30 April 2010

Free bike checks every Tuesday in May

Lambeth's Transport Department will be running free Dr Bike sessions every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm in May. This is a chance to get your bike checked for roadworthiness and get minor repairs carried out so that you can keep on cycling through the summer.

Free bike checks in Lambeth flyerThe free bike checks will take place at
  • The first Tuesday of the month – Waterloo
    (King's College, SE1 8WA)
  • The second Tuesday - Clapham Common
    (Cedars Road, SW4 0PN)
  • The third Tuesday - Brockwell Park
    (Lido, Dulwich Road, SE24 0PA)
  • The fourth Tuesday - Streatham Common south side (SW16 3BT)
Further information on the Lambeth Transport webpage

Myatt's Fields Park this weekend

Myatts Fields Park sign, Vassall Ward The new cafe in Myatt's Fields Park will be open this Sunday, 2 May 2010, serving hot and cold drinks, snacks and ice creams.

In addition the Myatt's Fields Park Project Group have arranged two sessions for local people:

Learn how to garden and take home free starter kits during gardening sessions at Myatt's Fields Park this summer.

All ages welcome at the sessions organised by Myatt's Fields Park Project Group and run by Growing Southwark.

Next sessions
Saturday 1 May 2010 2-4pm. Planting herbs (Old Depot meeting room)
Saturday 22 May 2010 2-4pm. Planting salad leaves (Old Depot)

Myatts Fields Park cafe advertising for staff

The new cafe in Myatt's Fields PaMyatts Fields Park sign, Vassall Wardrk has been created during the £3 million regeneration of the park which was completed in 2009. Myatt’s Fields Park Project Group, a charity run by local people, is running the café as a non-profit making social enterprise. The café has a simple menu of hot and cold drinks, ice cream, cake and sandwiches.

The new cafe is advertising for two members of staff - a Cafe Manager and Cafe Assistant. Both posts are for 25 hours a week, initially on a 6 month contract, and will offer accredited training.

All applicants must currently have been in receipt of benefits (aged 18 to 24 and receiving Job Seekers Allowance for between 6 and 12 months or aged over 18, receiving employment benefit and live in Lambeth).

Details of both posts are available on the Lambeth First website:
Cafe Manager job vacancy
Cafe Assistant job vacancy

Vassall Labour candidates out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Ward LabouVassall Ward candidate Kingsley Abrams and Kate Hoeyr candidates Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson will be out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend. They will be joined on Saturday by Kate Hoey (pictured here with Kingsley) who is seeking re-election as MP for Vauxhall. Kate and the Vassall Labour candidates will be walking around the Myatts Field North estate in Vassall Ward talking to local people.

Vassall Ward Labour candidate Kingsley Abrams commented "We will be walking around Myatts North and talking to people to ask local people what they think of the proposed redevelopment of the estate so that if elected we can work for the benefit of all residents." He added "We will of course also be reminding them to come out and vote on Thursday 6 May as it is important that the election in Vassall Ward is a true reflection of public opinion."

Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival starts 1 May

The month-long 2010 Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival starts on 1 May 2010.

The festival includes events that will appeal to all ages and tastes with talks and discussions with a wide range of well-known and not so well-known authors. Events take place at libraries across including the Minet Library in Vassall Ward. Best of all tickets for the events are free! However for most events tickets need to be booked beforehand.

The organisers write "Our aim is to make every home in the borough a reading home. With this in mind you are all invited to join us in this celebration of words through reading, writing, talking or simply listening. There will be something special taking place in a Lambeth library near you."

Further information including a full listing of events is available on the Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival 2010 page on the Lambeth website

29 April 2010

Follow the final leaders' debate tonight on labour.org.uk

See what other people are thinking about the debate as it happens tonight - follow it on the Labour website.

Go to http://www2.labour.org.uk/the-leaders-debate

John Lewis or Easyjet?

