24 September 2010

Ken Livingstone selected as Labour candidate for Mayor of London 2012

Ken Livingstone has been overwhelmingly selected by the London Labour Party as its candidate to be the next Mayor of London. Ken, who served as Mayor between 2000 and 2008, will take on Conservative Boris Johnson in the contest to be held on Thursday 3 May 2012.

Ken Livingstone said:
"We need a Mayor who will stand up for London. The choice between me and Boris Johnson could not be clearer. I will protect the fare payer. After Boris Johnson’s unnecessary fare increases that go hand in hand with cuts to investment we need fairer fares. I promise that fares under my administration will be lower than if Boris Johnson is re-elected."

He continued "Today’s decision by London Labour members signals the start of a campaign to change London for the better and to protect Londoners from the cuts of this government that threaten to wreck lives and push us back into recession. I will unite Londoners around this message."

"The London election in 2012 will be the chance to send a message to David Cameron and George Osborne that we don’t want devastating cuts to our public services, fewer jobs, and declining living standards. If you want them out, first vote Boris out."


Edited to add: See the interview with Ken in the Guardian 29/09/2010