08 April 2010

Dont forget to register to vote

To take part in the Lambeth Council and General Election both taking place on Thursday 6 May 2010 you need to be registered to vote.

The council carries out an annual registration in the autumn of each year. If you have moved since last autumn or do not remember filling in and returning the form you may not be registered to vote.

To check whether Polling Station signyou are registered to vote you can either look at the electoral roll available in the Minet Library (Knatchbull Road, SE5) or contact the council's Electoral Services Department at Lambeth Town Hall - phone 020 7926 2144 or email electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk

Registering to vote is very easy - download the registration form from the Council website and send it back to the Electoral Services Department so that it reaches them by 20 April 2010.

You can register to vote if you are a citizen of the UK, Ireland or a Commonwealth or European Union country - see the full list of eligible countries on the Lambeth website.

To vote in the elections on 6 May 2010 you must return your registration form to Lambeth Council by 20 April 2010.

If you are going to be away on 6 May you can apply for a postal vote - to do that download the Application to vote by form and return it to the council by 20 April 2010.

To finding out more about registering to vote see aboutmyvote.co.uk