26 May 2010

Lambeth publishes co-operative council proposals

Lambeth today published its full 'co-operative council' proposals which will see local residents taking on a fuller role in helping to shape and run local services to make them more responsive to local needs and more accountable.

Introducing the plan Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed said "Lambeth has spent the past four years exploring how the community can get more involved in running local services. In widely different service areas like schools, housing and tackling crime we've learnt it can deliver better services that cost less. Now we will take the model further and become the first council in the country to apply cooperative values right across the board. Our model empowers people to get on and make the changes they want to see in their local area, building better services and a stronger civic society at the same time."
Find out more on the Lambeth website
Read the co-operative council white paper

The council has begun an on-line collaboration using a new Lambeth Co-operative Council 'wiki' - an innovative wikipedia style website that allows visitors to comment on and edit the content. Twitter users can also join in by using the hash tag #lambethcoop, and a Facebook group has been set up for people discuss the ideas. Local people can also email Lambeth on cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk.

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