What kind of council do we want - a co-operative 'John Lewis' style council like that proposed by Labour in Lambeth or a no frills 'Easyjet' council as proposed by the Conservatives in Barnet? The BBC today examined the issue
BBC News - Barnet and Lambeth turn to Easyjet and John Lewis

This issue was covered also by the Guardian in February
Labour to rebrand Lambeth as 'John Lewis' council
The future for local authorities: is it John Lewis or easyCouncil?

Lambeth publish second edition of Whats on offer? guide for young people

Lambeth have published the second edition of their highly successful Whats on offer? A guide to things to do, places to go and staying on track for people 11 - 25.

Covering the period April - July 2010 the guide contains well over 100 listings and contacts. Whether it be signing up to join a music, media or dance group, getting advice on developing skills to land that dream career, where to go to get confidential health or relationship advice, joining a sports club, or even getting involved with volunteering or local politics, it's all in the guide.
Whats on offer guide coverDarren Tenkorang, the new Youth Mayor of Lambeth, welcomed the guide saying "I really recommend that people get hold of this Guide, because there's so much going on in Lambeth that I think a lot of people will be quite surprised at just how much is on offer on their doorsteps. Loads of the activities listed are free and there is no other guide that is as comprehensive as this one - there really is something for everyone, whatever your interest."

The guide is available in local schools, libraries and youth centres and is being sent directly to every year 11 student in the borough. Its also available online at the Young Lambeth website.

Local Vassall Ward Labour candidate Tracy Ritson welcomed publication of the guide saying "Its really great to have a comprehensive listing of everything thats available for young people across the borough. This is a fantastic resource for young people in Vassall Ward and Lambeth and will be very useful for parents too."

28 April 2010

Home Secretary pledges to give Lambeth Police the tools they need to tackle crime

Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson today set out Labour’s tough policies on tackling crime, stressing the importance of CCTV, Community Payback and Labour’s crack-down on anti-social behaviour.

Alan Johnson with Steve Reed in Brixton Alan Johnson (pictured here with Steve Reed) then visited Brixton, and was joined by Lambeth Leader Steve Reed for a walkabout. As well as meeting market traders, shoppers and local residents, they stopped at the plaque in Brixton Town Centre which recognises the events of 1999 where a nail bomb planted by a splinter group of the BNP injured dozens of people. This week, sees the 10th anniversary of the attack and were it not for CCTV evidence, the perpetrators of would not have been convicted.

Alan Johnson said: “We do face serious challenges. But Labour offers an honest appraisal of these problems and real solutions – rather than statistical mendacity and trite homilies. Labour by contrast has made clear that we will give the police the tools they need to keep us safe.”

Lambeth Leader Steve Reed said: “Crime is a serious concern and a subject that residents raise with me on a regular basis. That’s how I know that Labour’s support of the use of CCTV and Community Payback are backed by local people."

Vassall Ward Labour candidate Adrian Garden added "Crime and the fear of crime are big issues here in Vassall Ward that I'm pleased to say have been successfully tackled in recent years. Measures introduced by Lambeth and the Police such as CCTV and the new dispersal zone work to prevent crime happening and allow the Police to effectively tackle offenders."

Lambeth Labour's manifesto proposals on crime:
  • Protect crime-hit neighbourhoods with an anti-social behaviour hit-squad under police command ready to move in and make the area safe.
  • Make offenders pay back for their crimes by carrying out work in the local area chosen by the people who live there.
  • Expand the dogs service to round up animals used for fighting, tag dogs on estates, prosecute irresponsible owners and ban dogs from children’s play areas.
  • Tackle youth and gang-related crime with a stark choice for offenders to accept help to get out of crime or face tough sanctions that will stop them reoffending.
  • Expand the Domestic Violence Team to support more victims and reduce violence in the home.

27 April 2010

Latest Labour Party election broadcast shows a nightmare on your street if Tories elected

Labour’s fourth election film shifts the focus of the election campaign onto Conservative policies and how they would make families worse off.

