17 March 2010

Caldwell Gardens Better Neighbourhoods works come to successful conclusion

A borough-wide programme aimed at improving the local environment in six estates across Lambeth is coming to a successful conclusion.

Over the past 10 months the Better Neighbourhoods teams have been focused on improving the estates in partnership with local residents, tackling resident-identified problems as well as implementing general environmental improvements such as planting trees.

In Vassall Ward the Better Neighbourhoods teams has been tackling problems on the Caldwell Gardens Estate and surrounding streets (just off Brixton Road).

In particular in Caldwell Gardens the Council has improved walkways and footpaths across the estate as well as improving the roads and parking facilities. The area has also undergone a general tidy up to make it look smarter which will discourage vandalism and other anti-social behaviour such as grafitti.

All the measures have aimed to make the estate safer and a much more pleasant place to live. As well as Caldwell Gardens the Team have been carrying out repairs and improvements to local roads such as Hackford Road, Caldwell Street and Morat Street. Work on these streets should be completed before April 2010.

Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration Lib Peck noted that primarily the improvements were about people, she said "Better Neighbourhoods has made a real difference to the people living on these six estates. We didnt want to just to improve the estates, we wanted to improve the lives of the people who live there. residents can now take pride in where they live and we hope it will help create a real sense of community."

Vassall Councillor Kingsley Abrams commented "On my walks around Caldwell Gardens and the surrounding streets with other Vassall Action Team members I have been impressed with the improvements and we've received lots of positive feedback from local people, I think it was a job well done."

Kingsley continued "Over the past four years the estates and environment generally in Vassall have been improved greatly after years of neglect. There is still lots to do and I will continue to push for more investment in Vassall Ward at every opportunity."

More information on the Better Neighbourhoods programme is available on the Lambeth website