01 May 2010

Labour pledge to maintain investment in regenerating Lambeth's leisure facilities

One of the key campaign issues in Lambeth has been the regeneration of the borough and the future of our pools and other leisure facilities.

Many local residents will be heading to the ballot box on 6 May with memories of Lib Dem inaction as they watched Streatham Leisure Centre crumble without any secure plans to replace it and will recall their attempts to sell Brixton Rec and Clapham swimming pool to property developers when they ran the council with Tory support.

In contrast Labour has promised that over the next 4 years we will bring new leisure facilities and swimming pools to Clapham, West Norwood, Streatham and Waterloo. Labour has also pledged an expanded library service.

At the same time, Labour has laid out its vision for an Olympic legacy through a series of sporting and cultural events planned between now and the 2012 Games.

Labour Leader, Councillor Steve Reed said ‘the Liberal Democrats sat on their hands for the entire time they ran the council and while they carp and complain today, Labour’s fantastic programme to rebuild Lambeth’s cultural and leisure facilities is underway. A vote for them threatens this hard-won progress as their infuriating idleness saw leisure facilities languish when they were in charge. Nothing in their current plans suggests that they would do anything differently if they were re-elected so let’s not give them that opportunity. ’

The Lib Dem plans would cut the department in the council responsible for delivering regenerations projects, which will effectively put an end to these new facilities being built in Lambeth.