The broadcast is a nightmare vision of the future following the election of a Conservative government. A few weeks after the Conservatives’ emergency Budget cuts £6 billion from public spending, three families in a typical surburban street are visited by a grey-suited government official who tells them:

  • The Conservatives have stopped Child Tax Credit payments to hundreds of thousands of families on middle and modest incomes;
  • The Conservatives have stopped Child Trust Fund baby bond payments for families with incomes over £16,000;
  • The Conservatives have ended the right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks of referral by your GP.

26 April 2010

Camberwell M controlled parking zone consultation results due in May

Following on from last year's consultation on the Camberwell M controlled parking zone consultation (highlighted on Vassall View in January) Lambeth's Transport and Highways Department have sent out letters to local residents giving details of the next stage of the process.

The results of the consultation will be released in mid-May and the council will also publish it's decision on what it will do next to deal with the parking and traffic management issues that affect Vassall Ward then.

Local Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the move saying "This matter arouses strong emotions and it is important for Lambeth to consider carefully the views of Vassall's residents who are the people affected by the current situation. The council will fully consult local residents on whatever it proposes so that their views can be taken into account before the final decision is made."

25 April 2010

Follow Lambeth Labour and Labour nationally on Facebook

If you want to know how the campaign is progressing here in Lambeth and nationally sign up for updates on Facebook and follow Lambeth Labour on Twitter.
Facebook logoTwitter logo
Follow Lambeth Labour on Facebook
Follow Lambeth Labour on Twitter
Follow Labour Party nationally on Facebook

24 April 2010

Peter Davison outlines the Labour Government's 13 years of achivement

Peter Davison -actor and the fifth Dr Who- introduces the latest Labour Party election broadcast which outlines Labour's achievements since 1997.

Peter Davison is of course the second Dr Who to support Labour - the 10th Doctor, David Tennant has also expressed support for Gordon Brown and the Labour Party describing possible Prime Minister David Cameron as "a terrifying prospect"

23 April 2010

Vassall Labour candidates out around Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Labour candidates Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson will be out and about across Vassall Ward this weekend talking to local people to find out their concerns and local issues
Vassall Labour candidates at Durand School
Labour Vassall Ward candidate Tracy Ritson (pictured here with the other Vassall Ward Labour candidates on a recent walkabout) commented "It looks like it will be a sunny weekend so it will be good to get out and talk to people about what they would like us to do for them if we are elected, that way we will be able to hit the ground running on 6 May and put Vassall concerns at the top of the agenda."

22 April 2010

Planning application submitted for redevelopment of Myatts North estate in Vassall Ward

The formal planning application for the regeneration of the Myatts North estate in Vassall Ward has been submitted by the developers and will be discussed by Lambeth's planning committee and a decision made so that development can start in September. The regeneration scheme (previously outlined on Vassall View) will transform Myatts North and the surrounding area delivering new homes, new community facilities and new outdoor green spaces.

The scheme will include:

  • 305 new homes for some existing residents
  • modernisation and refurbishment of 172 existing homes
  • replacement landscaped park and sports facilities
  • new community centre
  • 146 new affordable homes
  • 357 new homes for sale
  • new streets and green spaces
  • combined heat and power plant providing heat and hot water
  • refurbishment of commercial units.

The scheme has been welcomed by all the Labour candidates in Vassall Ward, Adrian Garden commented "This scheme is great news for residents of Myatts North and everyone in Vassall Ward. The development of new housing and the refurbishment of existing homes will deliver quality housing. The development of new community facilities and green spaces will offer something for everyone and help to build a strong community."

Residents of the local area have been invited to submit their comments and feedback on the planning application - details are available on the Lambeth planning portal or at the Minet Library in Knatchbull Road, SE5

21 April 2010

List of candidates standing for election in Vauxhall constituency published

Lambeth Council have published the formal Statement as to persons nominated and notice of poll for the Vauxhall constituency. This lists all the people standing hoping to become Member of Parliament for Vauxhall. The Vauxhall constituency is made up of Bishop’s, Clapham Town, Ferndale, Larkhall, Oval, Prince’s, Stockwell and Vassall Lambeth Council wards.

