03 May 2010

Local people back Labour in Vassall Ward

Local residents across Vassall Ward have been adding their voices to the campaign to elect the Vassall Labour candidates Kingsley Abrams, Adrian Garden and Tracy Ritson on 6 May.

Ebony Kingston in Vassall Ward

Ebony Kingston (pictured above) lives on the Cowley Estate in Vassall Ward, she commented "Labour's introduction of Safer Neigbourhoods Police teams has made our area a safer place. The Lib Dems were too soft on crime, but Labour has been tough on the crfiminals and helped reclaim our streets from thugs."

John Fountaine (pictured below) who lives on the Caldwell Gardens Estate also in Vassall Ward added "I've been really impressed by Kingsley, Adrian and Tracy - they helped my neighbours and me set up a residents association on my estate, and listen to what we have to say. They've got my vote on May 6th."