18 March 2010

Vassall Action Team out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Members of the Labour Vassall ActionTeam (pictured below with Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey) will be out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend talking to local people to find out their concerns

.Vassall Action Team members out and about in Vassall Ward
Vassall Action member Tracy Ritson commented "Adrian, Kingsley and I are covering every road in the ward to gain as full a picture of the situation on the ground as possible. I find it really rewarding to talk to people and find out how Lambeth Council has really made a difference to the people of Vassall Ward over the past four years."

She went on "Inevitably too we pick up on the mistakes the Council has made or instances where things could have been done better. Where there are problems we report back to the Council for action. Once the problem has been dealt with we then be seek to work to learn the lessons so that the problems can be prevented in the future. Anyone can shout about a problem but it is far more effective long term to prevent it happening again."