31 May 2010

Free bike checks every Tuesday in June

Lambeth's Transport Department will be running free Dr Bike sessions every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm in June. This is a chance to get your bike checked for roadworthiness and get minor repairs carried out so that you can keep on cycling through the summer.

Free bike checks in Lambeth flyerThe free bike checks will take place at
  • The first Tuesday of the month – Waterloo
    (King's College, SE1 8WA)
  • The second Tuesday - Clapham Common
    (Cedars Road, SW4 0PN)
  • The third Tuesday - Brockwell Park
    (Lido, Dulwich Road, SE24 0PA)
  • The fourth Tuesday - Streatham Common south side (SW16 3BT)
  • The fifth Tuesday - Norwood
  • (Norwood Road, SE27 9DQ)
Further information on the Lambeth Transport webpage

29 May 2010

Advice available for older people's adaptions to homes

The Lambeth website has information on an important scheme that will allow older people to stay in their own homes through implementing appropriate adaptions and repairs.

The service is available to all Lambeth tenants and home owners.

Information is on the Lambeth website:
If you are an older person who is a Lambeth tenant or homeowner, there is a special service to help with repairs and adaptations to your home.
A call to a dedicated Lambeth 1 Call telephone line - 020 7926 1400 - will be answered by specially trained advisors who can provide information and offer direct access to a range of services.
This includes the council's Home Improvement Agency, which assists older and disabled people in private housing who are on a low income and need repairs or adaptations if they are to keep living in their home. The service offers a home visit to talk about what is needed and how to pay for it.
A grant or interest free loan may be available to help with adaptations, repairs, safety and security, energy efficiency improvements and heating.
It can also put callers in touch with the Age Concern Lambeth Handypersons Service, providing practical help for older and disabled residents with jobs around the home that they may find difficult, such as mending a dripping tap, hanging curtains, moving furniture, for example. The Handyperson Service can also carry out a home safety check to identify hazards and improve home security.
The Lambeth 1 Call number also helps Lambeth Living tenants with repairs, advising on which repairs can be undertaken and making appointments for specific dates.

"We will tell you if there are grants or loans available from the Council or other organisations, but you do not need a grant to use our service, " said Councillor Jim Dickson, Lambeth council cabinet member elect for health and wellbeing.

"We can also put you in touch with other people who can help, for example the occupational therapy service or the Every Pound Counts Campaign, which supports residents in claiming all the benefits to which they are entitled.
"So don’t delay, ring 020 7926 1400 today."

28 May 2010

Lambeth Council Leader outlines Cooperative Council plans

Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed has outlined Labour's exciting plans for the cooperative council in an article in the Comment is Free section of the Guardian website.

Guardian - Lambeth: a council of co-operation

27 May 2010

Lambeth launches Big Difference campaign to tackle 'enviro crime'

Lambeth Big Difference logoLambeth have launched a new initiative to tackle environmental crime across the borough. This can be anything that reduces the quality of the local environment for residents be it grafitti, rubbish dumped on the roadside or anything else that impairs the quality of the local environment.

There is information on the initiative on the Big difference page of the Lambeth Council website

If you are experiencing Enviro-crime issues in your area, report them to the Lambeth Service Centre. You can contact the Lambeth Service Centre on 020 7926 9000 or by emailing streetcarecallcentre@lambeth.gov.uk.

You can also easily report enviro-crime by clicking on the links below and filling out one of the online forms .

26 May 2010

Lambeth publishes co-operative council proposals

Lambeth today published its full 'co-operative council' proposals which will see local residents taking on a fuller role in helping to shape and run local services to make them more responsive to local needs and more accountable.

Introducing the plan Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed said "Lambeth has spent the past four years exploring how the community can get more involved in running local services. In widely different service areas like schools, housing and tackling crime we've learnt it can deliver better services that cost less. Now we will take the model further and become the first council in the country to apply cooperative values right across the board. Our model empowers people to get on and make the changes they want to see in their local area, building better services and a stronger civic society at the same time."
Find out more on the Lambeth website
Read the co-operative council white paper

The council has begun an on-line collaboration using a new Lambeth Co-operative Council 'wiki' - an innovative wikipedia style website that allows visitors to comment on and edit the content. Twitter users can also join in by using the hash tag #lambethcoop, and a Facebook group has been set up for people discuss the ideas. Local people can also email Lambeth on cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk.

Guardian - Labour invites residents to help run Lambeth as 'John Lewis council'

25 May 2010

Come to Myatt's Fields Park this weekend

Come to Myatt's Fields Park this weekend!

The new water feature in the children's playground at Myatt's Fields Park in Vassall Ward will start operating this weekend. This great new facility will bring lots of fun for young users of the park.

The cafe in the park will also be open on Sunday 2-5pm selling home made cakes, ice creams and drinks.

23 May 2010

New government urged to maintain home improvement funding

With the formation of the Conservative/ Liberal Democrat Coalition Government at Westminster residents in Vassall Ward are deeply concerned about the status of Lambeth’s £233million decent homes funding bid.

During the local election campaign Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams spoke to a number of Vassall residents who needed urgent repairs carried out on their properties. Other residents also need basic improvements carried out such as new kitchens, bathrooms and windows.

Councillor Abrams has raised the issue with Lambeth Council and sought clarification on the £233million funding bid that the council has made to central government under the decent homes initiative - this was introduced by the Labour government to bring all homes up to an acceptable standard. The Council stated that it was unable to confirm the status of the funding but that discussions had been held with the Home and Communities Agency.

Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams said: “It is vital that the new Coalition Government responds positively to Lambeth’s £233m decent homes funding bid. Too many residents in my Ward are suffering from damp homes and need new kitchens, bathrooms and windows. The residents in my ward should not have to put up with such bad housing conditions.”

21 May 2010

Lambeth Labour to publish cooperative council proposals

Lambeth Council is launching detailed proposals that will see the South London authority become Britain’s first-ever cooperative council.

Lambeth’s cooperative council model – first trailed in the national media in February 2010, months before David Cameron announced his Big Society proposals – will see residents take on a bigger role in running and shaping local services.

Lambeth's model contrasts with the Tory ‘EasyCouncil’ model in the London Borough of Barnet that aims to create two-tier services with substandard services for the majority and better options available only to those wealthy enough to pay for them. While there are some similarities with the coalition Government’s Big Society proposals, Labour’s model in Lambeth takes a more tCowley Estate tmo signhorough-going approach applying the cooperative values of fairness, accountability and responsibility across a broad range of services. It is built on four years experience trialling the approach in specific services in Lambeth.

Lambeth’s Labour leader, Councillor Steve Reed, will publish detailed proposals on Wednesday 26 May at the same time as the council sets up a Citizens’ Commission to consult local people on the proposals. The Commission will identify new services where the cooperative model can be piloted and will explore how the approach can be rolled out across further service areas later this year. The Commission will also explore how an ‘active citizens dividend’ could be paid to reward people who get involved in running local services, possibly in the form of a council-tax discount.

Lambeth has led the country in exploring the cooperative approach to service delivery in recent years. The council has more tenant-managed housing estates than any other borough and is transferring more assets to community control than any other council. Notable examples include Raleigh Hall in Brixton which is set to become the country’s first National Black Heritage Centre; the Weir Link children’s centre in Balham which is a service run by residents in a building built by the community; and the Old Lilian Baylis community sports hub operating out of a disused secondary school in Vauxhall that has won praise from leading politicians of all parties as well as international sports heroes like Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan.

Other community-led services already succeeding in Lambeth include 2XL, a peer mentoring programme that has dramatically cut youth reoffending levels on tough inner-city estates, the country’s first parent-promoted secondary school in West Norwood, and Community Freshview, an environmental programme that sees local people given tools and support to transform derelict or overgrown wasteland into community gardens or public spaces.

Lambeth’s Council leader, Councillor Steve Reed, said: “Lambeth has spent the past four years exploring how the community can get more involved in running local services. In widely different service areas like schools, housing and tackling crime we’ve learnt this approach delivers better services that cost less. Now we will take the model further and become the first council in the country to apply cooperative values right across the board. Our model differs from the Tories’ Big Society because while they want to roll back state, we want to change the role of the state, creating a new settlement between the citizen and public services with more power and control handed to local people. Our model empowers people to get on and make the changes they want to see in their local area, building better services and a stronger civic society at the same time.”

Vassall Labour Councillor Adrian Garden added "This is an exciting development for Lambeth which will make council services more responsive to residents. We already have examples of this approach in Vassall in the form of tenant management organisations such as PACCA and the Cowley estate TMO - these local organisations show that it works."

15 May 2010

New Labour Cabinet announced

With the election finished and the people of Lambeth giving a resounding thumbs up to Labour the newly elected council has been assembling at the Town Hall. The Labour group of 44 Councillors has 13 new faces, including Adrian Garden from Vassall Ward in Lambeth.

The Labour Group would like thank those who voted to keep Labour in control of Lambeth and give us a mandate to carry on the work of improving Lambeth and carrying out our Manifesto commitments to you.

Councillor Steve Reed and Councillor Jackie Meldrum will continue as Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council but the Cabinet will include are some new faces - Councillor Florence Nosegbe and Councillor Pete Robbins have both been appointed to the Cabinet for the first time.

The Cabinet is also the most diverse that at any other point in the council’s history. There are six women and Cllr Nosegbe and Cllr Campbell as representatives of our diverse communities.

Cllr Steve Reed leader of the Labour Group and the Council says “Thank you to all of those who voted for Labour to continue running the Council, it’s a testament to the Labour Group that we have been getting things right and most importantly listening to what you want in Lambeth. The Labour Group is really looking forward to getting on with the job in hand and making Lambeth a better fairer place for all”

The new Lambeth Council Cabinet

Leader of the Council – Councillor Steve Reed

Deputy Leader – Councillor Jackie Meldrum

Cabinet Member for Communities and Community Safety – Councillor Rachel Heywood

Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games – Councillor Florence Nosegbe

Cabinet Member for Housing – Councillor Lib Peck

Cabinet Member for Environment – Councillor Lorna Campbell

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning & Employment – Councillor Sally Prentice

Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing – Councillor Jim Dickson

Cabinet Member for Finance – Councillor Paul McGlone

Cabinet Member for Children’s & Young People Services – Councillor Pete Robbins

Lambeth Council Leader elect Steve Reed with members of the Lambeth Council Cabinet
The new Lambeth Cabinet

14 May 2010

Adult Learners week kicks off on Saturday

Adult Learners' Week starts on Saturday 15 May 2010 - this is your chance to sign up for a course and to encourage take up there are a number of taster sessions available.

