth has pledged that the freeze in Council Tax will not lead to cutbacks in frontline services.

Extra funding will be given to projects such as the Young and Safe programme, which aims to reduce youth violence. In 2010/2011 this will get an extra £300,000 more than last year. There will be a boost of £51,000 more than last year to help fund 22 new Police Community Support Officers, £60,000 more than last year for the council's anti-social behaviour team and £70,000 more than last year for the new Noise Nuisance Team.

Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed commented "Labour has targeted waste to make the council more efficient. That approach has saved millions of pounds and now residents are seeing the benefit with a second year of a Council Tax freeze and investment in new services at the same time. Labour’s new investment includes lunch clubs for older people in all Lambeth’s town centres, extra investment in youth services, and action against crime with new measures targeting drug dealers, dangerous dogs and people responsible for anti social behaviour”

Vassall Labour Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the Council Tax freeze saying "I know from speaking to people in Vassall Ward that for many money has been tight this past year so I'm pleased to see that Council Tax wont be increasing. I am pleased also to see that the freeze has not come at the expense of Council services. The measures and extra funding announced for young people, older people and community safety will bring long term benefits and make Lambeth better for everyone."

See the Lambeth Council Tax 2010/2011 Guide
Further information on Council Tax

12 March 2010

Vassall Labour Action Team out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Labour Action Team members will be out and about on the estates and streets of Vassall Ward this Saturday and Sunday talking to local people and finding out about local issues and concerns. If you have any particular concerns or problems that you would like to discuss please contact Vassall Ward councillor Kingsley Abrams on kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk/ 020 7274 125.Vassall Action Team members at Myatts Fields South

Vassall Action Team member Adrian Garden commented "Tracy, Kingsley and I find these walkarounds on the estates and streets of Vassall Ward really useful as many people are too busy to get to the surgeries we run."

he continued "On the walkabouts we are able to talk to people to find out their concerns and ask what they think about how Lambeth Council is operating. We can then raise any problems we find with the relevant section of Lambeth Council, refer them on to our MP Kate Hoey or talk to Lambeth and Southwark GLA member Valerie Shawcross about issues such as local transport."

11 March 2010

Results of Lambeth 2010/2011 budget consultation announced

The results of the budget consultation with local people that Lambeth undertook last year have been announced.

In September and October 2009 Lambeth surveyed over 500 households across the borough as well as running focus groups and other forms of consultation. The aim was to find out what people thought of the services they received from Lambeth and the value for money. People were also asked how services could be improved.

The results of the budget consultation were shared with the Council's senior management and Lambeth Councillors to enable them to better tailor services to meet the needs of the people of Lambeth.

The main results (taken from the Budget Consultation page on the Lambeth website)

Although Lambeth is becoming a safer place, crime and disorder remains a top priority for Lambeth residents.

More activities for young people, increased visibility of policing and improved use of CCTV are the most common suggestions to reduce crime and these findings will help us, along with the Police and our other partners to continue to strive to make Lambeth a safer place.

Young people
The view that young people need more activities was evident throughout the consultation, but services need to be focused on what young people like doing and need to be well serviced. We will be working closely with the borough's young people through the youth council in order to improve activities for them.

The credit crunch
Residents say that Lambeth Council can best protect them from the effects of the credit crunch by offering credit and debt advice and making sure residents are aware of the benefits they are entitled to. With our credit crunch task force we will be introducing a number of measures to support our residents through these difficult financial times.

Residents agreed with the council’s proposals to create an "Invest to Save" fund that would subsidise projects that produce long term savings through either being more efficient or taking a preventative approach.

Waste and the environment
The research showed Lambeth's residents to be very environmentally conscious, with 6 out of 10 residents saying they recycle everything that can be recycled. here is also clear support for initiatives to increase the level of recycling in the borough.

These findings will be used to explore further ways in which we can make our borough cleaner and greener in the future whilst reducing the costs of disposing of the borough's rubbish.

