20 March 2010

Kate Hoey celebrates 21 years as Vauxhall MP at tree planting event in Vassall Ward

Kate Hoey today celebrated her 21 years as Member of Parliament for Vauxhall constituency at an event in Vassall Ward. Kate helped to plant the 21st of 21 apple trees in what will turn into a fruit in Lothian Road, SW9.

As well as celebrating here 21 years in Parliament Kate was also celebrating the establishment of the Patmos Area Community Conservation Association (PACCA) as a tenant management organisation responsible for managing 285 properties in Vassall Ward.

Kate Hoey praised PACCA as being a very good example of people joining together to work with Lambeth Council and other statutory bodies to make their area better both physically by improving the environment and by helping local people through initiatives such as training and the older people's, community food and children's projects. She also praised the cross-party nature of PACCA stressing that between elections people of all political parties could work together for a common goal.

Vassall Ward Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams also attended the event and praised the work of PACCA, he noted "PACCA is a really inspiring example of what can be achived when Lambeth Council works with local people to achieve common goals. I would like to thank PACCA Director Adeline Aina for her dedication to PACCA and ro making the area better." He went on "The fruit trees will bring benefits for years to come: I hope to be able to come back in a few years' time to taste some of the apples produced on the the apple trees planted today."

Further information is available on the PACCA website
including a set of photos from the event