Try out sessions:

  • Throughout the week (15 - 21 May) - Computing and IT taster sessions such as how to use the internet and emailing friends will be available at the Adult Learning Online Centre in Ivor House on Acre Lane and also at the Green Man Skills Zone on Coldharbour Lane.
  • Tuesday 18 May - Dance, language and music taster sessions are available at Morley College. There will also be an Awards Ceremony on Thursday 20 May to celebrate the outstanding people in Lambeth who have overcome incredible challenges to learn throughout the past year.
  • Wednesday 19 May - Human Library event at Brixton Library between 12pm and 3pm where living books are available to borrow! Participants have the opportunity to meet someone you wouldn’t normally consider talking to and challenge your own stereotypes or prejudices. Lambeth Council's Adult Learning Service, Brixton Library and Crisis (the homelessness charity) have worked together to organise this highlight of Adult Learners' Week in Lambeth.
  • Thursday 20 May - Painting and drawing taster sessions at Lambeth College alongside Childminding, Black History, Yoga and Salsa introductions. There will also be a Herbal Walk taking place as part of their celebrations.
  • Friday 21 May - Doing the Lambeth Talk! - project celebration at Stockwell Community Resource Centre between 10.30am - 12.30pm. A unique opportunity to hear about a Lambeth success story.
More information is available on the Adult Learners Week website

13 May 2010

Vassall Labour Councillor Adrian Garden sets out his priorities for Vassall Ward

Newly elected Labour Councillor for Vassall Ward Adrian Garden (seen here on the left of the photo) has set out his priorities for Vassall Ward over the next four years.
Vassall Ward Labour Councillors Adrian Garden and Kingsley Abrams
He writes "I am extremely grateful to the residents of Vassall ward for electing me to the Council and look forward to working closely with Kingsley and Steve to sort out the problems and to improve the quality of life for everyone living here.

Most of the residents I met during the election campaign were pleased with the number of good schools in Vassall and the improving standards over the past four years. They also welcomed the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the extensive CCTV cameras which have helped to reduce overall crime in the ward. They were pleased too that Council Tax had been frozen for two years.

However serious problems still remain, and it will be my priority to address these in the coming years.

In the large estates managed by Lambeth Living, the response to maintenance problems is too slow, kitchens and bathrooms are not being restored or replaced, and too many properties have been left empty.

Other areas still suffer from uncollected rubbish, abandoned cars, dangerous pavements, and potholes caused by the cold winter.

Crime and antisocial behaviour is is still too common on our streets, and we need to keep up the pressure to reduce it still further.

So my main personal priorities for the foreseeable future are:
  • To keep pressure on Lambeth Living to ensure that it responds to their residents' problems more quickly and effectively
  • To reduce the number of Council owned properties which asre empty by repairing them and bringing them back into use much more quickly.
  • To support all residents in the ward by identifying their individual problems and issues and bringing them to the attention of Council officers so that they get addressed.
  • To ensure that the Safer Neighbourhood Team is maintained and better publicised in the community, and that the CCTV cameras continue to work without interruption
In addition, along with all Labour councillors, I support the key pledges we published in our manifesto:
  • Keep Council tax as low as possible.
  • Zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour.
  • Fixing sub-standard roads and pavements
  • Youth activities within a mile of every home
  • Major expansion of sport and leisure
I also intend to continue to attend meetings of residents and community groups (particularly the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel), and youth and leisure events.

A lot of exciting things have happened in the ward in the last four years, and I intend to ensure that steady progress is maintained over the next four – in spite of the financial pressures we are certain to have to cope with."

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams sets out his priorities for Vassall Ward

Newly re-elected Labour Councillor for Vassall Ward Kingsley Abrams (pictured on the right of the photo) has set out his priorites for the ward over the next four years.

I would like to thank the residents of Vassall Ward for re-electing me to Lambeth Council.

Congratulations also to Adrian and Steve. I would like to see all three Councillors working closely together in order to sort out the problems in our area.

During the course of the election campaign residents pleaded with me to do something about the out of date kitchens and bathrooms, void properties, overcrowding, broken down cars left on the estates, rotten window frames, leaky roofs and damp bedrooms and hallways. It is still taking too long to get simple repairs done.

In terms of housing these will be my main priorities for Vassall ward:

  • I support Labour’s Manifesto commitment to sack Lambeth Living if the services are not improved in the next 12 months.
  • I would like to see Tenant Management Organisations given more responsibility for bringing empty properties back into use. I would also like to see residents allowed to move into properties, if they are prepared to carry out some of the repairs to the properties themselves.
  • I’ll press for a speedy release of the Capital Pot that was set aside for TMOs, as part of the allowance negotiations.
  • I’ll campaign for new windows for Myatts Field South and Caldwell Gardens Estates.
  • I’ll be working with local residents to set up Tenants and Residents' Assocaitions in Holland Town and Paulet Road Estates.
  • I would like to encourage TRAs to either join up with current TMOs or become TMOs themselves.
  • I’ll work to ensure that the Private Finance Initiative project on Myatts Field North Estate reflects the aspirations and ambitions of the local residents.
  • I’ll continue to attend community meetings and events.
  • I’ll support a review of the estate walkabout process.
  • I’ll support a review of the Choice Base Lettings process.

12 May 2010

Harriet Harman appointed Labour Leader

Following Tuesday's statement by Gordon Brown in which he resigned as leader of the Labour Party Camberwell and Peckham MP Harriet Harman has been appointed as interim Labour Leader.