The sitting Labour MP Kate Hoey is seeking re-election.

The full list of candidates standing in Vauxhall constituency
Glyn Edward Chambers, Conservative Party candidate
Jeremy Brian Drinkall, Anticapitalists - Workers Power
Josph Healy, Green Party
Catherine Letitia Hoey (Kate Hoey), Labour Party candidate
James Kapetanos, Animal Protection Party
Daniel Peter Lambert, Socialist Party (GB)
Larna Jane Martin, Christian Party
Jose Wilman Navarro, English Democrats - Putting England First
Caroline Valerie Pidegon, Liberal Democrats

The poll will take place on Thursday 6 May 2010 on the same day as the Lambeth Council elections

Further information is available on the Electoral services page of the Lambeth website

See also
Guardian profile for the seat
BBC election 2010 constituency profile

20 April 2010

Tube disruption this weekend: no service on the Northern line South of Kennington

This weekend there will be no service on the Northern Line South of Kennington owing to engineering works. Underground tickets are valid on all reasonable local bus routes.
Oval tube sign
A rail replacement bus service will operate between Clapham Common and Morden: calling at Clapham South, Balham, Tooting Bec, Tooting Broadway, Colliers Wood and South Wimbledon.

TflL have advised that journey times may be increased by up to approximately 40 minutes.

Further information is available on the Tfl website

This section of line is also scheduled to be shut on the weekends of 8-9 May; 22-23 May; 12-13 June; and 19-20 June.

19 April 2010

Vassall, Herne Hill and Coldharbour dispersal zone goes live

Safer Neighbourhoods logo Lambeth Council and the Metropolitan Police have today initiated the Vassall, Herne Hill and Coldharbour dispersal zone. This measure will give the Police greater powers to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area by enable them to move on offenders, it follows on from the six months trial on the Paulet Road estate previously featured here. This successful trial saw a 17% drop in crime in the area.

The Order is granted under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. Within designated areas the Police and Police Community Support Officers have the power to disperse groups of two or more people where the relevant officer has reasonable grounds for believing their presence or behaviour has resulted, or is likely to result, in a member of the public being harassed, intimidated or distressed. Individuals can be directed to leave the locality and may be excluded for up to 24hrs. They also can return home a young person under the age of 16yrs if they are in the area after 9pm.

A refusal to follow the officer's directions is a summary offence. The penalty on conviction for this offence is a fine or a maximum of 3 months imprisonment for adults.

The principal aims of the Order are:
  • To improve the area and make it safer for people who live work and visit the Vassall, Herne Hill and Coldharbour Wards.
  • Support the Police to disrupt the activity of the group.
  • Identify individuals and collect evidence for further enforcement including ASBOs.
  • Identify young people and offer diversionary activities for example through Young & Safe or other universal services.
  • Reassure the community and residents that action is being taken
The Order will run for a period of six months. Displacement will be proactively monitored and a planned exit strategy has already been drawn up by officers.

Local Vassall Ward Labour candidate Kingsley Abrams welcomed the move saying "As a resident of one of the streets covered by the zone I welcome this move which will make the streets safer and the area a more pleasant place in which to live."

The Vassall, Herne Hill, and Coldharbour dispersal zone covers Carew Street, Eastlake Road, Flaxman Road, Gordon Grove, Kenbury Street, Lilford Road, Redan Terrace, Cormont Road, Calais Street, Halsmere Road, Paulet Road, Knatchbull Road, Inglis Street, Welby Street, Templar Street, Upstall Street, Penford Street, Burton Road, Brief Street, Claribel Road, Minet Road, Rupert Gardens, Wickwood Street, Styles Gardens, Rathgar Road, Luxor Street, Spicer Close, Elam Street and all of Lilford and Thorlands Estate, Loughborough Road, Akerman Road, Lothian Road, Camberwell New Road, Flooden Road and Denmark Road.

