26 March 2010

Vassall Action Team tackle rubbish on Myatts Field South

Following yesterday's walkabout with Cabinet members on the Myatts Field South estate Vassall Action Team members have got to work tackling the problems they found on the estate.

Vassall Action Team members tackle problems found on Myatts Fields   South estate, SW9

A particular problem raised by local people was the misuse by some residents of the recycling bin - it appears some people have been using it for general rubbish rather than recycling which has resulted in the bin not being emptied by either the recycling team or the rubbish team on the estate.

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams has pledged to sort out the problem saying "I will chase this issue up with the relevant people in the council so that we can get the problem sorted and hopefully prevent this situation developing again."

Vassall Action Team member Adrian Garden added "if any residents of Vassall Ward are having problems with council services they should contact us and we will get the matter resolved."

To contact members of the Vassall Labour Action Team:
Councillor Kingsley Abrams
020 7274 1257 kabrams@lambeth.gov.uk

Adrian Garden
07980 645 033 adriangarden@tiscali.co.uk

Tracy Ritson
07834 691 820 tracy4vassall@yahoo.co.uk