26 April 2010

Camberwell M controlled parking zone consultation results due in May

Following on from last year's consultation on the Camberwell M controlled parking zone consultation (highlighted on Vassall View in January) Lambeth's Transport and Highways Department have sent out letters to local residents giving details of the next stage of the process.

The results of the consultation will be released in mid-May and the council will also publish it's decision on what it will do next to deal with the parking and traffic management issues that affect Vassall Ward then.

Local Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams welcomed the move saying "This matter arouses strong emotions and it is important for Lambeth to consider carefully the views of Vassall's residents who are the people affected by the current situation. The council will fully consult local residents on whatever it proposes so that their views can be taken into account before the final decision is made."