Lambeth Council news release: Anti-social behaviour crackdown slashes crime in six months

Further coverage on Dash24

The Vassall Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be holding a street briefing on Tuesday 20 April 6:30-7:30pm on Vassall Road on the junction with Russell Grove. further information on the SNT webpage

18 April 2010

Vassall Gardens Tenants and Residents Association meeting 28 April 2010

There will be a Vassall Gardens Tenants and Residents Association meeting on Wednesday 28 April 2010 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Church Manor Estate meeting room. the guest speaker will be John Cox, Safer Neighbourhoods Member.

17 April 2010

Labour boost to Lambeth’s voluntary sector

Lambeth Labour leader Councillor Steve Reed has unveiled exciting plans for a multi-million pound centre to support volunteering in Lambeth. Steve Reed won applause at an election meeting for members of voluntary sector groups when he confirmed that Labour would build Lambeth’s first-ever voluntary sector resource centre to help boost local voluntary and community organisations.

The plans, which are included in Labour’s manifesto for Lambeth, will be paid for with Government money made available as a reward for the massive improvements in partnership working in the borough since 2006. The partnership -called Lambeth First- brings together the council, the Police, the NHS and local business and community groups. After Labour’s election win in 2006, Councillor Reed took over as head of the partnership and led it through a dramatic turn-around, going on to win a major national award as best partnership in the country last year.

That dramatic improvement has secured millions of pounds in funding, part of which Labour has now earmarked for a resource centre for local voluntary and community groups. Labour has already backed the opening of Lambeth’s first Volunteer Bureau where local people can register for voluntary work by making premises available in Brixton Station Road.

Councillor Reed said: “Labour’s new Voluntary Sector Resource Centre will provide local groups with premises, training, meeting space, IT equipment – everything that local groups need to thrive and grow. We want to do this because our plans to turn Lambeth into Britain’s first cooperative council, working more closely than ever before with local communities, needs a stronger voluntary sector and the new Centre will help make that happen.”

Labour candidate in Vassall Ward Adrian Garden welcomed the move saying "This is fantastic news for local groups in Vassall Ward and more widely across Lambeth which often struggle to find premises at a reasonable cost. I have seen in Vassall Ward in the work of organisations like PACCA that local people coming together to make their community better are able to achieve great things. This new centre will provide vital support to enable this to happen."

16 April 2010

Planting the pond Sunday and Monday at Myatts Fields Park

Come and volunteer in Myatts Fields Park!

This Sunday andMyatts Fields Park sign Monday (18 and 19 April) volunteers will be planting the pond in Myatts Fields Park, Cormont Road SE5. Everyone is welcome to come along to help create the pond habitat. The planting will take place from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday and Monday.

Eddie Izzard talks about Brilliant Britain

Eddie Izzard’s Brilliant Britain is Labour’s second film of the 2010 election campaign: a virtuoso stand-up tribute to Britain’s great people, and a heartfelt reminder that while the Conservatives may have changed their suits, they haven’t changed their beliefs or their policies.

15 April 2010

Labour Party produces dashboard to follow Leaders' debate tonight

The Labour Party has produced an interactive dashboard with which to follow the historic first party leaders' debate on television tonight. The dashboard will give an overview of public feeling as the debate progresses.

Access the dashboard on the Labour Party website

The debate itself between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will be shown on ITV1 from 8:30pm.

14 April 2010

Less than five days left to register to vote

There are now less than five days left in which to register to vote in the 2010 Lambeth Council elections and General Election both to be held on Thursday 6 May.

The council carries out an annual registration in the autumn of each year. If you have moved since last autumn or do not remember filling in and returning the form you may not be registered to vote.

To check whether Polling Station signyou are registered to vote you can either look at the electoral roll available in the Minet Library (Knatchbull Road, SE5) or contact the council's Electoral Services Department at Lambeth Town Hall - phone 020 7926 2144 or email electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk

Registering to vote is very easy - download the registration form from the Council website and send it back to the Electoral Services Department so that it reaches them by 20 April 2010.

You can register to vote if you are a citizen of the UK, Ireland or a Commonwealth or European Union country - see the full list of eligible countries on the Lambeth website.

