30 March 2010

Are you registered to vote?

The Lambeth Borough Council elections are now just over five weeks away and the council are sending out the polling cards. If you do not receive a poll card like that pictured below it may be worth checking with the Council that you are registered to vote - phone them on 020 7926 2144 or check the electoral roll in your local library.

If you are not registered to vote download the form on the Lambeth website, print it out complete it and return it to the Council by 20 April 2010. if you are going to be away on that day apply now for a postal vote - again download the form, complete it and return it to Lambeth by 20 April.

In order to votpolling carde in the local elections you need to be a British, Irish or Commonwealth nation citizen or a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union and normally resident in Lambeth.

Election day 6 May 2010

The poll card will give you details of where to go to vote including a map: there are three polling stations in Vassall Ward so you will not have to travel too far. If you need a lift to the polling station contact a member of the Vassall Action Team to arrange it nearer to the election. On election day the polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.