04 May 2010

‘60 Seconds to protect the economy, protect your jobs and protect the services your family relies on’

On Tuesday Labour will screen its latest Party Election Broadcast fronted by former Eastenders actor Ross Kemp.

Introducing the film Ross said “Ultimately, this election is about who is the person to look after you and your family for the next five years, not who you would like to go for a pint with. There was only one person in the Leaders’ TV debates that I would trust to look after my finances and that is the one who has the best financial record. That person is Gordon Brown.

”I hope that everyone who sees the film will recognise that the only party that has the ability to secure financial security for you and your family is the Labour party. Please vote Labour on Thursday.”

The film also features Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Liz Dawn, Leonard Fenton, Peter Guinness, Tony Robinson, Prunella Scales, Roberta Taylor, and Richard Wilson all casting their votes.