11 March 2010

Results of Lambeth 2010/2011 budget consultation announced

The results of the budget consultation with local people that Lambeth undertook last year have been announced.

In September and October 2009 Lambeth surveyed over 500 households across the borough as well as running focus groups and other forms of consultation. The aim was to find out what people thought of the services they received from Lambeth and the value for money. People were also asked how services could be improved.

The results of the budget consultation were shared with the Council's senior management and Lambeth Councillors to enable them to better tailor services to meet the needs of the people of Lambeth.

The main results (taken from the Budget Consultation page on the Lambeth website)

Although Lambeth is becoming a safer place, crime and disorder remains a top priority for Lambeth residents.

More activities for young people, increased visibility of policing and improved use of CCTV are the most common suggestions to reduce crime and these findings will help us, along with the Police and our other partners to continue to strive to make Lambeth a safer place.

Young people
The view that young people need more activities was evident throughout the consultation, but services need to be focused on what young people like doing and need to be well serviced. We will be working closely with the borough's young people through the youth council in order to improve activities for them.

The credit crunch
Residents say that Lambeth Council can best protect them from the effects of the credit crunch by offering credit and debt advice and making sure residents are aware of the benefits they are entitled to. With our credit crunch task force we will be introducing a number of measures to support our residents through these difficult financial times.

Residents agreed with the council’s proposals to create an "Invest to Save" fund that would subsidise projects that produce long term savings through either being more efficient or taking a preventative approach.

Waste and the environment
The research showed Lambeth's residents to be very environmentally conscious, with 6 out of 10 residents saying they recycle everything that can be recycled. here is also clear support for initiatives to increase the level of recycling in the borough.

These findings will be used to explore further ways in which we can make our borough cleaner and greener in the future whilst reducing the costs of disposing of the borough's rubbish.

Health and wellbeing
The health and well being of our residents is important to us and in the budget consultation we wanted to know what kind of activities residents would like to see introduced and what the barriers are to participating in healthy activities.

You told us that you are keen to see more exercise classes made available in community centres and halls and fitness trails in the local parks. We found out that the main barrier to people exercising more is a lack of time with cost of leisure also putting off people from exercising more.

As a result we will be looking at improving access to the many leisure facilities we already provide and the information you gave us will shape the leisure activities we provide in the future.

"Tell Us Once" a bereavement project in which residents only need to inform the council of a relative’s death once, instead of multiple times, will also be trialled in Lambeth following backing from people in the consultation.

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