02 May 2010

Slade Gardens: the little park with big plans

The Friends of Slade Gardens have launched a new website with details of exciting new plans for the park. Their newly redesigned website gives the full master plan for the transformation of the park.

The main proposals in the masterplan are
  • Two new play areas - one for under 5s and one for 5-10 year olds. The under 5s playground will be used exclusively by the One o'clock club when they are open, but be available for everyone when the club is closed. A gate from the older children's playground will provide access to the adventure playground so that parents and children can circulate without having to go out of the park and along the road.
  • A sports area to be divided into one large pitch and two small areas. Further consultation will determine whether one of these might be a 'Muga' or multi-use-games-area.
  • A larger and more secure dog exercise area should reduce the problem of dogs being exercised in the main park
  • A fitness trail will provide for jogging, allow for a circular cycle route for children and provide exercise equipment at intervals for fitness training for all ages and abilities.
  • New entrances and paths will improve access for all and increase through 'traffic' - thus improving security.
  • New planting of trees and wall shrubs will improve the view and increase the biodiversity.A small, sheltered 'sensory garden' will provide somewhere for the elderly to sit.
  • Longer-term plans include a small cafe and a new building to replace the current One o'clock building and adventure playground 'huts'. When they are closed, the building could be used by the wider community. It will include toilets.
Vassall Labour candidates have pledged, if elected, to support the Friends Group in their negotiations with Lambeth Council.

Vassall Labour's Adrian Garden commented "If elected we will do everything we can to help the Freinds to make Slade Gardens even better. I believe that the experience and knowledge gained in the transformation of Myatts Field Park in Vassall Ward offers a great model for transforming making Slade Gardens even better."

Read more about the exciting plans for Slade Gardens on the Friends of Slade Gardens website