Health and wellbeing
The health and well being of our residents is important to us and in the budget consultation we wanted to know what kind of activities residents would like to see introduced and what the barriers are to participating in healthy activities.

You told us that you are keen to see more exercise classes made available in community centres and halls and fitness trails in the local parks. We found out that the main barrier to people exercising more is a lack of time with cost of leisure also putting off people from exercising more.

As a result we will be looking at improving access to the many leisure facilities we already provide and the information you gave us will shape the leisure activities we provide in the future.

"Tell Us Once" a bereavement project in which residents only need to inform the council of a relative’s death once, instead of multiple times, will also be trialled in Lambeth following backing from people in the consultation.

Read a fuller summary of the budget consultatuion results
Lambeth website 2010/2011 budget consultation page

10 March 2010

Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey interviewed in the Evening Standard

Member of Parliament for Vauxhall (including Vassall Ward) Kate Hoey was interviewed in yesterday's Evening Standard. In an interview focusing on her Olympic role she speaks of how she is working to bring sport to the people of London, her thoughts on the arrangemnts for the Olympic Games and how she hopes that the Olympic facilities will be productively used for the benefit of all Londoners.

Read the interview on the Evening Standard website

Photo of Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall
Contact Kate Hoey

Kate Hoey's website

Write to Kate Hoey MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Email hoeyk@parliament.uk

Phone 020 7219 5989

Fax 020 7219 5985

Kate holds regular surgeries for constituents across the Vauxhall constituency - to find out further information or to book an appointment contact Kate at the phone number above.

07 March 2010

Green light for new community hall for Myatts Fields South Estate

A new community hall is to be built on Burton Lane in the middle of the Myatts Field South estate in Vassall Ward, SW9. The hall received initial planning permission at a recent Lambeth Council Planning Committee meeting and development is expected to begin shortly.

The new hall will be a warm and welcoming place for the local residents. Residents will be able to use the new space for their regular meetings, social events and children parties. The hall will also bring rental income to the Tenants and Residents Association which will be used for improvements which will benefit local people on the estate.

Myatts Field South signVassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: “I did not hesitate to support the proposals for this new community hall when the idea was put to me as one of the local councillors. I am delighted to see that the hall has received planning permission from the Council. I look forward to attending the opening of the new hall.”

05 March 2010

Latest edition of Lambeth life includes Vassall Ward profile

The latest (1 March 2010) issue of Lambeth Life includes an interview with the three Vassall Ward Councillors in the regular 'Round your way' feature. The articles features an introduction to the ward and each of the Vassall Ward Councillors: Kingsley Abrams, Steve Bradley Lambeth Life cover and Alex McKenna answer questions about what made them go into politics and what they consider to be their greatest achievements since being elected.

See page 10 of Lambeth Life available to download on the Lambeth website

04 March 2010

Lambeth Youth Mayor elected in 10,000 vote youth election

Lambeth's young people have elected Darren Tenkorang as their Youth Mayor. In a closely fought contest, in which over 10,000 young people from across the borough voted, Darren emerged victorious with a winning majority of 28 votes. Darren lives in Brixton and attends Bishop Thomas Grant School in Streatham and will take office in April.

(Photo courtesy of Mayor of Lambeth Christopher Wellbelove)

Darrren (second from right in photo) was congratulated by Lambeth Mayor Christopher Wellbelove, Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed (right of photo) and Deputy Cabinet Member for Communities and Young People Florence Nosegbe (far left of photo).

Accepting the role Darren said "As Lambeth Youth Mayor I hope to destroy the stereotype the youth have. Youth of today are looked upon as rebellious teenagers who wear black hoods and roam the streets at night," He went on "I hope to achieve my goal by uniting the community. I hope to break down the barriers between the youth and the police, and most importantly, I would like to unite secondary school students together."

At the same time the results for the elections of Lambeth representative in the Youth Parliment were announced. Stephanie Harb (second from left in photo) will act as Lambeth's MYP for the year.

