28 April 2010

Home Secretary pledges to give Lambeth Police the tools they need to tackle crime

Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson today set out Labour’s tough policies on tackling crime, stressing the importance of CCTV, Community Payback and Labour’s crack-down on anti-social behaviour.

Alan Johnson with Steve Reed in Brixton Alan Johnson (pictured here with Steve Reed) then visited Brixton, and was joined by Lambeth Leader Steve Reed for a walkabout. As well as meeting market traders, shoppers and local residents, they stopped at the plaque in Brixton Town Centre which recognises the events of 1999 where a nail bomb planted by a splinter group of the BNP injured dozens of people. This week, sees the 10th anniversary of the attack and were it not for CCTV evidence, the perpetrators of would not have been convicted.

Alan Johnson said: “We do face serious challenges. But Labour offers an honest appraisal of these problems and real solutions – rather than statistical mendacity and trite homilies. Labour by contrast has made clear that we will give the police the tools they need to keep us safe.”

Lambeth Leader Steve Reed said: “Crime is a serious concern and a subject that residents raise with me on a regular basis. That’s how I know that Labour’s support of the use of CCTV and Community Payback are backed by local people."

Vassall Ward Labour candidate Adrian Garden added "Crime and the fear of crime are big issues here in Vassall Ward that I'm pleased to say have been successfully tackled in recent years. Measures introduced by Lambeth and the Police such as CCTV and the new dispersal zone work to prevent crime happening and allow the Police to effectively tackle offenders."

Lambeth Labour's manifesto proposals on crime:
  • Protect crime-hit neighbourhoods with an anti-social behaviour hit-squad under police command ready to move in and make the area safe.
  • Make offenders pay back for their crimes by carrying out work in the local area chosen by the people who live there.
  • Expand the dogs service to round up animals used for fighting, tag dogs on estates, prosecute irresponsible owners and ban dogs from children’s play areas.
  • Tackle youth and gang-related crime with a stark choice for offenders to accept help to get out of crime or face tough sanctions that will stop them reoffending.
  • Expand the Domestic Violence Team to support more victims and reduce violence in the home.