Harriet Harman has been a campaigner all her political life – for equality, human rights and social justice.

She served in the Shadow Cabinet under Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair as they re-shaped the Labour Party and prepared for victory in 1997. She formulated the legal framework for the Low Pay Commission and the National Minimum Wage, which became law in 1998. She has also been the Secretary of State for Social Security, Cabinet Minister for Women and Solicitor General.

In 2007 Harriet was elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and was subsequently appointed by the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to serve as Chair of the Labour Party, Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for Equalities, Minister for Women and Lord Privy Seal.

Read more about Harriet on the Labour Party website

Watch Gordon's speech at Labour HQ

"We fight for fairness. Tomorrow we fight on": Gordon Brown's speech at Labour HQ

Text of Labour Leader Gordon Brown's speech at Labour Party headquarters.

Tomorrow we fight on - text of speech by Gordon Brown at Labour HQ
On the back of our party cards it says:

By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more together than we do alone.

And in constituency after constituency despite all odds we proved that again on Thursday night. By the strength of our common endeavour we achieved more together than any of us ever have done on our own.

And so I am here to thank every member of Labour’s staff, every volunteer, every member, every supporter for what you have done in the past, and what I know you will do in the future.

To thank also Harriet, Douglas, Peter, Ray Collins, the Chair of our NEC Ann Black, and our candidates and campaigners.

We know – more certainly now than ever before – that there is a strong progressive majority in Britain.

I wish more than I can possibly say that I could have mobilised that majority to carry the election– but I could not.

And so now I have to accept - and indeed assert – personal responsibility. The fault is mine, and I will carry it alone.

So to give this party I love the best possible chance to prepare for its future, I have resigned the leadership of the Labour Party with immediate effect.

I wish my successor in that role well; and I will stand by Labour’s new leader, whoever that may be -- loyally and without equivocation.

Because one thing will not change: I am Labour, and Labour I will always be.

Let me a few days after our election thank those who never gave up and never gave in, who fought so hard and whose dignity in defeat makes us so proud.

In the past few weeks, our Labour Party has shown, even when up against the odds, what we are made of.

Of course we went into this election massively outspent and with, shall I call it, a difficult media environment. In the most difficult of circumstances after an economic crisis a political expenses crisis and after 13 years in government it is to your enduring credit that we denied our opposition the majority they took for granted.

And you know better than anybody how hard fought this election was, and how dependent we were on the small, well disciplined team of which you were such a crucial part. Strong policy, robust research, creative communications and inspired new media work were allied with the most targeted and the most commanding ground war I have seen in my whole time in politics. And for all that, I thank you.

And I’m proud to say that we proved last Thursday that committed people matter more than limitless cash.

Sarah and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done. But I hope when you look back on these times you will tell your children, and your children’s children, about the Britain we built together and the good that we did in this campaign.

Because let me tell you what it was really all about. Last week when I was out knocking on people’s doors … and this wasn’t recorded on tape … I met a girl who was exactly the same age as the Labour government. Born on the 1st of may 1997, she had grown to know and love a Britain with Sure Start, with one to one tuition, with the expectation that every person from every background will have the chance to get on and not just get by.

She took opportunity for granted, and we fought for the chance for every child to be born in a Britain like that. We fought for the future.

And we continue to fight unceasingly because progress is not a word we just speak but a reality we have been creating where the ambit of opportunity always expands and never contracts. And we fight for progress because we know the energy and talent of the British people are boundless whenever they are released from stereotype and allowed to soar.

We know that progressive change is possible, because our very record shows it is.

The minimum wage.

Sure Start.

The child tax credit

The shortest waiting times in NHS history.

Record exam results in schools.

More police officers than ever.

Half a million children out of poverty.

And two million more jobs than in 1997.

And on top of everything we did to change Britain for the better and forever, we can be proud that there are people alive in Africa today, children in school there who have access to health care there, because of what we have done here thousands of miles away.

So when this think of these times think on the lives saved and changed, and always remember - that New Labour’s achievements do not belong to me or to Tony Blair, but to you.

We fought and will continue to fight for our public services - services that are not something that we conjure up on our own-- or that most of us can pay for by ourselves – but services that are valued because they and the realization of a true nobility that sees beyond selfish individualism, on to what can be done through our collective endeavour.

That is why we fought – and why we together we will keep fighting for justice.

So tell your children you were a part of this – but also never to stop believing that people of courage and conviction can lift our country and make it equal to its best ideals.

So to those who gave their hearts, their hard work and their votes to labour, i say thank you. I will never forget how we stood together – in happier days and through the hardest hours.

And so as you fight on, know that I will be with you, heart and soul.

And know that you have my undying gratitude, because you have given the best of yourselves to the greatest of causes. And because you have fought every hour of every day you will be able to say for the rest of your days;

I was there.

I was on the progressive side of history.

And you are part of a Labour Party which is and will always be the greatest fighting force for fairness our country has ever seen.

We are irrepressible: we fight for fairness, and tomorrow we fight on

10 May 2010

Mayor of London publishes transport strategy

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has published his transport strategy in which he sets out his transport vision and priorities for the next few years.

