29 March 2010

Lambeth tackles potholes

Lambeth Council contractors have been working around the clock to fill potholes caused by the recent spell of cold weather. The Council's workers when alerted to a new pothole will make a temporary repair to patch up the pothole and ensure that the road is safe again. A permanent repair is then completed within a few weeks to bring the road surface back up to standard. This year more than 900 potholes have been repaired across the borough.

Lambeth carry out a 16 week rolling inspection of the borough's roads but always welcome reports of potholes or other road surface problems that may develop in the interim or that they may have missed. So if you see a pothole in Vassall Ward or any of the other borough roads report it to Lambeth, tel 020 7926 9000, or email TandHCallCentre@lambeth.gov.uk. If the problem is on a Transport for London 'red' route (generally the bigger roads which the buses use) then phone 0845 305 1234 or report it on the TfL website

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams (below) highlights a pothole he found on a recent walkaround in Cormont Road, SE5 which he has reported to the Council for swift action.

Kingsley commKingsley with pothole in Vassall Ward, Lambethented "Potholes are a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists and are sadly a fact of life especially in cold weather. As a local resident I keep my eyes open on my walks around Vassall Ward looking out for potholes and other road problems that could be dangerous. I always make a point of reporting them to Lambeth and encourage everyone in the local area to do the same as the sooner they know about them the quicker they can deal with the problem."