31 March 2010

Labour launches Lambeth manifesto at packed event in Brixton

Labour last night launched its manifesto for the Lambeth Council elections to be held on 6 May 2010.

At an event in Brixton former Labour Mayor of London (and of course former Labour Lambeth Councillor) Ken Livingstone, Lambeth and Southwark London Assembly Member Valerie Shawcross and many local councillors joined over 100 Labour Party supporters to launch the manifesto. Entitled We're on your side the manifesto lays out Labour's plans for the period 2010 - 2014 if re-elected.

The manifesto was also endorsed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown (pictured) on a visit to Lingham Court in Stockwell yesterday.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown with Steve Reed in Stockwell, Lambeth

Leader of the Council, Steve Reed said "Labour’s worked hard to put Lambeth Council back on the side of residents and today Lambeth is officially the fastest improving council in the country with no council tax increase for two years and crime significantly reduced. I want people to keep our new manifesto and hold us to what we pledge today. We asked residents to do this when they supported us four years ago and our record shows that we have kept our promises – that’s why they can trust us to do it again."

Collage of images from the Lambeth Labour manifesto launch

The manifesto includes commitments on value for money where Labour has pledged to keep Council tax as low as possible; on crime where the plan is to have a anti-social behaviour hit squad; on investment on subs-standard roads and pavements; on youth services where the promise is to have things for young people to do within a mile of every home and a major expansion of sport and leisure facilities with four new pools and free swimming for everyone.

Vassall Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the manifesto saying "the manifesto lays out the plans that Labour has for the borough if re-elected. Having looked at the manifesto I think that these plans will bring real benefits for the people of Vassall Ward and Lambeth - in particular the pledges to increase the number of schools, improve sports facilities for young people and improve the housing stock really stood out as offering benefits for Vassall Ward."

Further information is available on the Lambeth Labour website
Download a full copy of the manifesto