15 September 2010

New children's centre to open in Myatt's Fields Park this Saturday

This Saturday 18 September 2010 will see the opening of the new Children's Centre in Myatt's Fields Park in Vassall Ward, Lambeth SE5.

Everyone is welcome to come along and have a look around the new centre which will offer social and play facilities for parents and toddlers (also known as a One O'Clock Club). In addition facilities are provided for parenting classes and staff training. The centre will be open 10am -1pm on Saturday and Sunday as part of the Open House London weekend

The formal opening ceremony will take place at 3:30pm when there will be refreshments served from the Myatt's Feilds' Little Cat Cafe as well as children’s art and gardening activities.

The children's centre is located next to the children's playground at the Calais Street entrance to Myatt's Fields Park, SE5

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