Key proposals include:
  • Transforming the Tube
  • Enhancing rail, including Crossrail, Thameslink and the London Overground
  • Improving interchanges
  • Smoothing traffic flow
  • The cycling revolution
  • Making walking count
  • Improving London's buses
  • Better information
  • Better streets and environment, including additional phases to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
  • Improved access to the transport system
  • Making better use of the Thames
  • Reducing CO2 emissions, including through the promotion of electric vehicles
  • Supporting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • New river crossings
Further information is available on the Mayor of London's website

Steve Reed thanks voters for re-electing Labour adminsitration

Council Leader Steve Reed writes
I would like to thank every resident who took the time to vote in the local and national elections on 6 May.

The results at the Town Hall were historic. For the first time in a generation the same party was elected to continue leading the council. I am honoured and humbled by the confidence so many local people have placed in us, and with the biggest turnout ever seen in a council election we have a powerful mandate to continue our work to improve local services in Lambeth.

New challenges will face us in the next four years. There is uncertainty nationally and funding for local services will be tighter, but we will work with the new national government to make sure we win the best possible deal for the people of Lambeth.

Our priority will be to protect frontline services, support the most vulnerable, keep making you safer, and work more closely with the people and communities who make up our borough so you get the services you want and need.

Over the last few weeks, candidates from all parties have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of local people. I know how proud you are of our borough, and I know where you want more help from your council in future. I am determined that we will deliver on the promises we have made.

We will make a quick start by launching the new Anti-Social Behaviour Squad within days because you told us you want more action to tackle nuisance behaviour that disrupts people's lives.

Our democracy is a precious thing. Whoever you voted for, thank you for taking part. I will ensure the council works harder than ever to support you with the high quality services you expect, and I will work with councillors of all parties to ensure we all serve you to the best of our ability.

Steve Reed
Leader of Lambeth Council

Lambeth Labour winning here

08 May 2010

Clegg-mania fails to take off in Lambeth

The final results for Lambeth Council are now in - and it seems that, like in the rest of the country, there is little enthusiasm for the Liberal Democrats or Conservatives in Lambeth.

Labour on Lambeth Council won 44 seats (an increase of 5), the Liberal Democrats 15 seats (-2) and the Conservatives 4 seats (-2), the sole Green Party Councillor also lost her seat.

Turnout was greatly increased on 2006 and so the results better reflect Lambeth opinion.

Councillor Steve Reed, Labour Leader of Lambeth, welcomed the results saying that he was looking forward to getting back to work on Monday.

Lambeth Labour winning here

07 May 2010

Vassall Ward election results

Lambeth Labour: winning here

Vassall Labour: winning here

Congratulations to Labour Party candidates Kingsley Abrams and Adrian Garden who have been elected as Councillors for Vassall Ward. Commiserations to the third Labour candidate Tracy Ritson who missed being elected by 47 votes.

Overall Labour have retained control of Lambeth Council - full results are available on the Lambeth website.

The full results for Vassall Ward are

Kingsley Joseph Abrams, Labour, 2533 votes (16%) Elected
Adrian Lawrence Garden, Labour, 2308 votes (15%) Elected
Steve Bradley, Liberal Democrat, 2193 votes (14%) Elected
Tracy Ritson, Labour, 2146 votes (13%) Not elected
Faye Gray, Liberal Democrat, 1793 votes (11%) Not elected
Matthew Thomas Hanney, Liberal Democrat, 1617 votes (10%) Not elected
Stuart David Barr, Conservative, 706 votes (4%) Not elected
Andrew Robert Hayes, Conservative, 593 votes (4%) Not elected
Alexandra Margaret Olive, Green, 542 voyes (3%) Not elected
Carolena Susannah Ludwig, Conservative, 525 votes (3%) Not elected
Stephen Charles Hall, Green, 477 votes (3%) Not elected
Peter Shaw Cutler, Green, 476 votes (3%) Not elected

Labour gain Southwark

In other news Labour have taken control of Southwark from the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition that ran it for eight years.

Counting in the Town Hall for Lambeth Council elections from 4pm today

Follow the results on the Lambeth Labour Twitter stream - http://twitter.com/lambethlabour

General Election 2010 in Vauxhall: Kate Hoey increases majority

And the results of the 2010 General Election in Vauxhall are in - and on an increased turnout Labour's Kate Hoey increased her majority gaining almost double the votes of the Liberal Democrat challenger in the seat.

Congratulations to Kate on her re-election as MP for Vauxhall

The full results of the 2010 General Election in Vauxhall constituency were

Kate Hoey, Labour, 21,498 votes (49.8%) -2.0
Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat, 10,847 votes (25.1%)
Glyn Chambers, Conservative, 9,301 votes (21.5%)
Joseph Healy, Green Party, 708 votes (1.6%)
Jose Navarro, English Democrats, 289 votes (0.7%)
Lana Martin, Christian Party, 200 votes (0.5%)
Daniel Lambert, Socialist Party of Great Britain, 143 votes (0.3%)
Jeremy Drinkall, Anticapitalists - Workers Power, 109 votes (0.3%)
James Kapetanos, The Animal Protection Party, 96 votes (0.2%)

Kate Hoey's majority 10,651 votes (24.7%)

Turnout in constituency 43,191 votes (57.7% of total registered electorate - +9.3% on 2005)

Further information is available on the Guardian website or BBC News website

Labour Party: winning here

Thank you for voting Labour on Thursday

The results for Vauxhall constituency are due in between 3 and 6am Friday morning 7 May

Counting for the local Lambeth Council elections will begin at 3pm on Friday 7 May 2010 - a result is expected around 7pm

06 May 2010

Vote Labour today in Vassall Ward

Polls open today at 7am and are open until 10pm

Please vote for your Labour candidates in Vassall Ward and for Kate Hoey in the General Election

Photo of the Vassall Ward Labour team
Pictured with Kate Hoey are you local Vassall Ward Labour candidates: Councillor Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson.

