13 May 2010

Vassall Labour Councillor Adrian Garden sets out his priorities for Vassall Ward

Newly elected Labour Councillor for Vassall Ward Adrian Garden (seen here on the left of the photo) has set out his priorities for Vassall Ward over the next four years.
Vassall Ward Labour Councillors Adrian Garden and Kingsley Abrams
He writes "I am extremely grateful to the residents of Vassall ward for electing me to the Council and look forward to working closely with Kingsley and Steve to sort out the problems and to improve the quality of life for everyone living here.

Most of the residents I met during the election campaign were pleased with the number of good schools in Vassall and the improving standards over the past four years. They also welcomed the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the extensive CCTV cameras which have helped to reduce overall crime in the ward. They were pleased too that Council Tax had been frozen for two years.

However serious problems still remain, and it will be my priority to address these in the coming years.

In the large estates managed by Lambeth Living, the response to maintenance problems is too slow, kitchens and bathrooms are not being restored or replaced, and too many properties have been left empty.

Other areas still suffer from uncollected rubbish, abandoned cars, dangerous pavements, and potholes caused by the cold winter.

Crime and antisocial behaviour is is still too common on our streets, and we need to keep up the pressure to reduce it still further.

So my main personal priorities for the foreseeable future are:
  • To keep pressure on Lambeth Living to ensure that it responds to their residents' problems more quickly and effectively
  • To reduce the number of Council owned properties which asre empty by repairing them and bringing them back into use much more quickly.
  • To support all residents in the ward by identifying their individual problems and issues and bringing them to the attention of Council officers so that they get addressed.
  • To ensure that the Safer Neighbourhood Team is maintained and better publicised in the community, and that the CCTV cameras continue to work without interruption
In addition, along with all Labour councillors, I support the key pledges we published in our manifesto:
  • Keep Council tax as low as possible.
  • Zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour.
  • Fixing sub-standard roads and pavements
  • Youth activities within a mile of every home
  • Major expansion of sport and leisure
I also intend to continue to attend meetings of residents and community groups (particularly the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel), and youth and leisure events.

A lot of exciting things have happened in the ward in the last four years, and I intend to ensure that steady progress is maintained over the next four – in spite of the financial pressures we are certain to have to cope with."