30 July 2010

Lambeth call on Government to guarantee decent homes for Lambeth tenants

Vassall Labour Councillors have joined with the Lambeth Cabinet Member for Housing Lib Peck to call on central Government to commit to funding decent homes improvements to Council housing in Vassall Ward and across Lambeth. Lambeth Leaders wrote to Conservative Housing Minister Grant Shapps in June urging him to commit to funding for decent homes but he has yet to respond.

Lambeth Coupoor housing in Vassall Wardncil is campaigning for continued investment in the decent homes scheme, which was started by the Labour Government, to bring all of the borough’s social housing up to a decent standard.

The so called 'decent homes' scheme is under threat after the Tory-Lib Dem Government gave no guarantees that funding would be secure in their manifestos or the Coalition Agreement.

Councillor Lib Peck said “We’re calling on the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government to fund the decent homes programme in Lambeth. In total this amounts to £233million for Lambeth Living; and £25million for United Residents Housing. This money is desperately needed so that our homes can be made safe, warm and secure. It will pay for new roofs, new boilers, new windows, new kitchens and new bathrooms that are desperately needed by our residents. The last government promised this money – we don’t want the new government to break this agreement and let down Lambeth residents.”

Vassall Councillor Adrian Garden added "We need the funding to continue the work to bring Vassall's housing up to a good standard, it would be scandalous if funding stops now before we have brought every home across Vassall and across Lambeth up to a decent standard."

Labour's Shadow Minister for Housing John Healey MP supports the Lambeth initiative. He commented “I want to see the new Government back tenants’ desire to live in a decent home. They deserve the improvements that others have already had. If ministers fail to give a clear commitment to finish Labour’s big refurbishment programme, tenants will be left in limbo and we’ll see the widespread unfairness of two-tiered council estates in our communities.”

Please help support Labour in Lambeth’s call on the government to commit to Decent Homes for Tenants by signing the epetition on the Lambeth Council website