Your local Vassall Labour Team are
Kingsley Abrams (pictured right) who has been a Vassall Ward Councillor for four years. Kingsley lives just off Knatchbull Road, near to the Minet Library, in Vassall Ward.

Tracy Ritson (centre), a local business entrepreneur and mother of three who lives on the Cowley estate in Vassall Ward

Adrian Garden (left), who has lived in nearby Brixton for many years where he has been working as a basic skills lecturer as well as volunteering with local community organisations.

Kate Hoey was first elected as MP for Vauxhall in 1989 and in the 21 years since has represented Vauxhall very effectively in Parliament helping many constituents and not being afraid to speak out on important matters.

Kingsley writes "I have represented Vassall ward on Lambeth Council since 2006. I live in Vassall and am well known for my hard work and commitment to the residents. I am also the manager of a Community Centre in the Elephant and Castle. Over the last four years I have campaigned ceaselessly on local housing and community safety issues. Apart from regularly attending ward meetings and public events I hold fortnightly advice surgeries open to all ward residents. If you re-elect me I will continue to work with local residents and the local MP to make our area a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work, with better opportunities for all its residents."

Adrian writes "I have lived in Brixton for 9 years where my main interests have been reducing crime (Chair of a local Safer Neighbourhoods Panel) and local parks (Chair of a ‘Friends’ group working to restore a park, and working closely with two parks groups in Vassall) I am a volunteer with my church debt counselling charity. I attend many Tenants and Residents meetings and frequently refer issues I pick up on the door step to the Council. I used to work as a computer manager and then as a Basic Skills lecturer - if you elect me I will be a full-time councillor in Vassall."

And Tracy writes "I am a proud mother of three children and currently run my own business. I’ve lived on the Cowley Estate for 13 years, and have seen many good changes in that time. I joined the Management Board roughly 5 years ago and working as part of a team have helped to organise Summer fun days and trips off the estate which I believe help bring our community together. If you elect me I will work hard to bring better children’s and youth facilities to the Vassall area; safe places where our children can go and be inspired to reach their full potential in life."

The Vassall Labour team in action on Myatts North in Vassall Ward
Labour team in action on Myatts North estate in Vassall Ward

05 May 2010

Where to vote in Vassall Ward

Thursday 6 May 2010 is Election Day in Vassall Ward, across Lambeth and across the UK. On Thursday the polling stations are open all day from 7am to 10pm

You should have received a white polling card (like the one on the left)
polling cardThe polling card will give you the address of your polling station.

However you do not need the polling card in order to vote - if you have lost the card enter your postcode on the Elections page of the Lambeth website and it will tell you where the polling station is located.

At the polling station you will be given TWO ballot papers - a white paper for the General Election and a yelllow paper for the local elections.

You have ONE vote in the General Election and THREE votes in the local council (Lambeth) elections - please use all your votes for Labour.

Your General Election candidate is KATE HOEY

Your Lambeth Labour Party candidates are KINGSLEY ABRAMS, ADRIAN GARDEN and TRACY RITSON.

For advice or a lift to the polling station call our election hotline 020 8678 0708

Labour's plans for a better Vassall Ward

1 Keep Council Tax as low as possible
Labour will keep council tax DOWN as low as possible

After the Lib Dems forced council tax up 40% in just four years, Labour has FROZEN council tax with no increase at all for two years. As a result Lambeth's council tax is now among the lowest in the country. But Lib Dems want to make the biggest tax-hiker in Lambeth's history Leader of the our Council so he can carry on the supersized council tax increases he inflicted on us before.

2 Zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour
Labour will introduce a uniformed anti-social behaviour hitsquad within days of winning the council elections.

The new team under Police command will be deployed in areas or estates affected by a sudden increase in crime or gang-related activity - and they'll stay there until the area's made safe again. Lib Dems have promised to close the squad down and use the money to fund holiday trips for young thugs instead.

3 Biggest-ever investment to fix crumbling roads and pavements
Roads across Vassall Ward are full of potholes after the most severe winter weather for 30 years.

Labour is already spending more on road resurfacing and new pavements than the Lib Dems did. But now we'll make the biggest-ever investment to fix our broken roads and pavements paid for by selling off surplus office blocks like the one the Lib Dems wasted millions of pounds on last time they ran our council.

4 Youth activities within a mile of every home
Lambeth now has the biggest-ever programme of youth activities.

With youth centres open longer and young people kept off the streets where its all too easy for them to get into trouble. Thats a big change from the days the Lib Dems left Lambeth with the worst funded youth services in London and, as a result, the highest levels of youth crime.

Now Labour is pledged to protect our youth services and guarantee supervised youth activities within a mile of every home.

Lib Dems have promised 'savage cuts' that could see youth services slashed to the bone.

5 Major expansion of sport and leisure across Lambeth
Labour will renew Lambeth's crumbling old leisure centres to give more people the chance to get involved in sport.

Too many of our existing leisure centres and pools are on their last legs - so Labour will rebuild them and build brand new facilities in areas where there's currently no provision.

We'll protect existing libraries (including the Minet Library) and upgrade them with new technology, and we'll create brand new library facilities in Clapham and Streatham.

Vassall Labour Action Team

Who should I vote for on Thursday?

