05 May 2010

Where to vote in Vassall Ward

Thursday 6 May 2010 is Election Day in Vassall Ward, across Lambeth and across the UK. On Thursday the polling stations are open all day from 7am to 10pm

You should have received a white polling card (like the one on the left)
polling cardThe polling card will give you the address of your polling station.

However you do not need the polling card in order to vote - if you have lost the card enter your postcode on the Elections page of the Lambeth website and it will tell you where the polling station is located.

At the polling station you will be given TWO ballot papers - a white paper for the General Election and a yelllow paper for the local elections.

You have ONE vote in the General Election and THREE votes in the local council (Lambeth) elections - please use all your votes for Labour.

Your General Election candidate is KATE HOEY

Your Lambeth Labour Party candidates are KINGSLEY ABRAMS, ADRIAN GARDEN and TRACY RITSON.

For advice or a lift to the polling station call our election hotline 020 8678 0708