To vote in the elections on 6 May 2010 you must return your registration form to Lambeth Council by 20 April 2010.

If you are going to be away on 6 May you can apply for a postal vote - to do that download the Application to vote by form and return it to the council by 20 April 2010.

To finding out more about registering to vote see aboutmyvote.co.uk

Lambeth publishes notice of Parliamentary election

Lambeth Borough Council has published the formal notice of the General Election in Vauxhall constituency to be held on Thursday 6 May 2010. Vauxhall constituency is made up of the following Lambeth Council wards: Bishop’s, Clapham Town, Ferndale, Larkhall, Oval, Prince’s, Stockwell and Vassall.

The notice is available on the Lambeth website (pdf)

13 April 2010

Labour's grassroots

Hear how the campaign is going on the ground


12 April 2010

Labour Party launches national manifesto

Labour Party manifesto launch 2010: a future fair for all
Prime Minister Gordon Brown today launched the Labour Party manifesto for the forthcoming General Election. It contains proposals for the next five years if the Labour Government is re-elected on 6 May.

Labour's five pledges
Labour has made five pledges to the British people:
  • Secure the recovery

  • Raise family living standards

  • Build a high tech economy

  • Protect frontline services

  • Strengthen fairness in communities

See the Labour Party Youtube film explaining how Labour will achieve a future fair for all:

You can read more about the five pledges on the Labour Party website

Or if you use Facebook you can access the information through an app

Download the manifesto

The full text of the manifesto is available on the Labour Party website or download a pdf by clicking on the image, left

11 April 2010

See the latest Labour Party election broadcast: The Road Ahead

Labour's Party Election Broadcast 'The Road Ahead'. Britain is at a crossroads - let's secure the recovery with Labour.

10 April 2010

Over sixties get together in Myatts Fields Park Wednesdasy 14 April 2010

All local over sixties are invited for a get together including tea and cakes in the depot in Myatts Field Park, Cormont Road, SE5. The event will take place on Wednesday 14 April 2010 3:30 - 5pm, everyone welcome!

Lambeth Council publishes list of candidates for local elections on 6 May 2010

Lambeth have published the formal Lambeth Borough Council Elections 2010 Statement as to Persons Nominated (download in pdf from link) - this lists the people standing for the Lambeth Borough Council elections in all wards across the borough.

And in Vassall Ward candidates from the Conservative Party, Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats are standing in addition to the previously announced Labour candidates:

Conservative Party candidates
Stuart David Barr
Andrew Robert Hayes
Carolena Susannah Ludwig

Green Party candidates
Peter Shaw Cutler
Stephen Charles Hall
Alexandra Margaret Olive

Labour Party candidates
Kingsley Joseph Abrams
Adrian Lawrence Garden
Tracy Ritson

Liberal Democrat candidates
Steve Bradley
Faye Gray
Matthew Thomas Hanney

Further information is available on the Lambeth Borough Council Elections 2010 page

09 April 2010

Lambeth Council 'among the best in the country’ in helping young people into employment and education

An article in the 9 April 2010 Streatham Guardian praises Lambeth council after the government watchdog Ofsted rated its work to help disaffected teenagers and so called 'Neets' (young people not in employment, education or training) get into education and training or work as among the best in London and the country.

Statistics have shown how the council was among the best performing local authorities in the country for the work it did in the area, the number of 16 – 18 year olds not in education or training has been reduced to 7.6 per cent even though its target was 8.1 per cent which is a massive boost for young people in Lambeth.

Labour in Lambeth are planning more help for young people in Lambeth by pledging to increase the number of school places in the area as well as building a new secondary school academy in Tulse Hill with £45 million of investment from the government.

In the recently published manifesto for Lambeth, Labour have promised to

  • Provide guaranteed support for every school leaver to help find a job, training or paid work experience.
  • Provide supervised youth activities available in every neighbourhood and within one mile of every home.
  • Free swimming at all times for every resident under 18.
  • A youth privilege card offering discounts for every young person that will be withdrawn for bad behaviour until earned back through community work.

