07 July 2010

Vassall Ward Labour Party membership jumps by over a quarter

The latest figures received from the Labour Party nationally show that in the period April to June 2010 membership of the Labour Party in Vassall Ward increased by over 26%.

The increase in membership has been attributed to the General Election and local Lambeth Council election campaigns when Vassall people elected two Labour Councillors and overwhelmingly endorsed Vauxhall Labour MP Kate Hoey.

Labour Councillor for Vassall Ward Adrian Garden welcomed the increase saying "In my walks around the ward before, during and after the election campaign I have found support for Labour wherever I go - people know that Labour on Lambeth and nationally offer the best policies to improve their quality of life. By joining the Labour Party people are supporting Labour's vision of society and rejecting the Conservative Party/ Liberal Democrat government's cuts."

Vassall Ward Councillors and MP  Kate Hoey
Adrian is pictured here on the right of the photo along with Vassall Ward Councillor Kingsley Abrams (left), Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey (second from left) and local Vassall Ward residents.

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7/7/2010 Edited to add - it seems that the increases in Vassall membership are part of a nationwide trend - The Guardian reports that the Labour Party is gaining 1,000 new members each week - many of the new members former Liberal Democrat supporters who are upset at the cuts that Lib Dem/ Conservative coalition government is implementing.