There’s just one day until residents go to their local polling station and they have an important decision to make says Labour Leader Cllr Steve Reed.

He writes The decision on May 6th is between a vote for the Lib Dems whose plans would take Lambeth backwards while raising council tax 30%, or Labour who are working hard to put Lambeth Council back on the side of residents. Today, Lambeth is officially the fastest improving council in the country with no council tax increase for two years and crime reduced significantly.

Every day, I have been out on the doorstep and people have been telling me how things have got better, how happy they are that our GCSE results are now higher than the national average, how we have cut crime by boosting neighbourhood police teams, how our tough action on drugs is getting results, and how we have changed lives by providing more youth services.

But there is more to do, that is why our manifesto is full of positive ideas and commitments you can hold us to. We have made promises on value for money by keeping Council tax as low as possible; on crime where we will introduce an anti-social behaviour hit squad under police command; on investment on subs-standard roads and pavements; on youth services where we will guarantee things for young people to do within a mile of every home, and a major expansion of sport and leisure facilities with four new pools and free swimming for everyone.

The Lib Dems have not matched any of these commitments. Their manifesto is an empty box with a huge price tag attached. Their campaign has gone into meltdown just days before polls open. First, popular Lib Dem mayor Cllr June Fewtrell has quit their party to stand against her own party’s leader and second, almost half of all Lib Dems elected at the last council elections have either left politics altogether or shifted wards where they hope to hide their records from a new set of unsuspecting voters.

Our record shows that we have kept our promises – that’s why if you vote for Labour, you can trust us to keep our promises again.

Steve Reed

04 May 2010

‘60 Seconds to protect the economy, protect your jobs and protect the services your family relies on’

On Tuesday Labour will screen its latest Party Election Broadcast fronted by former Eastenders actor Ross Kemp.

Introducing the film Ross said “Ultimately, this election is about who is the person to look after you and your family for the next five years, not who you would like to go for a pint with. There was only one person in the Leaders’ TV debates that I would trust to look after my finances and that is the one who has the best financial record. That person is Gordon Brown.

”I hope that everyone who sees the film will recognise that the only party that has the ability to secure financial security for you and your family is the Labour party. Please vote Labour on Thursday.”

The film also features Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Liz Dawn, Leonard Fenton, Peter Guinness, Tony Robinson, Prunella Scales, Roberta Taylor, and Richard Wilson all casting their votes.

More local Vassall Ward people back Labour

Local people across Vassall Ward are backing Adrian, Kingsley and Tracy in their bid to be elected to represent the area on Lambeth Council.

Pauline Dale (pictured left with Labour's Kingsley Abrams) is a former Liberal Democrat voter who lives on the Myatts Field South Estate in Vassall Ward.

She explained her change of heart saying "I've always used to vote Lib Dem and even had a poster in my window. Now I'm voting Labour because local Lib Dems are all talk and no action. If you've got a problem you should go to Kingsley Abrams and the Labour action team - they work really hard to improve Myatts Field South."

Sandra Allen, Bathgate House resident and PACCA TMO Board member (pictured below) added "Labour is committed to improving our area - and actually gets things done. Kingsley, Adrian and Tracy are local residents who work hard for local people - they are getting my vote on May 6th, and they deserve yours too."

Sandra Allen, Vassall Ward

See Gordon's speech at Citizens UK General Election Assembly

See Prime Minister Gordon Brown's speech to Citizens UK

For further information see the Citizens UK website

Myatt's Fields Park meetings this week

The Myatt's Fields Park Project are holding a meeting on the greenhouse project this Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 7pm at the Old Depot, Myatt's Fields Park. Everyone is welcome to find out more about this exciting new project.

In addition there will be an open day in Myatt's Fields Park on Thursday 6 May 2010 1-2pm, This will be an opportuntiy to come and see the progress being made on the building works in the park. You will be able to go into the two new buildings in Myatts Fields Park and look around. Lambeth officers, architects and the building contractors will be available to answer questions about the building works. Meet at the Myatt's Fields Park Children's Building (the new building currently being built)

Myatt's Fields Park sign

03 May 2010

Lambeth Cabinet Member joins Vassall Labour candidates for visit to PACCA homes

Councillor Lorna Campbell, Lambeth Cabinet Member responsible for Health and Wellbeing, joined Vassall Labour candidates on a visit to the Patmos Area Community Conservation Association TMO in Vassall Ward. She saw for herself the goood work that PACCA has been doing in refurbishing empty housing to bring them back into use.

Councillor Lorna Campbell with Kingsley Abrams at PACCALorna (in the centre of the photo with the clipboard) joined with Vassall Labour candidate Councillor Kingsley Abrams to visit one of the properties that PACCA has refurbished. The property will be shortly be let to someone in housing need on the Lambeth waiting list.

Councillor Lorna Campbell with PACCA staffLorna had a look around the renovations that have been carried out both on the outside and the inside of the property before meeting the PACCA staff.

She commented "I was really impressed on my visit with the professionalism and dedication of PACCA staff and their commitment to bringing empty housing in the PACCA area back into use." She added "I think this is Lambeth at its best - working in partnership with local people to make the area better."

Councillor Kingsley Abrams added "I have been working with PACCA for over four years and have, like Lorna, been impressed with the PACCA staff dedication. Their work is an example to the rest of Lambeth of what can be achived by local people working together."