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the recognition that Lambeth has received saying "We have been working hard over the past four years to tackle this problem and will continue to do so if re-elected. These measures, will I believe, bring benefits for the individuals and the wider community for years to come."

Read the Streatham Guardian article
The report is available on the Ofsted website

Vassall Labour candidates out and about across Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Labour candidates standing by Vassall Road sign, SW9
The Labour candidates for Vassall Ward and helpers will be out and about across the ward this Saturday and Sunday talking to people to find out what they would like the new council to be elected in May to do in Vassall Ward and across Lambeth.

Vassall Labour candidate Adrian Garden commented "I really enjoy these walkabouts across Vassall Ward - they allow us to find out what people are thinking and what they want from their council. They also allow us to find out any problems people are having with the council. We act to resolve any issues that we find by taking them up with the relevant council department. We are in the process of compiling a wish list of things that people want in the next few years in Vassall Ward so that if we are elected we will be able to get to work making Vassall better straight away."

08 April 2010

Dont forget to register to vote

To take part in the Lambeth Council and General Election both taking place on Thursday 6 May 2010 you need to be registered to vote.

The council carries out an annual registration in the autumn of each year. If you have moved since last autumn or do not remember filling in and returning the form you may not be registered to vote.

To check whether Polling Station signyou are registered to vote you can either look at the electoral roll available in the Minet Library (Knatchbull Road, SE5) or contact the council's Electoral Services Department at Lambeth Town Hall - phone 020 7926 2144 or email electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk

Registering to vote is very easy - download the registration form from the Council website and send it back to the Electoral Services Department so that it reaches them by 20 April 2010.

You can register to vote if you are a citizen of the UK, Ireland or a Commonwealth or European Union country - see the full list of eligible countries on the Lambeth website.

To vote in the elections on 6 May 2010 you must return your registration form to Lambeth Council by 20 April 2010.

If you are going to be away on 6 May you can apply for a postal vote - to do that download the Application to vote by form and return it to the council by 20 April 2010.

To finding out more about registering to vote see aboutmyvote.co.uk

07 April 2010

Introducing your Vassall Ward Labour candidates

The Labour candidates for the local Lambeth Borough Council elections have been selected and all have pledged, if elected, to use their complementary skills and talents to benefit the people of Vassall Ward.

Photo of the Vassall Ward Labour team
Pictured with Labour MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey are you local Vassall Ward Labour candidates: Councillor Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson.

Your local Vassall Labour Team are
Kingsley Abrams (pictured right) who has been a Vassall Ward Councillor for four years. Kingsley lives just off Knatchbull Road, near to the Minet Library, in Vassall Ward.

Tracy Ritson (centre), a local business entrepreneur and mother of three who lives on the Cowley estate.

Adrian Garden (left), who has lived in nearby Brixton for many years where he has been working as a basic skills lecturer as well as volunteering with local community organisations.

Kingsley writes "I have represented Vassall ward on Lambeth Council since 2006. I live in Vassall and am well known for my hard work and commitment to the residents. I am also the manager of a Community Centre in the Elephant and Castle. Over the last four years I have campaigned ceaselessly on local housing and community safety issues. Apart from regularly attending ward meetings and public events I hold fortnightly advice surgeries open to all ward residents. If you re-elect me I will continue to work with local residents and the local MP to make our area a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work, with better opportunities for all its residents."

Adrian writes "I have lived in Brixton for 9 years where my main interests have been reducing crime (Chair of a local Safer Neighbourhoods Panel) and local parks (Chair of a ‘Friends’ group working to restore a park, and working closely with two parks groups in Vassall) I am a volunteer with my church debt counselling charity. I attend many Tenants and Residents meetings and frequently refer issues I pick up on the door step to the Council. I used to work as a computer manager and then as a Basic Skills lecturer - if you elect me I will be a full-time councillor in Vassall."

