03 March 2010

65 days to go until local elections 6 May 2010: are you registered to vote?

There are now less than 65 days to go until the local Lambeth Borough Council elections and probable General Election on Thursday 6 May 2010.

You can register to vote if you are living in Lambeth and are a citizen of the UK, Ireland, a Commonwealth country or (for local elections only) a resident of another European Union country.

Polling Station signLambeth have recently been sending out electoral registration forms to all households in the borough - when you receive yours check your details and if any changes need to be made return the form to Lambeth. Alternatively download an electoral registration form from the Lambeth website, print it off, fill in your details and return it to the council.

You can do this anytime - but in order to be eligible to vote in the elections in May you will need to return the form to the council by 20 April.

If you are going ot be away on 6 May you can apply for a postal vote - download the postal vote form on the Lambeth website - so that you dont miss your opportunity to be involved in the democratic process.

Further information on registering to vote is available on the Lambeth website or see aboutmyvote.co.uk alternatively contact the council's Democratic Services Unit on 020 7926 2170 or email democracy@lambeth.gov.uk.

Vassall Action Team member Tracy Ritson commented "It is important that everyone who is entitled to is registered to vote in the local elections and probable General Election on 6 May. Otherwise you will not be able to have a say in who represents you on the Council and in Parliament. Getting registered is really easy, all the forms are on the Lambeth website so there is no excuse for not doing it."