As previously reported here elections for the post of Youth Mayor and Member of the Youth Parliament took place in February. Lambeth is one of only four London authorities, and only 10 nationally, to have a directly elected youth mayor. The Lambeth Youth Mayor and their advisory panel have an annual budget of £25,000 to help make the changes that young people want to see.

Further information on the Youth Mayor is available on the Young Lambeth website

Further information on the UK Youth Parliament is available on the UKYP website

Congratulations to both Darren and Stephanie on their election victories!

03 March 2010

Vassall Action team out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Action Team on walkabout in Vassall Ward lambeth

Vassall Ward Labour Action Team members (pictured above) will be out and about in the ward this Saturday and Sunday talking to local people and finding out about local issues and concerns. If you have any particular concerns or problems that you would like to discuss please contact Vassall Ward councillor Kingsley Abrams on kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk/ 020 7274 1257

65 days to go until local elections 6 May 2010: are you registered to vote?

There are now less than 65 days to go until the local Lambeth Borough Council elections and probable General Election on Thursday 6 May 2010.

You can register to vote if you are living in Lambeth and are a citizen of the UK, Ireland, a Commonwealth country or (for local elections only) a resident of another European Union country.

Polling Station signLambeth have recently been sending out electoral registration forms to all households in the borough - when you receive yours check your details and if any changes need to be made return the form to Lambeth. Alternatively download an electoral registration form from the Lambeth website, print it off, fill in your details and return it to the council.

You can do this anytime - but in order to be eligible to vote in the elections in May you will need to return the form to the council by 20 April.

If you are going ot be away on 6 May you can apply for a postal vote - download the postal vote form on the Lambeth website - so that you dont miss your opportunity to be involved in the democratic process.

Further information on registering to vote is available on the Lambeth website or see aboutmyvote.co.uk alternatively contact the council's Democratic Services Unit on 020 7926 2170 or email democracy@lambeth.gov.uk.

Vassall Action Team member Tracy Ritson commented "It is important that everyone who is entitled to is registered to vote in the local elections and probable General Election on 6 May. Otherwise you will not be able to have a say in who represents you on the Council and in Parliament. Getting registered is really easy, all the forms are on the Lambeth website so there is no excuse for not doing it."

02 March 2010

P5 bus diverted this Tuesday and Friday evenings

We have been informed that Transport for London will be diverting the P5 bus at the junction of Flodden Road and Camberwell New Road on Tuesday 2 March 2010 and Friday 5 March 2010 evenings from 8pm onwards.

The TfL travel alert is

CAMBERWELL NEW ROAD SE5 ROUTES 36 185 436 P5 N136: From 2000 to 0500 on Tuesday 2 March and Friday 5 March buses will have severe delays while work takes place at the junction of Camberwell New Road and Flodden Road. The stops at Wyndham Road and County Grove will be suspended, and buses on route P5 towards Nine Elms will be diverted.
P5 bus in Vassall Ward Lambeth
Bus stops N at Wyndham Road and F at County Grove will be suspended.

Route P5 towards Nine Elms will divert from Camberwell New Road at Flodden Road ahead Camberwell New Road, right Camberwell Station Road, right Knatchbull Road to normal route at the roundabout.

01 March 2010

Free home security improvements for Lambeth residents

The Clapham Park Project has received funding from the Home Office to offer free home security improvements -including fitting window locks, spyholes and door chains- to all Lambeth residents to reduce burglary and other crime in the local area.

Priority will be given for the improvements to older residents, people on low incomes and those living in burglary hotspots, but anyone can apply to have an assessment of their home security undertaken and improved if appropriate.

will be carried out by Age UK, and anyone who feels their property needs additional security to help reduce the risk of burglary can apply by calling Clapham Park Project by 19 March 2010 on 0800 085 2378.

The Lambeth website has a useful guide to crime prevention called think like a burglar
The Metropolitan Police's Operation Bumblebee website also has lots of top tips on burglary prevention