PACCA covers the area of Vassall Ward around Patmos Road including Bathgate House, Cadman Close, Cancell Road, Dalkeith House, Elliott Road, Frederick Crescent, Halsmere Road, Langton Road, Lothian Road, Myatt Road, Patmos Road, Regency Mews, Salisbury Place, Silverburn House, Tindal Street and Turner Close. Further information on PACCA is available on the PACCA website.

Local people back Labour in Vassall Ward

Local residents across Vassall Ward have been adding their voices to the campaign to elect the Vassall Labour candidates Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson on 6 May.

Ebony Kingston in Vassall Ward

Ebony Kingston (pictured above) lives on the Cowley Estate in Vassall Ward, she commented "Labour's introduction of Safer Neigbourhoods Police teams has made our area a safer place. The Lib Dems were too soft on crime, but Labour has been tough on the crfiminals and helped reclaim our streets from thugs."

John Fountaine (pictured below) who lives on the Caldwell Gardens Estate also in Vassall Ward added "I've been really impressed by Kingsley, Adrian and Tracy - they helped my neighbours and me set up a residents association on my estate, and listen to what we have to say. They've got my vote on May 6th."

02 May 2010

Slade Gardens: the little park with big plans

The Friends of Slade Gardens have launched a new website with details of exciting new plans for the park. Their newly redesigned website gives the full master plan for the transformation of the park.

The main proposals in the masterplan are
  • Two new play areas - one for under 5s and one for 5-10 year olds. The under 5s playground will be used exclusively by the One o'clock club when they are open, but be available for everyone when the club is closed. A gate from the older children's playground will provide access to the adventure playground so that parents and children can circulate without having to go out of the park and along the road.
  • A sports area to be divided into one large pitch and two small areas. Further consultation will determine whether one of these might be a 'Muga' or multi-use-games-area.
  • A larger and more secure dog exercise area should reduce the problem of dogs being exercised in the main park
  • A fitness trail will provide for jogging, allow for a circular cycle route for children and provide exercise equipment at intervals for fitness training for all ages and abilities.
  • New entrances and paths will improve access for all and increase through 'traffic' - thus improving security.
  • New planting of trees and wall shrubs will improve the view and increase the biodiversity.A small, sheltered 'sensory garden' will provide somewhere for the elderly to sit.
  • Longer-term plans include a small cafe and a new building to replace the current One o'clock building and adventure playground 'huts'. When they are closed, the building could be used by the wider community. It will include toilets.
Vassall Labour candidates have pledged, if elected, to support the Friends Group in their negotiations with Lambeth Council.

Vassall Labour's Adrian Garden commented "If elected we will do everything we can to help the Freinds to make Slade Gardens even better. I believe that the experience and knowledge gained in the transformation of Myatts Field Park in Vassall Ward offers a great model for transforming making Slade Gardens even better."

Read more about the exciting plans for Slade Gardens on the Friends of Slade Gardens website

01 May 2010

Labour pledge to maintain investment in regenerating Lambeth's leisure facilities

One of the key campaign issues in Lambeth has been the regeneration of the borough and the future of our pools and other leisure facilities.

Many local residents will be heading to the ballot box on 6 May with memories of Lib Dem inaction as they watched Streatham Leisure Centre crumble without any secure plans to replace it and will recall their attempts to sell Brixton Rec and Clapham swimming pool to property developers when they ran the council with Tory support.

In contrast Labour has promised that over the next 4 years we will bring new leisure facilities and swimming pools to Clapham, West Norwood, Streatham and Waterloo. Labour has also pledged an expanded library service.

At the same time, Labour has laid out its vision for an Olympic legacy through a series of sporting and cultural events planned between now and the 2012 Games.

Labour Leader, Councillor Steve Reed said ‘the Liberal Democrats sat on their hands for the entire time they ran the council and while they carp and complain today, Labour’s fantastic programme to rebuild Lambeth’s cultural and leisure facilities is underway. A vote for them threatens this hard-won progress as their infuriating idleness saw leisure facilities languish when they were in charge. Nothing in their current plans suggests that they would do anything differently if they were re-elected so let’s not give them that opportunity. ’

The Lib Dem plans would cut the department in the council responsible for delivering regenerations projects, which will effectively put an end to these new facilities being built in Lambeth.

Lambeth residents urged to "give it a grow"

The annual Compost Awareness Week starts on 2 May and the organisers will be urging everybody to give it a grow. Lambeth is also encouraging residents to give it a grow and try something new when it comes to compost.

Around 30% of people already compost at home but for the remaining 70% there may be fears over composting that the week aims to dispel Even if we do not all rush to full composting there are lots more things that we can all try. For example, 60% say they have never tried composting everyday household waste such as the contents from their vacuum cleaner and over half have never used peat-free compost, which is better for the environment than peat based products.

Kevin Crook, Lambeth's Waste Strategy Manager commented "For those residents who have never considered composting before Compost Awareness Week is the perfect time to give it a try, even if you have only have the smallest outdoor space such as a balcony or patio. If you're already a convert, why not think about what other things you can put in the compost bin to reduce the amount you throw away, or try switching to peat free compost in the garden?"

Lambeth's recycling team is running a number of events during the week to show residents how easy it is to get started, or how they can do a little bit more. Everyone is welcome to visit the Lambeth Compost Roadshow stall outside Iceland in Brixton on Tuesday 4 May 11am - 4pm or outside Sainsbury's, Streatham Common on Friday 5 May 11am - 3pm

See the Recylce now pages for more information on composting