15 March 2010

Lambeth Council Tax frozen - no increase this year

As Council Tax bills fall through letterboxes across the borough residents have expressed relief that Labour controlled Lambeth Borough Council has frozen the Council Tax at 2008/2009 levels for the second year running.

Labour freezes Council tax in Lambeth

Lambeth has pledged that the freeze in Council Tax will not lead to cutbacks in frontline services.

Extra funding will be given to projects such as the Young and Safe programme, which aims to reduce youth violence. In 2010/2011 this will get an extra £300,000 more than last year. There will be a boost of £51,000 more than last year to help fund 22 new Police Community Support Officers, £60,000 more than last year for the council's anti-social behaviour team and £70,000 more than last year for the new Noise Nuisance Team.

Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed commented "Labour has targeted waste to make the council more efficient. That approach has saved millions of pounds and now residents are seeing the benefit with a second year of a Council Tax freeze and investment in new services at the same time. Labour’s new investment includes lunch clubs for older people in all Lambeth’s town centres, extra investment in youth services, and action against crime with new measures targeting drug dealers, dangerous dogs and people responsible for anti social behaviour”

Vassall Labour Action Team member Tracy Ritson welcomed the Council Tax freeze saying "I know from speaking to people in Vassall Ward that for many money has been tight this past year so I'm pleased to see that Council Tax wont be increasing. I am pleased also to see that the freeze has not come at the expense of Council services. The measures and extra funding announced for young people, older people and community safety will bring long term benefits and make Lambeth better for everyone."

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