And Tracy writes "I am a proud mother of three children and currently run my own business. I’ve lived on the Cowley Estate for 13 years, and have seen many good changes in that time. I joined the Management Board roughly 5 years ago and working as part of a team have helped to organise Summer fun days and trips off the estate which I believe help bring our community together. If you elect me I will work hard to bring better children’s and youth facilities to the Vassall area; safe places where our children can go and be inspired to reach their full potential in life."

Gordon Brown announces General Election

See Gordon Brown's announcment yesterday that the UK General Election will be held on Thursday 6 May 2010.

06 April 2010

Ask Gordon Brown a question in People's Question Time

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today ended months of speculation when he announced the date of the General Election. The General Election will be held on Thursday 6 May 2010, the same day as the Lambeth Council elections.

Gordon has pledged that "From now until polling day I will travel the length and breadth of Britain with one clear message: Britain is now on the way to economic recovery. And now is not a time to put it at risk."

You have a chance to put questions you have to the Prime Minister at a special online People's Question Time to be held tomorrow (Wednesday 7 April 2010).

Gordon Brown writes "This is going to be a different kind of election – one where we the politicians throw open the doors to grassroots activists and the wider public. Britain's future success will be shaped in the next few months. It is a time of big challenges and tough decisions. Big questions need to be answered by all parties – ask me yours"

To ask a question go to the People's Question Time page and submit it on the screen. Alternatively if you use Twitter submit your question to Gordon Brown by including the #askGB hastag in your message

Questions will be answered at 5pm on Wednesday

Join Labour - Join the fight for Britain’s future.Donate to Labour - Join the fight for Britain’s future.

For more information see the Labour Party website

05 April 2010

Its a two horse race in our area: only Labour can beat the Tories

Only Labour can beat the Tories

Two horse race in Vassall - only Labour can beat the Tories

The last London elections fought in Vassall Ward (the 2008 Mayor of London elections) saw Labour beating the Tories locally.

This election is a straight fight between Labour and the Tories. Don’t waste your vote on the Lib Dems - they’ll come third here!

See 2008 London election results in Vassall Ward

Council house rent rises 2010/2011

The 2010/2011 rent rises come into effect on 5 April 2010. On average rents are going up £2.60 a week for council tenants.

There is further information on the Lambeth Council rent rise 2010-11 your questions answered page

Councillor Kingsley Abrams commented "This small increase in rent will allow Lambeth Living to continue it programme of investment and improvement to Lambeth's homes. Even with this small increase Lambeth rent levels are still among the lowest in London."

04 April 2010

Young Lambeth announce full programme of Easter young people's activities

The football training in Stockwell and Flaxman Sports Centre activities are just some of the young people's Easter holiday activities taking place in children centres, adventure playgrounds, youth centres, arts and media organisations and leisure centres across Lambeth.

A full programme is available on the Young Lambeth website

03 April 2010

New Easter holidays play scheme at the Flaxman Sports Centre, Carew Street, SE5

A NEW play scheme is starting in the Easter holdays that promises a range of activities for children in Vassall Ward and across Lambeth.

Children of the Future is launching on Monday 5 April and will be run through the Easter holidays. The holiday scheme will provide a range of activities for children aged 5-11, from sports and arts to drama and education.

The sessions will run from 8am to 6pm until 16 April at the Flaxman Sports Centre, Carew Street, SE5. Prices range from £7 to £20 each day.

For more information see the Children of the Future website

02 April 2010

Football training in Stockwell over the Easter holdiays

Are you a future England football star? Do you like playing football?

The Horizon Club on Liberty Street in Vassall Ward is running football sessions daily in the school Easter holidays from Monday 12 - Friday 16 April 2010.

The hour long sessions will take place every morning and will be divided by age group: 10 - 11am for 7-8 year olds and 11 - 12 for 9-11 year olds. The training sessions will be run by Mati Teska who is FA qualified

Places are limited so book now. To book your place contact Matiat on 07789 867481/ email mati.teska@hotmail.com.

The Horizon Health and Fitness Club is located at 100 Liberty Street, London SW9 OED - further information on the Horizon Fitness website

01 April 2010