29 October 2009

Kingsley presents petition calling for P5 to be permanently rerouted

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams has presented a petition to Lambeth Council requesting that the P5 bus be permenanetly rerouted along Knatchbull Road in Camberwell, SE5. It is currently being rerouted along this road as a result of the extra traffic on Calais Street caused by the works at Myatts Fields Park. In addition the petition calls for a new bus stop to be created near to Upstall Street - this will benefit users of the Minet Library and Myatts Fields Park. The petition, signed by 55 local residents, was welcomed by Kingsley who said "It is important that local transport such as the P5 bus meets the needs of local people - I am pleased to be able to present this petition to be considered by Lambeth Council and Transport for London.