09 April 2010

Vassall Labour candidates out and about across Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Labour candidates standing by Vassall Road sign, SW9
The Labour candidates for Vassall Ward and helpers will be out and about across the ward this Saturday and Sunday talking to people to find out what they would like the new council to be elected in May to do in Vassall Ward and across Lambeth.

Vassall Labour candidate Adrian Garden commented "I really enjoy these walkabouts across Vassall Ward - they allow us to find out what people are thinking and what they want from their council. They also allow us to find out any problems people are having with the council. We act to resolve any issues that we find by taking them up with the relevant council department. We are in the process of compiling a wish list of things that people want in the next few years in Vassall Ward so that if we are elected we will be able to get to work making Vassall better straight away."