13 May 2010

Vassall Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams sets out his priorities for Vassall Ward

Newly re-elected Labour Councillor for Vassall Ward Kingsley Abrams (pictured on the right of the photo) has set out his priorites for the ward over the next four years.

I would like to thank the residents of Vassall Ward for re-electing me to Lambeth Council.

Congratulations also to Adrian and Steve. I would like to see all three Councillors working closely together in order to sort out the problems in our area.

During the course of the election campaign residents pleaded with me to do something about the out of date kitchens and bathrooms, void properties, overcrowding, broken down cars left on the estates, rotten window frames, leaky roofs and damp bedrooms and hallways. It is still taking too long to get simple repairs done.

In terms of housing these will be my main priorities for Vassall ward:

  • I support Labour’s Manifesto commitment to sack Lambeth Living if the services are not improved in the next 12 months.
  • I would like to see Tenant Management Organisations given more responsibility for bringing empty properties back into use. I would also like to see residents allowed to move into properties, if they are prepared to carry out some of the repairs to the properties themselves.
  • I’ll press for a speedy release of the Capital Pot that was set aside for TMOs, as part of the allowance negotiations.
  • I’ll campaign for new windows for Myatts Field South and Caldwell Gardens Estates.
  • I’ll be working with local residents to set up Tenants and Residents' Assocaitions in Holland Town and Paulet Road Estates.
  • I would like to encourage TRAs to either join up with current TMOs or become TMOs themselves.
  • I’ll work to ensure that the Private Finance Initiative project on Myatts Field North Estate reflects the aspirations and ambitions of the local residents.
  • I’ll continue to attend community meetings and events.
  • I’ll support a review of the estate walkabout process.
  • I’ll support a review of the Choice Base Lettings process.