10 April 2010

Lambeth Council publishes list of candidates for local elections on 6 May 2010

Lambeth have published the formal Lambeth Borough Council Elections 2010 Statement as to Persons Nominated (download in pdf from link) - this lists the people standing for the Lambeth Borough Council elections in all wards across the borough.

And in Vassall Ward candidates from the Conservative Party, Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats are standing in addition to the previously announced Labour candidates:

Conservative Party candidates
Stuart David Barr
Andrew Robert Hayes
Carolena Susannah Ludwig

Green Party candidates
Peter Shaw Cutler
Stephen Charles Hall
Alexandra Margaret Olive

Labour Party candidates
Kingsley Joseph Abrams
Adrian Lawrence Garden
Tracy Ritson

Liberal Democrat candidates
Steve Bradley
Faye Gray
Matthew Thomas Hanney

Further information is available on the Lambeth Borough Council Elections 2010 page