05 May 2010

Labour's plans for a better Vassall Ward

1 Keep Council Tax as low as possible
Labour will keep council tax DOWN as low as possible

After the Lib Dems forced council tax up 40% in just four years, Labour has FROZEN council tax with no increase at all for two years. As a result Lambeth's council tax is now among the lowest in the country. But Lib Dems want to make the biggest tax-hiker in Lambeth's history Leader of the our Council so he can carry on the supersized council tax increases he inflicted on us before.

2 Zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour
Labour will introduce a uniformed anti-social behaviour hitsquad within days of winning the council elections.

The new team under Police command will be deployed in areas or estates affected by a sudden increase in crime or gang-related activity - and they'll stay there until the area's made safe again. Lib Dems have promised to close the squad down and use the money to fund holiday trips for young thugs instead.

3 Biggest-ever investment to fix crumbling roads and pavements
Roads across Vassall Ward are full of potholes after the most severe winter weather for 30 years.

Labour is already spending more on road resurfacing and new pavements than the Lib Dems did. But now we'll make the biggest-ever investment to fix our broken roads and pavements paid for by selling off surplus office blocks like the one the Lib Dems wasted millions of pounds on last time they ran our council.

4 Youth activities within a mile of every home
Lambeth now has the biggest-ever programme of youth activities.

With youth centres open longer and young people kept off the streets where its all too easy for them to get into trouble. Thats a big change from the days the Lib Dems left Lambeth with the worst funded youth services in London and, as a result, the highest levels of youth crime.

Now Labour is pledged to protect our youth services and guarantee supervised youth activities within a mile of every home.

Lib Dems have promised 'savage cuts' that could see youth services slashed to the bone.

5 Major expansion of sport and leisure across Lambeth
Labour will renew Lambeth's crumbling old leisure centres to give more people the chance to get involved in sport.

Too many of our existing leisure centres and pools are on their last legs - so Labour will rebuild them and build brand new facilities in areas where there's currently no provision.

We'll protect existing libraries (including the Minet Library) and upgrade them with new technology, and we'll create brand new library facilities in Clapham and Streatham.

Vassall Labour Action Team