23 September 2010

Lambeth Labour questions Clegg's assertions

Labour in Lambeth have questioned statements made by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in his leader's speech on Tuesday. In the Speech, published on the Lib Dems website, Clegg claimed that the Lib Dems had had to pick up the pieces in Lambeth. Lambeth Labour Councillors recall a slightly different version of events - Labour was forced to pick up the pieces in 2006 after a Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition left office in Lambeth.

To help correct the deputy Prime Minister Lambeth Labour have outlined the reality of what a Lib Dem council really achieves. In 2006 Labour took control of Lambeth after the electorate had got fed up with the Lib Dem / Tory administrations failings which led to the council having the worse finances in local government at the time, they hammered the community with a 40% rise in council tax hike and the left the borough with just a poor one star performance.

After the  electorate had decided enough was enough and voted in  Labour to take over the running of the council the the new administration carried out the following and much more;
  • Delivered a council tax freeze between 2008 – 2010
  • Cut £35 million of waste left behind by the previous administration
  • Secured a 3 Star rating and became the fastest improving council in the country.
  • Delivered on promises for new schools, better road cleaning and improved parks and spaces for residents.
  • Helped to boost GCSE results year upon year.
As a result of Labour achievements and ability to manage the council effectively the electorate voted in their masses in the June 2010 election and gave Labour a massive thumbs up and  a second term in control of the council.

Labour in Lambeth are also surprised to hear that the Lib Dems feel they are successful in Sheffield, Southwark and Liverpool. In the latter two their management of the authorities was rejected at the ballot box in May 2010 where Labour took control of the council after the Audit commission in 2008 named the then Lib Dem managed Liverpool council as having the worse financial management in the country. Also in Sheffield, Cleggs own back yard, a recent defection to the Labour party from the Lib Dems further suggests that Lib Dem support is on the decline.