30 April 2010

Vassall Labour candidates out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend

Vassall Ward LabouVassall Ward candidate Kingsley Abrams and Kate Hoeyr candidates Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson will be out and about in Vassall Ward this weekend. They will be joined on Saturday by Kate Hoey (pictured here with Kingsley) who is seeking re-election as MP for Vauxhall. Kate and the Vassall Labour candidates will be walking around the Myatts Field North estate in Vassall Ward talking to local people.

Vassall Ward Labour candidate Kingsley Abrams commented "We will be walking around Myatts North and talking to people to ask local people what they think of the proposed redevelopment of the estate so that if elected we can work for the benefit of all residents." He added "We will of course also be reminding them to come out and vote on Thursday 6 May as it is important that the election in Vassall Ward is a true reflection of public opinion."